EastEnders’ Jay In Trouble

EastEnders w/e January 25

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap. So what’s going on in soap-land this week? Let’s find out.

In an attempt to be topical, EastEnders centres a storyline around youth violence – something that concerns us all. I just hope they don’t trivialise it for the sake of ratings. Jase is in for a shock when he discovers that Jay has been involved in a knife attack.

Jay has fallen in with a group of hooligans known as the ‘E20 gang’ (couldn’t they come up with a better name than that? And why can’t I stop thinking of Brian Harvey?) and poor Dot is the person terrorised as a result. However all is not lost as the little scallywag’s conscience kicks in and he refuses to play any more pranks on poor old Dot. When Jay decides to stand up to the gang he finds himself in hot water with leader Tegs and the confrontation sadly leads to Jay ending up on the receiving end of a blade. Elsewhere Christian tries to inject some excitement into Jane’s life. He must be the sort of bloke that enjoys a challenge cos we all know excitement and Ian Beale don’t quite go together, don’t we? Elsewhere, Hazel thinks Minty’s getting cold feet and Ronnie finds out a little more about the skeletons hidden in Jack’s closet.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Masood learns that his father’s in intensive care
Ian gets his hand stuck down a drain
Roxy’s stunned to see Jack with Selina   

Emmerdale w/e January 25 

Compton. The Bronx. Brixton. Toxteth. Unfortunately, areas that have a reputation for drugs. The Dales in Yorkshire? I don’t think so. However, Eli and Lily’s cannabis scam is exposed following Sam’s wrongful arrest for dealing. He confesses to Donna that Eli is the drugs kingpin (hahahahahhahaha!). When Eli’s arrested, Lily panics and confesses her part to Edna.  Just suspend your disbelief. That’s what I’m going to do. Carl is incensed when Matthew goes over his head and cancels the order for new refuse trucks.

Eli is forced into confessing the whole story to Zak and receives his marching orders. Has Eli burnt his bridges for the last time? Somehow I don’t think so; he’s only used up seven of his nine lives. Meanwhile, under pressure from the other inmates about Jo leaving him, Andy makes a call and urges her to marry him in prison. Duke is surprised to find Ryan waiting at his door and the youngster opens up to him about the problems with his mum’s new boyfriend.

Also on Emmerdale:
A social worker warns Sam that he could lose Samson.
Donna arrests Val for assaulting a police officer.
Katie confesses to Chas how she feels about Grayson.

Coronation Street w/e January 25

Yawn, yawn, yawn – Ryan’s still missing and Michelle’s going nuts. Who cares? This baby swap story is a terrible mistake. Just a cynical ratings effort – more so than some other storylines in soaps. Way beneath Corrie. Can’t wait until it’s over. The Street pays their respects to Jack, who’s finding it hard to come to terms with Vera’s death. Tyrone is worried that he’s avoiding talking about arrangements for the funeral.

Maria is busy making preparations for the wedding. When she pops into the factory to tell Liam about the flowers, Carla winds her up again. Will Carla succeed in driving them apart? So guess what happens on the business trip? When Liam and Carla arrive at the hotel, there’s only one room booked. Under the name ‘Mr and Mrs Connor’. Jack receives a condolence card from Terry and Tyrone and Molly wonder if he should be invited to the funeral. 

Also on Coronation Street:
Darryl asks Lauren to go a gig with him at the student union
‘Damian’ David becomes the Street’s latest Romeo (yuck)
Ryan tells Michelle that he wants to take a DNA test

Hollyoaks w/e January 25 

It’s more baby drama as Jacqui sees Dom and Tina holding hands and worries that Tina has chosen her marriage over her surrogacy. Elsewhere Nancy and Jake return from their romantic weekend away to criticism from Sarah and trouble erupts. O.B. encourages Summer to audition for a touring theatre company, but she’s too embarrassed. Nancy and Jake are shocked to discover that Charlie has leukaemia. 

