Sarah Bids Corrie Farewell

I’m sure you all know by now that Sarah Platt will be leaving Coronation Street soon. Apparently, her exit is based around a classic movie. Here’s the story:

Sarah Platt’s exit from Coronation Street is apparently due to be based on the end of classic 1945 epic Brief Encounter which starred Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard. Viewers will see newlywed Sarah – who has been played by 24-year-old Tina O’Brien for the past eight years – board a train to the airport without onscreen hubby Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas, 23), after he gets cold feet, reports the Daily Star. Jason apparently decides not to move abroad with Sarah, who has been offered a fresh start by her long lost uncle in Italy. The sad scenes will be shown as part of Corrie’s Christmas specials.

I wonder whose idea it was to base Sarah’s departure on the classic movie Brief Encounter? I bet it was some ancient Corrie script writer who’s probably been writing for the soap since the days of Ena Sharples. Anyway, someone needs to tell them that most of Tina O’Brien’s young fans have probably never even heard of the movie. They’d have been better off basing Sarah’s departure on Justin Timberlake’s 2002 epic Cry Me A River (you know, that one with the Britney Spears look-alike).

I’ll miss Sarah when she leaves Coronation Street – even if she has turned into a bit of a shrew. On the day of the Christmas special, I’ll be sat in front of the telly with my box of Kleenex tissues crying: "Don’t leave us Sarah…don’t leave us… we need someone for ‘Damian’ David to wind up!"  The Platt household just won’t be the same without her. In fact, neither will Coronation Street; she’ll definitely be missed. I ain’t too worried about Jason (let’s face it, his relationship with Sarah was doomed from the start) it’s  ‘Damian’ David I’m more concerned about. In my opinion, he needs his sister just like Stan Laurel needs Oliver Hardy. What’s he gonna do without her?

Every soap needs a good dose of sibling rivalry doesn’t it? Think about it for a moment; where would EastEnders have been without the sibling rivalry of our beloved Mitchell bruvvers Grant and Phil? (I suppose the answer to that is easy – where it’s been for a long time now, in the doldrums). Or Dallas (for older readers) without the JR/Bobby Ewing rivalry? The love/hate relationship between sparring/warring siblings gave these soaps that little something extra and that’s why I’m really sad to see Sarah go. Her departure will leave a gaping big hole in the Platt family, one that cannot easily be filled. Anyway, I suppose one consolation is that at least we get to see her board the train, rather than get run over by it, which means there’s a chance she’ll return to the cobbles some day…

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Ms Bubbles
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19 Responses to Sarah Bids Corrie Farewell

  1. James says:

    you suck

  2. marion says:

    Hi Bubbles I think both soaps need a good shake up they both seem to be suck in a rut. No real plots.!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Soap Blogger says:

    Hello (no name). You\’re right, both soaps do need a shake. Let\’s see what happens when Rickaaaay and Bianca return to EastEnders. As for the other comment by (no name), if you wanna criticise – first: be constructive and two: have the courage to use a name otherwise people will just think you\’re an idiot…..I do.

  4. Ryan says:

    Hey Bubbles
    I completely agree with everything you said.
    I believe the character of Sarah was becoming quite thin anyhow. Yes, it gave us all a lot of entertainment for the past few years but what other storylines exist for her whi haven\’t been done by Gail in the past?
    The last thing we want is another Gail Platt. I don\’t mean that offesneively, I think the woman who plays her is a good actress. But the character is rather annoying in my opinion. Then again, I suppose shes a woman you love to hate.
    Sarah\’s been a leading figure in the soap since her arrival and I think for Tina O\’Connor herself, the skys the limit.
    As for the character, I think its a good time shes left before bore sets in.
    Good blog, keep it up.

  5. gloria says:

    The wonderful land of soap!! A long lost uncle turns up just when she needs him! So is this martin\’s brother or does Audery have a son we all know nothing about??

  6. Pat says:

    I\’m sorry Tina O\’Brien is leaving and I hope she\’s luckier than most other actors who leave major soaps only to find they\’re typecast and can\’t get other acting jobs.  Tina is very good as Sarah Platt but only time will tell if she can break out of the "soap" mould and be accepted for other parts.
    Talking about the latest Corrie plots, the writing and storylines seem to have gone off at a tangent recently and even the actors seem to be struggling with their dialogue.  Sean Tully, in particular, has changed into a boring, depressed whiner – we loved Sean mainly because he brought a smile to our faces and lit up the scenes he was in with his witty banter.  And the great humour, which has gone hand in hand with the poignant drama, has also been missing recently.  I hope Corrie gets back to its loveable self soon.

  7. alan says:

    What Is sarah (Tina Obrien) leaving for, I think she is a good actress, and hope she is leaving to do something better than coronation street, like a drama or something.

  8. Carolyn says:

    totally agree with the comments, Sarah will be missed, but  I expect she could return at a later date, seeing that she gets on the train and doesn\’t get run over by it. Like Corra lots, has some fairy topical storylines, but I am glad I don\’t live there too many things occuring in the one area, glad I live in a fairly quiet street

  9. john says:

    I would have to agree with the earlier comment about the script writing of Coronation Street. Do these writers really believe that there arn\’t any married couples who are faithfull and want to stick together? Short of Jack and Vera (which they HAVE tried to part)!
    Also the reality seems to be absent….ie How can Kevin Webster earn a living anymore with the advances in modern cars? He would have to specialise in certain models of car because he would need expensive electronic equipment . He would need to go on courses which in reality he wouldn.t be able to afford. There are other anomolies which don,t ring true . eg did Bill buy the woodyard business when Charlie was killed? does it technicaly belong to Tracey? Would they legally still be allowed to trade? David Platts car…have they kept it taxed whilst on a public road?? This certainly would not be allowed..!!

