Jack And Vera Head for Blackpool

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap. So what’s going on in soap-land this week? Let’s find out.

Coronation Street w/e 18 Jan.

I’ve got to admit that I’m finding it really hard to care about this baby swap story that the Corrie writers have stupidly saddled us with. There’s more drama in a wet weekend in Wigan. Anyway, it’s the morning of Ryan’s 16th birthday and Michelle continues to dodge Nick’s calls. However, Nick approaches Ryan and offers him a birthday gift. Oh dear.
Maria gets busy with wedding preparations, and leaves Liam at the house to compile his guest list for the big day. However, boredom kicks in and he decides to go into work. Carla continues to wind Maria up and will Tony put up with his girlfriend showering so much attention on Liam?
Paul starts looking for a new place to live after the Duckworths reveal Tyrone and Molly are buying number 9. Warning: another boring storyline alert.

Sean’s hurt when Lauren tells him Violet and Jamie have been picking baby names. I didn’t think it was possible for those two to become more boring but since this baby stuff…can’t wait until they go. Our beloved Jack and Vera clear out the last of their belongings ready for the move to Blackpool, but wonder if they’re doing the right thing. Vera leaves Molly and Tyrone all her furniture; Tyrone’s delighted while Molly’s gutted. We love Vera, but her taste in furniture isn’t the best! On a serious note, we will bid goodbye to Coronation Street veteran Liz Dawn on Friday and there won’t be a dry eye in the house. Make no mistake about it, this is a huge loss. Stan and Hilda Ogden’s successors are no more. I will really miss Jack and Vera as a couple. Who’s gonna nag Jack now?

Also on Coronation Street:
‘Damian’ David introduces his new girlfriend Tina to Audrey.
Ryan goes missing.
Friday’s episode will see the death of the legendary Vera Duckworth. Don’t miss it.

Emmerdale w/e 18 Jan.

So. Any Emmerdale fans watching Linda Lusardi on Dancing On Ice? Of course you are! She looked good. Back to the action and David begs Nicola to tell Donald about them and end their marriage. However, when Nicola confronts her husband, she’s horrified when he pulls out an annulment petition. Will Nicola consider her husband’s offer or side with her lover?

Meanwhile, some comic relief. Desperate to beat Terry and Diane in the dancing competition, Viv takes Bob through his paces only to discover her husband’s developed two left feet. Val fails to notice Samson in the road and reverses into him. Panic erupts. Will Val be facing police charges and will Samson make a full recovery?

Elsewhere Eli spots an estate agent waiting outside Tug Ghyll. Aware Viv really did mean business, Eli marches across to try and scupper the planned viewing. Eli introduces himself as the current occupier to the agent and his prospective clients but will he manage to scare them off before they get through the door? Surely one look at his face would scare…nah. Too cruel.

Also on Emmerdale:
Jonny accidentally blurts out Val’s secret in front of the other contestants at dance rehearsals.
Viv makes it clear she’s intent on evicting Debbie and Eli.
Debbie is frustrated at being back at the Dingles.

EastEnders w/e 18 Jan.

That club is unlike any club I’ve ever been to in my life. There aren’t enough punters to fill a toilet, never mind anything else. Anyway, there’s a corporate party at the club which is strictly for corporate professionals but Shabnam has an invite, while Dawn, Jase and Garry will be working at the event. Dawn’s furious she’s on toilet duty but her two admirers, Garry and Jase, make a move that leaves her with a dilemma.

Elsewhere Billy and Honey make a mess while staying at Pat’s house. Meanwhile Mo plays matchmaker and saleswoman on the same day and ‘squeal’ Beale opens a can of worms when he secretly contacts Jane’s brother Christian.

More comic relief with the Masood’s. It’s their silver wedding anniversary but Masood hasn’t planned anything; he hastily books a table and buys a last minute gift. Mr T’s line from Rocky III is apropos here: dead meat. That’s what Mr Masood is when his missus gets hold of him. Jay starts to run with a gang and it’s the beginning of a terrifying day for Dot. Even Phil’s birthday doesn’t stop him being at loggerheads with Jack, who’s bought the car lot.

Also on EastEnders:

Jay’s got a new set of undesirable friends.
Ian and Jane find they’ve got a new lodger.
Dawn decides to leave things in the hands of fate

Hollyoaks w/e 18 Jan.

Warren’s presence in The Dog is causing a strain on the Osbornes. Mike is worried that he made a mistake with Zoe. He’s edgy and snappy with her over breakfast and goes to the shop to avoid the awkwardness.  Elsewhere Jack and Frankie are both disheartened and worried about losing the pub. Newt tries to convince Darren that he has a plan to force Warren to hand over the pub. Will Jack suffer further consequences from Newt and Darren’s actions?

