EastEnders Legend Voices Worries

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The much-hyped one-woman episode of EastEnders featuring Dot Cotton mourning the loss of Jim Branning is due to be aired next week. But just in case you can’t wait until then here’s a bit of Dot gossip for you.

EastEnders favourite June Brown has apparently blamed years of playing chain-smoker Dot in the soap for ruining her voice.

The actress apparently said she had been on the cigarettes almost non-stop since 1985 and attributed the practice to her character, who is rarely seen on screen without a cigarette in hand.

The 80-year-old actress told the Daily Star: "I’ve got into the habit of smoking more because of Dot. I had a good singing voice and it’s completely gone." (Full Story)

Poor old June Brown, she doesn’t seem like a very happy woman at the moment. It seems as though the smoking habit isn’t all that she’s inherited from Dot Cotton… she likes to have a good old moan about life too. Apparently June has recently been upset about the lack of focus on Dot’s struggle to cope with her husband Jim’s tragic stroke – a storyline that echoed the stroke suffered by John Bardon, 68, who plays the character in the Albert Square soap.

The EastEnders veteran has also complained about the amount of sex and violence on the soap, even voicing her concerns to The Sun. Judging by the 200 complaints received so far by the BBC and Ofcom after the stabbing of Jay Brown, it would appear that June’s complaints are echoed by the public.

Gus Watch 

So our hero Gus, played by Mohammed George, is leaving EastEnders. I guess it’s finally occurred to the producers that he’s surplus to requirements (truth is, he’s been surplus to requirements for ages). Test your knowledge with our little quiz. What’s this? 

It’s Mohammed George’s EastEnders script for next week’s shows.

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19 Responses to EastEnders Legend Voices Worries

  1. LES says:

    There is probably an adult population of 25M in the UK.  Does the phenominally low percentage of viewers (200 complaints) really mean that the population as a whole does not approve of a touch of \’real life\’ on Eastenders?

  2. Linda says:

    No – just that out of the adult population of 25M in UK only 200 watch it

  3. David says:

    How can she be \’mourning the loss of Jim Branning\’ when he isn\’t even being killed off?

  4. sally says:

    on the stabbing of j i hope that these police are going to do something about this case as its why it was put in the storyline mayb Jase could be fined as the parent or taken to court or all the heavy\’s Phil,jase,minty,sean. Could find the hoodies n give em a good hiding so they can,t walk any longier.

  5. des says:

    eastenders would not be the same without dot… smoking… complaining… preaching. i hope she continues for years to come. eastenders needs dot. i agree about the sex and violence…. it is not neccessary.

  6. kiranjit says:

    No only those 200 people that happened to watch it were sad enough to complain……maybe because they have a sad life…but im glad Eastenders brought the issue to light….makes people more aware of whats actually happening out there…and if people have a hard tim facing up to reality then they are just sad…..

  7. E says:

    what are people complaining about? This is what affects our every day lives. We listen to the news and we hear it everyday what teenagers are up to. The soap only highlights what people do in their everyday lives. Don\’t be oblivious to the facts. I say shame on you if you complain. These are the issues we have to deal with, which needs sorting out.

  8. Unknown says:

    First, must confess I havent been reading any previous comments, and that\’s because I\’ve never been to this site before now.  But, although I\’m not at all against Gays per se, do others object to the actual kissing between gay characters (Emmerdale in particular) being shown at a time when children of all ages may be watching?  I do – object, that is. 

  9. shari says:

    in answer to the person objecting to seeing gays kissing on tv at a time when children may be watching, surely it is better for them to see gay and straight people showing affection to one another than for it to remain taboo. Maybe if it ws shown as more normal there will be less of a stigma about it. In case your wondering i\’m actually a straight woman who has no objection to gay or straight relationships being shown in front of my child as long as they are in context and not explicit!

  10. Sam says:

    I agree with her, not even touching upon her grief before wading in with an entire episode dedicated to his condition is sloppy. Where\’s the build up? I\’m getting tired of Eastenders always cutting corner\’s.And on the Gus news i was gutted NO MORE GUS WATCH :[

  11. Gary says:

    Just because it is happening doesnt make it right, the way the majority of people talk to each other these days is rude, aggressive if they talk at all and seeing that on soaps makes it the norm and thats what I object to. We have news to report stabbings and murders which we know are going on, show it on a soap and it almost makes it acceptable.

  12. James says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL thats was so mean to gus LOOL

  13. Gareth says:

    Of course affection between loving adults – of any gender/orientation – should be shown at a time when children could be watching – how else are they to learn that it\’s a perfectly normal part of everyday life? Anyway I don\’t think that\’s the kind of sex June was objecting to, I think the scenes of Max and Stacy doing in in a public toilet would be more harmful to children.

  14. Jo Bennett a.k.a Innocence_Of_MJ!!! says:

    Do the people who object to gay people kissing on tv also object to straight people kissing?  It\’s pathetic that in the 21st Century people can be so backwards and narrowminded.

  15. Dorothy says:

    I think Eastenders script-writers have missed the opportunity to include the current concerns about "Care of the elderly in the community" What an opportunity to use true to life information about the good and the bad provision of care today. Jim could have been "brought home" even if not actually seen.

  16. LYN says:

    I think it is a shame that Gus has been so underused.  When he first appeared in Eastenders there was great potential, it was quite funny the way he kept turning up around Sonia, then the powers that be decided to make him a background character.
    I thought Jim Branning was coming back to \’enders, in a wheelchair.  In which case, why is Dot mourning him.  In reality, a wife would mourn losing the man she had, even if he isn\’t dead, and at her age would be very worried about coping.
    I wasn\’t aware of any gay kisses recently.
    Eastenders does go too far sometimes with the sex and violence, and the having affairs with eachother\’s brother/sister/mother, etc, is a bit much.  They are all related!  A lot of kids watch the programme and it really isn\’t suitable a lot of the time.  Kids will grow up thinking that sleeping with brother\’s wife is normal acceptable behaviour and it isn\’t.

  17. james says:

    I can\’t believe that the storyline about Jane being shot by Ian\’s step-son.  In real  life this would have been followed up by the Police the minute she was admitted to hospital, witnesses interviewed, forensics and investigations thoroughly conducted.  The fact that she had her womb removed and sent home and no police visits or anything and then Stephen was then allowed to be brought back to live at their home, is unbelievable.  What message is this givingto the young people watching who carry knives and guns??   This is just rubbish and so misleading.  Where is the sense in showingthis storyline and its just been brushed under the carpet!!   ~What about all the violence and assaults.  In real life,the police would always been called and it falsely shows thatif you punch, slap, attack, behave violently is just left and nothinghappens.  Thisis againtotally untrue.   Believe me, because i work in a criminal defence solicitors and this never happens in real life.

  18. Unknown says:

    I have been an Eastener\’s watcher since it began, I consider the charactersl like friends I invite into my home 4 times a week. But no more, I\’m sick of the nastiness, of the secrets, that always come out, wrong. The violence, the sleazy characters that seem to come out on top all the time, Why not have something to feel good about when the programme ends for a change. It\’s totally depressing,and frightening, we dont need the Scum all the time, how about some Froth. We get all the bad stuff from the newspapers and the news, and its not Entertainment.

  19. colettee says:

    lol ee xx

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