‘Ta-ra Vera’ For The Last Time

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It’s a sad day today because it’s ‘ta-ra’ to a Coronation Street legend. Vera Duckworth will be killed off tonight and I am so sad to see her go. I’ll miss the humour Vera and Jack brought to Coronation Street, but I’ll also miss the Duckworths as a double act. Any fan will tell you that Hilda Ogden wasn’t the same after Stan died; nobody to nag. Today, we’ll have the reverse scenario as Jack will be the survivor. ITV.com conducted a poll in honour of Corrie’s larger than life icon Vera Duckworth (Liz Dawn). The poll coincides with her emotional exit as  Liz Dawn has decided to retire after 34 years.

Over 1,000 soap enthusiasts were asked to vote for their favourite ‘Vera moment’ – here are the results.

The runaway outstanding moment is the recent 50th wedding anniversary of Vera and Jack. The long suffering couple have faced many highs and lows but fans have enjoyed every second and were obviously pleased to see them reach this milestone in their onscreen relationship.  

In second place with 14.3% is Jack joining a dating company but when Vera finds out she makes sure it’s the last time he thinks about that!

1. 50th wedding anniversary (21.2%): Jack goes all soppy when he tells the whole Street why he fell in love with Vera

2. The "blind" date (14.3%): With the help of Bet, Vera dupes Jack into meeting her on a "blind" date in the Rovers  

3. A card from the Queen (11.7%): Vera’s astounded when the Queen acknowledges their ‘relationship’

4. Vera’s stone cladding (9.5%): Vera defends her new brick work when Percy Sugden calls it a "monstrosity"

5. Vera vs Hilda (9.1%): Hilda accuses Vera of being a liar after she wins a holiday playing bingo

6. Buying the Rovers (8.8%): Jack and Vera look on proudly as the Duckworth name is put above the door

7. Terry sells Tommy (7.8%): A distraught Vera bursts into tears when she learns Terry has sold Tommy to his in-laws

8. Vera in hospital (7.3%): Jack is by Vera’s side when she wakes from an operation to remove a kidney for Paul

9. Norris dancing (5.5%): Vera and Norris try a spot of Latin American dancing and end up winning a competition

10. Vera’s sex appeal (4.8%): After learning of Jack’s philandering ways, Vera tells Ivy and Shirley she’s quite a catch

Vera’s departure from the Street tonight will bring the end to one of the longest serving actors in Coronation Street’s history. She’s been brilliant over the years and has definitely earned the right to be called one of The Street’s legends. 
Ta-ra love. 

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22 Responses to ‘Ta-ra Vera’ For The Last Time

  1. Pat says:

    I know it\’s only acting so I was determined not to cry tonight when Vera finally popped her (Lancashire) clogs, but I was so moved by the way it was written and performed that I had tears running down my face and a big lump in my throat.  The cast were quite brilliant in making us believe that Vera had actually died.
    Vera\’s been both awful and wonderful, funny and sad, argumentative and sweet – just like a real person!  I feel we\’ve all lost a good friend tonight and it\’s sad she won\’t be coming into in our living rooms any more.  Bye chuck!

  2. fay says:

    o dear that was so sad tonight. i loved jack and vera together. it won\’t be the same with out her.  what on earth will jack do. ?the way vera\’s demise was done tonight was so lovely, just the way many of us would love to go.   we\’\’ll miss you vera.!    enjoy your retirement.!   and thankyou for all the pleasure youv\’e given us all.  we won\’t forget you. !  from fans in jersey ..    

  3. Ghostladyarts says:

    Oh that was just so sweet and so sad. Jack standing there with tears in his eyes saying " my lovely lass". So good that Corrie writers gave her a totally believable unsensational death. I feared it would be another melodramatic Alma Sedgewick demise when Vera\’s death was first announced but all kudos to the writers for resisting the temptation of doing that to Vera. Best wishes to Liz Dawn for her retirement. I know she\’s not too well but I hope she has a long and happy retirement and continues to enjoy life for many years to come.

  4. Janice says:

    With tears streaming I found the scenes so touching it wont be the same without the banter between Jack and Vera, their relationship was a true one of a couple who had been married for so long irritated by little things but love each other.

  5. Bryan says:

    oh i was just bawling my eyes out like a big baby! it was so so sad!!  the end of an era!

