Sarah Grimshaw’s Top Moments

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Hey guys, it’s good to be back. So we’re into a new year and already we’ve witnessed the sad loss of EastEnders’ Kevin Wicks, the break-up of Tanya and Max’s marriage (not to mention Bradley and Stacey’s) and the sad departure of Corrie’s much-loved Sarah Grimshaw (née Platt). It all goes to show that there’s never a dull moment on our beloved national soaps.    

For those of you still pining Sarah Grimshaw, we’ve got the results of an online poll of her Top 10 moments. Over a 1000 soap enthusiasts were asked to vote for their favourite Sarah moment from a range of action-packed storylines that included: Sarah giving birth to her daughter Bethany, heart-throb Todd (as he was back then – he’s not so hot now) admitting his sexuality to Sarah and also, her escape from Gary, the internet freak who imprisoned her in his house.

However, there was a clear winner and viewers voted the moment 12-year-old Sarah got the shock of her life when she was told that she’s pregnant tops. In second place was resident street psycho Richard Hillman’s attempt to kill the Platts after showing his true colours. In third place, rather surprisingly, is the recent plot which saw Sarah finally getting married to then boyfriend Jason, despite the best efforts of scheming brother ‘Damian’ David. You’ll recall that he tried to scupper the proceedings by faking his own suicide on the day of the wedding.

I personally would have voted the top Sarah moment as the Hillman horror – come on, how do you top that? The wedding would follow in second place and third, I’d have to go for Jason’s runner at their very first marriage attempt. The thought of him getting cold feet and escaping through that toilet window still cracks me up to this day. Here’s the Top 10 moments as voted by the fans questioned: do you agree with them? Have you got a favourite moment with Sarah? Let me know what it is… 

1. Baby news (23%) (Year: 2000 – Sarah, a child herself shocked her family when the doctor informed her she was pregnant)

2. Hillman horror (17.5%) (Year: 2003 – As Sarah and David tried to escape the psychotic Richard Hillman, they ended up being driven straight into the canal)

3. The wedding (15%) (Year: 2007 – Sarah and Jason’s big day was ruined when David drove his car into the canal, however this did not stop Sarah getting married)

4. Sarah gives birth (10%) (Year: 2000 – Upon the news Sarah was pregnant, Sarah had to face her biggest challenge yet when she gave birth to Bethany)

5. Jason’s runner (8.3%) (Year: 2006 – In their first attempt to get married, Jason bolted through the toilet window on his wedding day, then sent Sarah a text to let her know)

6. Todd confesses (7.8%) (Year: 2004 – Sarah’s attempts to persuade Todd he was not gay and it was a phase but was left speechless when he confessed all)

7. Billy’s funeral (6.4%) (Year: 2004 – Baby Billy was Sarah’s and Todd’s little boy, but died the day he was born. A distraught Sarah said goodbye to her son, then Todd turned up reminding Sarah of his betrayal)

8. Ecstasy hell (5.8%)  (Year: 2007 – Sarah was furious with David when he admitted Bethany had swallowed ecstasy causing her to nearly die)

9. Escaping Gary (4.7%) (Year: 2001 – Creepy Gary locked Sarah in the bedroom after she met him on the internet)

10. Getting engaged (1.5%) (Year: 2006 – Sarah was adamant she was never going to see Jason again, until he proposed that is)


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3 Responses to Sarah Grimshaw’s Top Moments

  1. Richard says:

    Why has Sarah been written out? Is she gone for good? She was just getting some interesting story lines and growing well into a neurotic 20 something! She was also \’growing up\’ and certainly gave the impression she was more than capable of outshining her dull and boring new husband, Jason. If the writers want to get rid they should do so, in no particular order: Janice, Vernon, the whole \’kebab\’ family(what the @%$£^&* were the writers thinking of when they were brought in?????), Jack and Vera(they are now so dull and boring with NO possible future), for a start.  Arfur

  2. Soap Blogger says:

    Hello Arfur. Actress Tina O\’Brien (Sarah) decided to move on to other projects and the character had to be written out.

  3. Richard says:

    Well I am sorry to see her leave but wish Tina all the very best. I hope she does not disappear into oblivion as so many ex soap actors have in the past. I shall keep an eye out for her!Arfur

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