Meanwhile Zoe packs up the last of her belongings at the Barnes’ while Mike unsuccessfully tries to balance babysitting Leah and convincing Zoe to stay. At the SU, the students are preparing for the ‘Mr Hollyoaks’ competition, and Kris’ suspicions are raised when Zoe coyly avoids answering questions about why she’s moved out of the Barnes’. 

Overexcited by news that Tina is pregnant, Jacqui is already thinking of names and schools for the baby. Tony is terrified by the prospect of telling Dom.

Also on Hollyoaks:
Myra is annoyed with Michaela for her poor attendance at school.
Elliot’s nervous about starting his first shift in The Dog. 
Jake advises Nancy to ignore Jake’s comments about the sketches

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13 Responses to Jack And Vera Head for Blackpool

  1. Soap Blogger says:

    I am so sad that we\’re saying goodbye to Vera Duckworth. It\’s such a shame. Corrie won\’t be the same!

  2. Jill says:

    How sad to see Vera leave , I\’ve watched Corrie since being a very young Child My earliest Memories are of Hilda & Stan & Vera & jack . Vera & Jack have been welcomed into My Home so often there more like another set of Parents such a shame to see Her leave. I wish Liz the very best with Her health issues and that She enjoys the time She has left with Her Family & loved one\’s and thank Her for all the Years of laughter & tears She has given Me over the Years during Her time in Corrie.

  3. Steve says:

    Whoever is scriptwriting Coronatin Street now have lost their vitality – lost when the larger than life characters such as Fred Elliot. Mike Baldwin, Tracy Barlow and Cilla were written out.  All we have now are boring characters who could have come straight out of a magazine for 11-13 year olds.  Who can watch Carla and her boring boy friend without nodding off – too many of the characters are milk sops who dont hold the attention of anyone out of their teens.  Bring back some fullblooded characters or Corry Norry will finally die through lack of audience-holding script writing.  

  4. TERESA says:

    i think its a disgrace that corrie writers have chosen to kill poor vera off instead of just letting her leave on a happy note after all she did not have much of a life on the street and to just kill her off at the end is awful !!!!
    why couldn,t the writers let her leave to go and live in Blackpool with jack and end  her retirement  life there!!! happy !!!
    a not very happy corrie fan about this …..

  5. TERESA says:

    here!! here!!! for no name.. who every let these writers loss to write this s##t about corrie want sacking there\’s nothing in corrie to keep anyone on the edge of their seats and wonder whats going to happen now ..
    and who gives a dam about psycho David or the riveting storyline with Carla there\’s not much more David can do because He\’s just about done every misdeed In the book excerpt rape or maybe the corrie writers are working up to that..
    as of previous comments Vera and co; have given us a lot of great laughs and great times plus GREAT entertainment worth sitting down to watch… what a waste… of a great show gone BAD!!!!! 

  6. L J says:

    I have to say that I stopped watching Corrie propperly about 10 years ago but I got to go on the Coronation Street set late last year I said a quick hello to Hellen Worth(Gail) Everybody there seems really nice and work really hard. Yes at the moment the writing is somewhat pour but I think that the players in the show work hard at making it work I do look in on Corrie and Eastenders from time to time and given the choice I would rather watch Corrie hands down I find Eastenders very much full of doom and gloom.

  7. joanne says:

    i think that getting rid of vera by killing off the character is the wrong thing to do why didnt the writers just let vera go and end her years in blackpool maybe leaving jack for some reason, so that she could have a life of enjoying her final years with her beloved grandson tommy

  8. Craig says:

    Please try and get back Paul Abbott!! he was a wonderful writer on the Street. He has also gone onto write "Shameless" "Touching Evil" and great work on "Cracker" I am sure he could bring back what Coronation Street seems to be lacking these days

  9. Unknown says:

    I am sad about vera duckworth and saying goodbye we will miss her coronation  street won`t ever be the same with out her.

  10. Bill says:


  11. Soap Blogger says:

    Thanks for your comments everyone. William, sorry I am unable to cover River City to more depth. It\’s a BBC Scotland soap isn\’t it? I\’m covering soaps that are broadcast nationally, rather than regionally, on BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Five only. I deal primarily with Corrie, EastEnders, Hollyoaks and Emmerdale, but I\’ll also include news and gossip about Neighbours and Home And Away as they\’re popular soaps too. Thanks again for commenting.

  12. Kazza says:

    I was sad that we are saying good bye to vera duckworth I thought it was done well as she is a very popular lady enjoy your time in the sun liz dawn you have earned it you have given us all many years of laughter and tears its not going to be the same with out you.
    Is every one getting fed up with story lines about the fact carla has the hots for brother in law its draging on to long.

  13. Allen says:

    predictable acting from Jack… I would like to have seen a different approach and I do agree that Vera & Jack should have gone happily to Blackpool with an appearance now and then. Wouldn\’t miss Corrie though and NEVER watch the depressing Eastenders!

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