  6. Soap Blogger says:

    Hi – thanks for your comments. Keep them coming!

  7. Collean says:

    Gr8 end to vera so glad she didn\’t go out with a huge bang, she went out peacefully,she will be missed,her lines with jack were so original, and people could relate to her & jack. goodby and good luck QUEEN OF THE STREETXXXX

  8. Mandy says:

    all the very best wishes to liz dawn on a long&happy retirement. A moving& peaceful way to say goodbye to vera.Well done to all x

  9. Sam says:

    I found Vera\’s finals scene\’s extremely touching. I \’m sure Liz Dawn would have been delighted with them. The fact she went out peacefully and her exist wasnt treated as a chance to get the stunt men in was the correct decision i felt, its Vera there was no need for explosions and revelations for her exist to be a huge deal. The way the storyline was handled was brilliant and VERY emotional. It certainly lived up to its billing there wasn\’t a dry eye in sight!Ta-ra chuck :]

  10. Terry says:

    I thought Jack played his part excellently, it brought back personnal memories for me. It was good to have a good cry. Thank you Vera for many years of highs and lows.

  11. Helen says:

    how sad was vera\’s departure on corrie street, iwas crying buckets, it reminded me also of when my next door neighbour died when i was a child, she passed away in her sleep also. the way jack played it was so moving, i can imagine his pain of realising he is now alone in the world after 50 yrs of being with vera. Its shocking and can be a scary reality of what some old couples who have been together for so long can face. It was so touching I don think i have ever cried so much at a soap. Thankyou to ITV for such a moving piece of tv. LIz Dawn you will be soooooooooooooooooooo missed xxxx

  12. Kathy says:

    I love Coronation Street it is by far the best soap

  13. Unknown says:

    I thought that the departure of dear old Vera was very senstive and touching.  Pity though that I had to notice the dreadful continuity flaw in the final episode…… Did anyone else spot it?????
    If you look at the re-run…. when Jack first comes in to find Vera, she is sitting in the chair and both her knees are clearly together and BOTH feet are on the ground.
    At the 8:30 episode when we return Jack is sat holding Vera\’s hand and talking to her.  When you next get a full shot of Vera… both her legs are CROSSED and she has one leg over the other!!!
    The final full length shot where Jack is putting on one of her slippers, finds Vera AGAIN with both knees back together and both feet on the ground.    Couldn\’t believe what I saw so have now watched it 3 times.
    Well Liz Dawn was a very good actress…. but an extra-ordinary corpse!

  14. Soap Blogger says:

    Hey no name – well spotted!

  15. Unknown says:

    Sorry, thought I had put a name to the blog entry.  Just to say though, it didn\’t take away how moving and well written I thought the final scenes were.  I shall still be there tonight… believing every word!!

  16. Sean Mooney says:

     I think I\’m tough but Vera\’s exit had me in tears. Jack reacted powerfully at Vera\’s state. He felt the crushing pain for Vera and himself.
    I have been a fan for many years when at times the writing has been faboulous and very weak. Corrie triumphs again when the going gets tough.
    Love and many many thanks Liz and Bill for all that you have given us.

  17. yasmin says:

    I know that coronation street is not going to be the same without Jack and Vera.

  18. val says:

    Vera  was in my opinion the best funny and so real, a brikkiant actress we know it is make believe but three of us nurses crammed around a television to say our goodbyes and God bless you for so many years of pleasure, Happy Retirement Vera, X X X X

  19. val says:

    Vera  was in my opinion the best funny and so real, a brikkiant actress we know it is make believe but three of us nurses crammed around a television to say our goodbyes and God bless you for so many years of pleasure, Happy Retirement Vera, X X X X

  20. val says:

    I could`t believe that I was watching such a terrific portrayal of a grieving husband by Bill Tarmey. Surely must be in for an award in this years soap awards.That episode was particularly poignant for me as it was 2 years to the day that my father passed away

  21. val says:

    Dear Liz alias Vera may you enjoy a WELL EARNED RETIREMENT, what will become of Jack? he will be so lost without you, i suppose he will leave next, we will miss you,  X X X X X

  22. brenda says:

    I  cried so much over vera,s demise  she was great in corrie , no one will be able to take her place . and i wish  liz Dawn all the very best in her retirement . will miss you  so much .xxxxxxxxxxx

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