Vera Films Final Corrie Scenes

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I suppose everyone knows by now that Liz Dawn, who plays Corrie legend Vera Duckworth, is leaving The Street. Here’s the story:

Coronation Street legend Liz Dawn has filmed her final scenes in the soap. And judging by the reaction of her co-stars, it seems that the actress who played Vera Duckworth will be sorely missed.

When Liz finished filming, she was presented with flowers and gifts from dozens of cast members, all of whom gathered to wish her a fond farewell. Sally Whittaker and Michael Le Vell, better known as Sally and Kevin Webster, were clearly moved by her departure after 33 years on the Street.

Michael said: "Liz has been like my surrogate mother, so it’s a big blow for me. I’ve known her for nearly 25 years and she has been such a wonderful person to know. I’m going to miss her so much I can’t even tell you." Liz, who has played Corrie icon Vera since 1974, announced her departure from the soap at the end of October. According to reports, the character will meet her end in a dramatic storyline, which will be shown early next year.

Such a shame that Liz Dawn is leaving after 33 years! Blimey that’s a long time. Think about it for a minute…when she joined Corrie, George Lucas was still hard at work on the first Star Wars movie; John Travolta and Olivia Newton John were yet to star in the classic movie Grease and The Iron Lady Maggie Thatcher was yet to become Britain’s first female Prime Minister. 

A lot has happened since Liz Dawn first graced our screens as the formidible Vera Duckworth. She will be sorely missed and will definitely go down in soap history as one of the legendary characters of the Street alongside Hilda and Stan Ogden, Ena Sharples, Bet Lynch, Mike Baldwin, Violet, ‘Cluuurrrr’ and Ashley…Ha,ha,ha,ha! Sorry – that’s obviously wishful thinking on their part. I’ll barely remember Violet this time next year. 

I’m getting a bit carried away now. According to the above story, Vera Duckworth will meet her end in a dramatic storyline. But what does that mean? I hope the Corrie scriptwriters don’t go borrowing any silly ideas from the disgruntled producers of EastEnders. If you saw my previous entry, you’ll know what I think about what they’re planning to do to poor old Kevin Wicks. Let’s just hope Vera Duckworth gets the send off that 33 years of loyal service deserves.

Gus Watch.

In connection with the newsflash last week we can now report that this was a case of mistaken identity. Our hero Gus is safe and well. However, he still hasn’t been seen on EastEnders for a while. We’ll keep you informed as soon there are any further developments on this story…

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10 Responses to Vera Films Final Corrie Scenes

  1. Christine says:

    Well as Vera isn\’t well then it is for the best, I had a bad chest from smoking but gave up, obviously she didn\’t, lets hope that Jack will still be with us for a long time to come, and over the last few years neither have had decent storylines so it would be nice to see him pick up with some floosie

  2. dj-speed says:

    well all good things come to an end and good luck  to  her  on that one and all  the best .

  3. brian says:

    Sad to see Vera go \’good luck to her\’, about the only soap with a bit of humour,if you want some excellent entertainment and humour Tune into Radio 4 on 28th dec, at 11.30 am.and listen to \’\’THE COUNT ARTHUR STRONG RADIO SHOW\’\’you won\’t be disapointed.A very funny raconteur. B.H. \’\’WARNING\’\’you can become very addictive only listen if you have a sense of humour!!

  4. Zoe says:

    good luck vera!!!you n jack are the only reason we watch corrie!!!good luck to
    ya gal xx

  5. Diane says:

    good luck and god bless as you are one hell of a person.Sad to see you go.We will support jack in anything he does. Take care and enjoy your retirement.

  6. Unknown says:

    good bye and good ridnes it will make a change not to hear her keeping on at jack she wont be missed by a lot of people people get someone like her in there family keeping on and on at last jack can have peace and quite with out her nagging quite a lot of people will be glad to see the back of vera for once and for all and lets hope that she dosent make a return back to the street i have got people in my family just like her i would do any thing to get rid of them and i would they make your life hell

  7. blue eyes says:

    Liz Dawn is one of Britains great actress;s and assett to UK and she will be sadly missed fr her hreat acting skills.  Bless her and hope her health improves so she can spend many deserved years with her family x

  8. keith says:

    all the best liz yes you will be missed for sorts of reasons

  9. jeanne says:

    sorry to see you leave Vera. have watched you for many years……good luck
    and hope you get as well as you can. with your medical condition. bye.
    never know might bump into you one day, as l live in Leeds.

  10. iris marie says:

    all the best to you vera .sad to see you go jack will miss lots as we will.
    enjoy your retirment.

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