  10. Susan says:

    have i missed it or is Sarahs daughter staying with Gail
    oh well
    soap life is so simple
    ps      Gail+David+Sarah+hubby+daughter
    is it a 2 bedroom house hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    maybe I have missed summat
    good luck Tina

  11. Teresa says:

    Hey – lighten up – soaps are after all – a work of fiction.  As I got older I realised these programmes are not real.  People leave to pursue other things so what are the writers supposed to do – replace each actor with a new one and write in a visit to a local plastic surgeon – perhaps Kevin with his lack of modern equipment or David Platt with his wild ideas could play the part – or do they take the easy road and kill off the character or send them on an extended world tour visiting people that we have never seen or even heard of since the series began. Long lost uncle wouldn\’t it have been more feasable that Sarah go off to asist her best friend Candice.  Lets face it – Sarah had no other friends that I can recall.  Is it me or do soap characters have more enemies than they do pals.  When was the last time in any soap that the show actually reflected real life – like someone cleaning the house thoroughy or cooking a meal and having discussions what they are about to watch on tv.  No one ever seems to mention characters that have left the series. 
    Changing the subject slightly – am I dreaming or do I remember Eric Pollard mudering someone and dumping her body in an area where it would be found during the plane crash in Emmerdale.  If so are we actually saying that the pathologists did such a lousy job that they missed a fatal wound inflicted by a buffoon and was convinced the injuries were inflicted by the plane!!!!!!!  Now that is something that Jasmine could really get her teeth into investigating instead of uncovering the sinister plot that Nicola is inflicting on the village.  Get a grip with that viper back in the show you don\’t need an investigative journalist to tell the viewers that she is up to no good.  Now that is one character that I would like to see go a face change.  No offence to the actress who plays her but Nicola\’s face is as ugly as the character\’s personality. 

  12. maire says:

    Well i for one am glad to see jim back in corrie.  maybe he will give that eejit vernon a run for his money!  please jim grow your moustache again! cant wait until he shows his true colours again! love the accent….well as we say here in NI \’cheerio now, i\’m away so i am!\’
    a message for the person who so rudely said \’you suck\’ (5 Dec)  Get a life!

  13. blue eyes says:

    What will happen with poor bethany, will Sarah take her,leave her with Jason or Gail or worse still David to share his drugs with ?
    It is such a shame that soaps used to be exciting, a lift from normal family life – wow most soaps are full of rubbish, majority of cast no longer look like "average on street" majority look like they get up 2 hours early to have make up, wardbrobe etc done.
    I also feel that whilst majority realised SOAP LAND not real, many young females style themselves on HOLLYOAKS spiteful but beautiful woman – and that being pretty, sexy,slim can get you ANYTHING – giving young impressionable females looks, weight, gets you anything SHAME
    And whilst I LOVE STACEY in east enders – no one could survive on a stall all day dressed in a belt as a skirt and boots from "pretty woman" street walker !!!!!

  14. blue eyes says:

    Jim is back in Corrie excellent – LOVED HIS CHARCTER though very frightening so true to life !!!!!  Has he turned a new leaf / has leopard changed his spots – has anger management worked and what prison did he get that in ?
    LOVED Him & Elizabeth his words from Wednesday evening, and how he handled VERN – who I dislike immensly,creepy,slimy,feet kissing – will do anything for free ride in life – LIZ DESERVES better Beverly who plays her is an amzing looking woman.    Kim Marsh gets better and better and I for one think she is great love her and steve together…………

  15. blue eyes says:

    Ms Bubles
    so sorry new to this mailing views stuff – in future will attempt to put all comments in one e-mail, this is only my opinion and not meant to offend anyone –
    Emmerdale – Wow I thought village life was quite, all happening at present in emmerdale…..Linda Lusard what a great actress, and her looks and figure to die for lovely beautiful IN AND OUT lady.   Excellent her hubby Sam is to be in series as ex lover….I think they are so compatable nice people and derserve every happiness,luck,health for future.
    The Kings are busy POOR MATTHEW never did it but got fitted up by Gray the lawyer – because Perdy Grays wife is having thing with Matthew – I do hope Matthew is not convicted for this, never done it as we know Rosemary been in touch with Gray…Love Perditar love her voice way she speak, story very sad she cannot concieve –
    Loads more going on in SOAP LAND –

  16. Soap Blogger says:

    Blue Eyes, feel free to leave as many comments as you like. That goes for everyone – this is our little soap community and I thank you for all your comments, good and bad.

  17. Unknown says:

    get rid of the two bookies  in corrie they are to full in your face story line stupid like two comical gansters .i bet they try and and get a share in the taxi firm through loyd and his gambiling another daft plot .

  18. Eric says:

    I will miss Sarah Lou too. Hopefully Tina O\’Brien turns up in something soon, maybe Waking The Dead perhaps?? Or even Casualty?
    er, perhaps not.
    I wish her well though.

  19. soozb82 says:

    Does nobody else think Violet is the most strange character ever? As a woman of about the same age, I don\’t know anybody that desperate to have a baby, or who would be so grumpy & unreasonable to the father! Also she was supposed to be cool and trendy but she dresses as boringly as everyone else!
    Anyway apart from her whinging I love Corrie, best soap by far! 

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