Is Michelle Connor Seeing Double ?

Hello and welcome to  A Slice Of Soap. So what’s going on in soap-land this week?  Let’s find out.

EastEnders w/e Dec 21

It’s all doom and gloom for poor old Billy who’s still down on his luck. He’s hiding the charity money but Peggy Mitchell is no fool, she’s onto him. Meanwhile Steven’s trying to make it up to Ian and Jane (there’s more chance of hell freezing over than that happening). Elsewhere, Sean ‘Shout’ Slater’s back and looking threatening. Stacey worries that he’s gonna ruin things for them and our hero Gus starts to worry when Slater starts asking around for somewhere to stay. Yes, you read that right – Gus makes an appearance! Jane goes back to hospital for the operation to remove the colostomy bag.

Abi has a new role in the nativity and is behaving like a diva while Ben is getting fed up with her. Meanwhile Crly finds Sean ‘Shout’ Slater asleep in a car at the lot. There’s a girls night out and Dawn bets Carly she’ll be back with Sean in a jiffy. Elsewhere Billy’s still denying that he stole the collection box and swears blind that Peggy’s got it all wrong. But later Peggy gets her revenge.  Jane’s furious (well that’s nothing new is it) when she realises that Ian’s told Steven what she’s been through. Ronnie’s secretly pleased that Jack is back and Honey and Billy’s problems go from bad to worse when they’re thrown out of the flat. Oh dear.

In the build-up to the Christmas Day special, Lauren is horrified by what she has seen; Peggy sends Phil out to fetch Billy and the family and Ronnie invites Jack to dinner with the family in the hope that he sorts things out with Phil. We’re in for some real drama on ‘Enders this week but you’ll probably need anti-depressants after watching.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Ronnie’s missing Jack.
Masood gets some great Christmas tips but Zainab isn’t happy. Ian tells Steven some home truths.

Emmerdale w/e Dec 21

Lisa is shocked to learn that Andy has asked Jo to adopt Sarah. Lisa’s not happy and insists that Sarah already has a mother in Debbie. Got that? Meanwhile, at the panto rehearsal, Hilary gets wound up by Lily flirting with her husband. She complains to Betty and launches into a full character assassination of Lily. When Edna overhears, will she stand up and and defend her sister?

Val tells Rodney that Pollard doesn’t want her to move back in with him. Rodney brings Lily some UV lights and she’s grateful for his generosity. But Lily ends up a little unnerved when he says he’ll pop back again regularly. Jimmy demands money from Scarlett for the damage caused at her party. Offering to help, Debbie tells Scarlett that she can get her some work at the garage.

After an unsuccessful day washing cars, Debbie offers to pay Scarlett a wage even though she doesn’t have to come into work again. What is Debbie up to? That can be answered in two words: no good. Meanwhile, Pollard convinces Rodney to switch price tags on the engagement rings to make the cheapest look most expensive. Will Pollard’s plan pay off when Val chooses her ring?

At the Beach BBQ bash in the Woolpack, Chas tells Diane that Lexi is planning on fixing the votes for the raffle. Diane is angry but waits until the results are being announced to punish Lexi. How will she seek revenge on her barmaid?

Also on Emmerdale:
Jimmy gets suspicious about Scarlett and Daz.
Viv’s charity event has a bit of competition.
Edna becomes suspicious when Eli delivers a package for Lily.

Coronation Street w/e Dec 21

Hold on guys, there isn’t much longer for the now tedious ‘Damian’   David/Sarah storyline to go. I still say it’s a daft way to write her out. Anyway, Sarah’s still fuming about her uncle Stephen’s offer to ‘Damian’ David, and rants to Audrey about how unfair it is that he’s being rewarded for all his bad behaviour. In another daft storyline, Michelle’s on edge about Ryan going out alone and decides to accompany him to the gaming competition. Steve urges Michelle to try and get back to leading a normal life for Ryan’s sake. 

John drives Rosie to a quiet lay by. She’s unhappy about having to make do with these stolen furtive moments. Dan has his eye on Abi, Mel’s friend from the police force, while Violet and Jamie move into the flat. They’re another couple I can’t wait to see the back of.

In what is set to be one of Corrie’s most ridiculous storylines in it’s forty-odd year history, Michelle is stunned when she’s greeted by a 15-year-old boy who’s the spitting image of her late partner Dean. Who is the boy and why does he look like Ryan’s dead father? Liam is furious with Carla when he discovers that Tony sent his staff home early. But is he angry over Tony’s involvement with the factory or with his involvement with Carla? 

Fiz is upset when Chesney rejects her invitation to Christmas dinner when he realises that Kirk isn’t invited. Meanwhile, Rosie is angry that John has been ignoring her texts and calls.

Also on Coronation Street:
Liam is furious about the UnderWorld Christmas party.
Sarah plots her revenge on ‘Damian’ David. 
Nick reveals the truth about Ryan.

Holloyoaks w/e Dec 21

So what’s been going on in the soap with all the beautiful people then? On ‘Hollywoodoaks’ this week, Gilly’s still troubled following his discovery at Simon’s house and decides that he has to talk to someone. Amy’s looking forward to Leah’s first Christmas, but her festive spirit is dampened by their unwelcome guest: Nige. Nancy is ecstatic as she breaks the news of her engagement to Sarah.  Max and O.B. are stunned when Simon’s wife arrives and explains his strange behaviour. Fearing for Simon’s safety after their false accusations, Max, Gemma and OB rush to Simon’s house, but it may be too late. 

Tina is disgusted to find the college is advertising for her replacement; she’s even more stunned when she learns that her replacement is Jacqui. Beth is angry with Gilly for adding to Simon’s grief. Gilly begs her forgiveness, while Rhys is secretly pleased they have split.  As the ‘BethRhys’ saga continues, Beth advises Sarah to tell Rhys exactly how she feels. Meanwhile Rhys, determined to make their relationship work and to stop himself from loving Beth, professes his love for Sarah. This is so similar to the Sharon and Dennis saga on ‘Enders a few years back. Let’s just hope that Rhys doesn’t suffer the same fate as poor old Dennis.

Summer enjoys spending the day with O.B. As they say goodbye for Christmas, they steal a small kiss under the mistletoe. Summer leaves in a fluster as O.B. begins to wonder if he’s found the girl of his dreams.

Also on Hollyoaks:
Summer asks Tony for advice on her performance.
Tony’s in a foul mood when Santa and the elves go on strike.
Beth reveals to Sarah why she broke up with Gilly.

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3 Responses to Is Michelle Connor Seeing Double ?

  1. angie says:

    the michelle story line is brilliant and well acted by evri1 concerned i cant imagine that happening in real life but i no it has good work coronation street.

  2. Nadia says:

    ronnie and jack make a cute couple

  3. Julie says:

    EastEnders has so many useless characters such as: Heather, Gary\’s mother, Gus (does he ever get a storyline?) Keith Miller – infact all the Millers and the dreadful Chelsea. Wish she had gone on the cruise as Denise could have pushed her over the side 🙂

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