Steven’s About To Explode!

Welcome to A Slice Of Soap. Today we present all the action coming up in your favourite soaps this week.

EastEnders w/e December 7

We’ve seen a bit more of Bobby Davro – you liking him? Hating him? Indifferent? What about the Mitchell sisters? Well this week Ronnie’s worried about the contract she’s drawn up with Jack. Meanwhile, Steven starts to get competitive with Ian and they argue – well that’s nothing new is it? Lucy wants a party, Ian hasn’t said yes but she goes ahead with the invitations anyway! Hmmm, I wonder if this will turn out to be a storyline influenced by those infamous ‘MySpace’ parties in which houses got trashed….Jack winds Phil up hinting he could be part of the new business.

A secret is revealed at the Club. Will the shocking revelation be enough to split Ronnie and Roxy up forever? I wish the writers would stop teasing us with the possibility that these two will hop it soon…Phil contemplates returning to his alcoholic life as he realises the extent of Peggy’s downfall. Dawn prepares for a date with Jase, and decides on a dramatic change. But will it work and will she get her man?

Steven’s full of anger still; he’s like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. Let’s hope ‘Squeale’ Beale’s around when it happens. Phil makes Jack an offer to buy him out of the club. Poor Dot’s really lonely and puts herself forward to direct the nativity play, however Yolande’s already got the job. Stacey stumbles across ‘scheming’ Steven who’s got a death wish and seems to have reached breaking point. Ronnie moves out of the The Vic when she and Phil have a fight.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Steven’s new enterprise damages Ian’s business.
Peggy tells Phil about her debts.
Minty and Hazel are up to win a wedding competition.

Hollyoaks w/e December 7

On ‘Hollywoodoaks’ the soap with all the beautiful people, Tina’s under pressure from Dom who’s forcing her to retract her surrogacy offer to Jacqui. I dunno – we’ve got surrogacy in Emmerdale and surrogacy here – it’s the hot potato. Anyway as far as  Dom’s concerned, if she’s gonna have a baby, it’s got to be his.  Elsewhere Beth finds herself on Neville’s wrong side when the angry parent of a teenage girl takes him to task for selling alcohol to a minor.

Louise and Warren are deeply embarrassed by Zoe’s promo video for the new-look Evissa. Tina’s horrified to find Pete in her home with Dom.  Meanwhile the ‘Beth/Rhys’ saga continues as Rhys, unable to keep Beth out of his mind, writes  her a  love note. Silly boy…hasn’t he learned anything from the ‘Shannis’ saga on EastEnders? 

Like half of the UK, Danny and Justin are desperately in need of some serious cash in the run-up to Christmas. Danny’s handiwork at Drive ‘N’ Buy, causes a power failure in the village. Russ (finally) catches Pete assaulting Tina and decks him. Good! Pete  deserves everything he gets…and more. When Dom’s more concerned about the financial implications of losing her job rather than the emotional stress, Tina goes to Russ for comfort and tells Dom that she wants a divorce. Rhys and Beth scatter their dad’s ashes. Elliot and John Paul set up a pirate radio station to sabotage Kris’s radio show.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
A new stylist – Niall – is in town, and makes quite an impression on his first day at Evissa.
John Paul takes exception to Kris’s blunt advice on being gay.
Gilly is excited when Beth invites him to The Dog for the music quiz.

Coronation Street w/e December 7

Get ready for more new faces on Corrie this week. Jack Ellis, best known for playing Bad Girls’ villainous warder Jim Fenner and Matthew Crompton, previously The Bill’s PC Sam Harker (as well as Dan Morrissey in Brookside), play father and son on’t cobbles. Let’s see how they do. By the way, I’m liking Violet’s sister Lauren much more than I will ever like her; yeah she’s a bit of a cliché, but she looks like she could develop into the archetypal brassy bit that Corrie do so well. In the meantime, the Liam/Carla/Maria love triangle takes centre stage. Liam stalks Tony, but is seen by his ex, Lindsey. He gets the kind  of evidence that Carla doesn’t want to hear and she accuses him of jealousy. On the rebound, he makes a proposition that shocks Maria. Liz is on tenterhooks about Jim but is adamant that her wedding should go ahead as planned. New bookies – father and son, Harry (Jack Ellis) and Dan (Matthew Compton) – arrive on the street.

Over in Roy’s Rolls, still determined to break up his sister’s marriage, ‘Damian’ David steals Becky’s phone and sends flirtatious texts to Jason. Lloyd and Steve gets off to a bad start with the new bookies and the romance between Eileen and Sinbad/Jerry stalls. Sarah is devastated when she sees the flirty texts on Jason’s phone. Maria announces that she’s pregnant and a stunned Carla struggles to paint on a smile. Lloyd’s in trouble with the bookies for not paying his debt. Jack and Vera tell Paul, Molly and Tyrone that they’re leaving the Street and moving to Blackpool. All three of them are shocked by the news, but Paul’s worry stems from his fear about the loan he’s taken out on the house that they now need to sell. Will Jack and Vera finally discover that their grandson has taken advantage of them?

‘Damian’ David decides to stir things up between Sarah and Jason even more and sends another provocative message from Becky’s phone. A furious Sarah confronts Becky and before you can say ‘this entire arc is a daft way to write Tina O’Brien out’, a cat fight starts. Ryan’s convinced he’s being followed and doesn’t want to go to school, but will Michelle believe him?

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Liam is more bothered than ever about Carla and Tony
Dan decides to teach Lloyd
Michelle gets a phone call from Ryan’s school

Emmerdale w/e December 7

Actresses always say that playing a bad girl is better than playing a goody-goody so Nicola Wheeler must be having a whale of a time as her character is as bitchy as they come. This week, David tries to persuade Jasmine to spend the day with him and when she’s not looking, he steals her back door keys and gives them to Nicola who lets herself into Miles’ house and gets him to drink. Got that? Diane is upset that Victoria is still being rude to her. Emily is gutted when Lisa makes it clear she will never forgive her for taking Sarah away. Nicola tries to buy up all the papers in the shop when Jasmine’s article revealing the truth makes the front page. Rodney tells her he has finally had it with her and is moving out.

Paul and Jonny grow closer over Nicola’s latest exploits. Nicola is back in seduction mode and charms David; an upset Jasmine sees them rolling round. Grayson is frustrated when the police say there is still no news about his mother’s disappearance. Donna and Ross discover Rosemary’s car abandoned in the bushes close to the Kings’ property Manor Farm. When the police tell Grayson, he’s convinced that his mother was going to meet Matthew King.

Jonny is shocked to learn about Katie’s surrogacy and tells her she is making a big mistake. When word gets out about Terry’s fire, Ross questions Chas and Lexi. Grayson is annoyed when Katie tells him she had to tell Jonny about the surrogacy. He visits Jonny and tries to bribe him not to tell Katie that he is gay. Jonny is incredulous but Grayson warns him that he could ruin things between Paul and Jonny. Clearly worried, Jonny later tells Paul that they should leave the village.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Katie is furious with Jonny
The villagers gather for Emily’s leaving drinks in the Woolpack Matthew begins to worry that he’s being framed

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  1. Ted says:

    why is eastenders so gloomy there is no humour

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