Frankie warns Newt to stay away from Lauren and refuses to write a note excusing his absence from school the day before. Frankie tells Jake to stop feeling sorry for himself and go to Charlie’s bedside. O.B. defends Summer from Steph’s constant sniping. Danny is shocked when Hannah asks him when he’s taking her out.

Also on Hollyoaks:
Newt and Lauren turn Summer’s day in charge into a nightmare
Max Admits to Summer that he doesn’t trust her.
Jake tells Nancy that he wants to bring the wedding forward

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That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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13 Responses to EastEnders’ Jay In Trouble

  1. andrea says:

    I am suprised you havent mentioned that Gus is leaving!! no more Gus watch!

  2. Soap Blogger says:

    Hello Andrea, yes it\’s true – Gus is leaving. I was going to mention it on Wednesday when we do soap news (Mondays is soaps previews). Gus Watch as we know it will be no more…woe is me. I\’ll have to think about what to replace it with. 🙂

  3. ann says:

    cant liam be a man and say no to carla???

  4. Jo says:

    i was just wondering is there ever going to be a funeral for Kevin bein as he died at new years….

  5. andrea says:

    joanne… there was a funeral. the hearse broke down outside the house. they were going to be late so the coffin was carried through the square to the church. he was cremated and that is why denise and carla have gone on the trip to scatter his ashes! it was on 2 days after he died!!!

  6. Jodie says:

    i do not understand why people are getting up on their high horse about Jay \’enders getting stabbd
    i mean its a topical subject atm and \’enders is trying to be realistic!!!!!!!!
    1….we dint see the knife going in
    and 2…….we dint see the cut – only blood on his trousers n hand!!!!! – we dint even see the cut being cleaned up!!!!!
    we see worse things in holby city or casualty or the bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if u dnt like ppl then why dint u change the channel over?!!!
    get over yaself!!!

  7. Unknown says:

     Soaps always tackle issues that are in the public eye and with the number of stabbings reported on the news it seems a very good issue to run on Eastenders. Kids are very aware of what is going on so i think people need to stop fussing about the stabbing of Jay, it wasn\’t as if it was gruesome, in fact it was quite low key.. Get a grip and see that they are only showing what is already happening around the country….

  8. Unknown says:

    Eastenders are only showing what is happening on our street that is reality.  It about time people started realising we have a real problem and stop pushing it under the carpet.   Good on you Eastenders.  Lets hope it has a positive effect and not a negative outcome.

  9. Peter says:

    Anybody who watched eastenders will know how badly acted it all was. They couldnt act and the knife looked plastic. He was only stabbed in the leg, at least stab him a few times in the stomach! make it realistic guys! or slash him across the face! But dont forget that Sharons boyfriend (harman actor) was stabbed in the street and died in eastenders, its been done before, people are only making it fuss because its a teenager who is stabbed this time.

  10. Peter says:

    Oh yes I forgt mention thats also unrealistic because it assumes that carrying knives is always related to gangs of some sort, which is nonsense, i remember about 15 years ago when i was at school, there were lots of boys who brought dangerous weapons into school, ninja stars, knuckle busters etc, knives, theyve been carrying them into school for decades, the only difference is that they\’re much more prepared to use them nowadays, whereas in the past it was mainly to show off etc, but thats not to say they didn\’t use them in the past, they did, but the national press weren\’t so hysterical then. The press have become hysterical with any topical issues that involve children…like stabbings, pedophiles etc.

  11. muhamed says:

    wag1 people cant belive jack is having a afair again wid his ex

  12. Leanne says:

    i think that eastenders was good bcos dey was jus showin wah actually hapens in the world dese days n if ppl r sayin dat it was krap n tha den y was u watchin it yu cud of turned the channel over if it was annoying u that much
    you just want somit 2 go on about  n rite it up on here
    is your life really that sad!!!!!!

  13. donna says:

    gus never had any good storylines anyways also mohammed george has a baby in real life with his gifreind so now he can spend more time in being a dad  he is a good actor though im sure we wil see him in the futrue

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