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EastEnders fan? If so, you’ll know that the Wicks family has never been far from controversy in Albert Square. As Deano, played by Strictly Come Dancing runner-up Matt Di Angelo, makes his return from prison for perverting the course of justice, we take a look at the clan’s bizarre history.

Kevin dies New Years Eve.
Hey I’m not going to harp on about Kevin’s death on New Years Eve as I’ve already said my piece about that.
Let’s just hope that the producers of the show change their minds about writing his family out of EastEnders. As annoying as some members of the Wicks family are, they have provided us with some real drama.
It’s definitely the end of Parklife! Phil (but then again I shouldn’t speak too soon cos they brought back Dirty Den, didn’t they?) let’s just hope that at the very least they keep Matt Di Angelo in Albert Square because his profile has rocketed since his Strictly Come Dancing appearance. You know it makes sense ‘Enders writers. 

Pat flees Brian’s abuse
Eespite Brian Wicks only making two appearances in the show, it seems Pat’s residence in Albert Square is down to the abusive ways of her second husband, with whom she had an affair while married to first husband Pete Beale. The pair married in 1966, but Pat, played by Pam St Clement, fled to Walford from his abuse. Brian adopted Pat’s sons from her first marriage, David and Simon – but Simon later turned out to be Brian’s biological son anyway.

Simon’s real father revealed
Simon, played by Nick Berry, was originally thought to be the child of Pat and her first husband Pete, but after Pat admitted she wasn’t sure who his real father was, it became apparent he was actually the son of second husband Brian. He went to visit Brian, only to find him abusive and decided he didn’t want anything to do with him.

Ian tries to kill Simon
Simon fancied Cindy Williams but she decided to marry Ian Beale. Despite initially admitting defeat and turning to former girlfriend Sharon Watts, he always held a flame for her. Ian and Simon had several spats, leading to Ian trying to kill Simon by tampering with the brakes of his van. It was only when Ian realised baby Steven was in the van that he decided to intervene, leaving himself in the passenger seat as Simon drove. Once the van crashed the penny dropped for Simon, leaving them to brawl in a field. However, Simon left Albert Square in 1990 with Cindy to start a new life together.

David revealed as Bianca’s Dad
David moved from home as a youngster, and it was only when he returned for Pete’s funeral in 1993 that Pat saw him again. After a couple of years living in Albert Square, David found out that before his re-emergence he’d got Carol Jackson pregnant with a daughter, Bianca. He only discovered this when Carol moved into the Square – after he’d almost got in a relationship with Bianca. He told Bianca after she continued to flirt with him. Their relationship was initially frosty but eventually they became quite close.

Joe’s schizophrenia
David’s son Joe, played by Paul Nicholls, turned up in Walford in 1996. It soon became apparent the death of Joe’s sister Karen had seriously affected him, and he blamed himself. Joe developed schizophrenia, which was too much for father David and one of the reasons why he eventually left Walford. Joe attempted suicide, hid Nellie Ellis’s dead cat Mandoo in a box in his bedroom and covered up his room with old newspaper articles relating to aliens.

Kevin is not the father
Kevin, who is Simon Wicks’ cousin, appeared in Walford in 2006. Later that year, he took his children Deano and Carly on holiday to Dorset with his new love Denise’s family. However, trouble was to follow, with his ex-wife Shirley being tipped off about their intentions. After pretending to be a stranger to her children, Kevin found her and told her to leave. Then in January 2007 she came to Albert Square and after seeing her fight with Kevin, Carly worked out Shirley was her mother. Kevin was later forced to tell Carly and Deano the truth – that he was not their real father.

Have we stirred some fond memories for you? Let us know your favourite Wicks family moments.  

Anyway that’s it for now. Join me on Monday for a preview of all the week’s soaps. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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  1. Coops - says:

    Good to see you back! Liked the trip down Wicks lane. It\’s such a pity David went because I really liked him.  

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