In With The Old And New On Corrie

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap. On Mondays, we preview all the action in the forthcoming week. Also, a debate is taking place on MSN asking if soaps are flouting the watershed. You can read the article here and leave comments, either on this blog or the Telly Talk message board thread. Let’s get to it…. 

Coronation Street w/e Nov 30

An old face and a new face show up on’t Street this week. Actor Charles Lawson reprises his role as fiery Irishman Jim McDonald and that should be hilarious. Unfortunately, it turns out that drippy nonentity Violet has a sister (played by Lucy Evans) who’s the opposite of her. Expect lots of flirting (with who? Corrie’s not exactly overrun with hunks…unless she fancies pensioners or gay guys). Sister Lauren has just returned from Ibiza. Ominous overtones with the useless Mitchell sisters if you ask me…

Back to the action. Liam’s jealous when he discovers Carla’s spent the night at Tony’s. John is relieved that he and Rosie weren’t discovered in bed, but she seems to be enjoying the danger of it all (why him Rosie? Why?). Maria drops a bombshell and there’s a new arrival in the shape of Lauren (Lucy Evans), Violet’s attractive and more outgoing sister. Carla confronts Tony. Maria keeps trying to break important news to Liam but is thwarted at every turn. Steve’s stunned when he receives a call

from his dad about his release from prison. Violet lends her jobless sister some cash which in turn was lent to her by Sean without Jamie’s knowledge. How will Jamie react if he discovers Violet’s been lying to him? Hopefully he’ll walk out the door and take her with him. It can’t come quick enough…

Steve has managed to keep the news about Jim’s release a secret from Liz. He carefully tells his dad about her wedding plans but Jim claims he’s happy for her, but has he really changed? Liam’s getting increasingly wound up about Carla and Tony’s relationship and claims he’s not happy about doing business with a man Carla’s sleeping with. Rosie bribes John into giving her better grades. When Sally sees Rosie’s ‘A grade’ essay and notices it’s inferior to her own C grade paper, she confronts John who claims that he marked Rosie up because he wanted to encourage her to stay on at school.

Also On Corrie This Week:
Ryan thinks he’s being followed
Rita tricks Norris
Sean’s disappointed with a decision Jamie makes

Emmerdale w/e Nov 30

Isn’t it amazing to think that to younger viewers, Emmerdale’s Hilary is just some older actress. However, to fans of 70s sitcoms, Paula Wilcox will always be remembered for two roles: Beryl Battersby, alongside the late great Richard Beckinsale in The Lovers – 37 years ago(!!!) and Chrissy Plummer in Man About The House – the girl Richard O’Sullian’s character Robin fancied. Now she’s in Emmerdale. So this week Perdy’s stunned when she returns home to the news that Katie is pregnant. Matthew’s fears are confirmed when Perdy tells him that she can’t risk losing the baby and has to stay with Grayson. Marlon feels rejected when he learns that Donna is about to head back to work with Ross. Jasmine returns home and catches Miles drinking.

Marlon perks up when Ross’s girlfriend Kirsty arrives. Over at Mill Cottage, the police arrive to tell Grayson that they’ve found Rosemary’s blood on her handbag. Later, they question Matthew about where he was on the day Rosemary disappeared. When Ross confesses to Donna that his relationship with Kirsty isn’t working out, Donna encourages him to end things. Laurel is upset when her dad tells her he doesn’t look at Hilary in the way he used to. She tells him that he really hurt Hilary with Lily (Anne Charleston) and hopes they can try and work things out.

Doug and Hilary bicker as they put the finishing touches to Daniel’s christening gown. The Bishop thanks Emily for her help and, over a drink in the Woolpack, asks if she’d be prepared to leave the village if a worthwhile proposition arose. Marlon feels guilty when Ross announces that he is moving out.

Also On Emmerdale This Week:
Pollard is sceptical about Viv and Freddie’s campaign
Marlon is still livid about Ross and Donna 
Emily announces that she’s leaving

EastEnders w/e Nov 30

I don’t know about you, but I’m counting down the days until Rickaaaaaay and Bicanaaarrrgh return. Until then, we have to make do with also-rans like Parklife! Phil. Anyway, his character Kevin, Shirley and Carly visit Deano in hospital but are shocked to see his injuries…you wouldn’t think you could get all that from Strictly Come Dancing, would you? In all seriousness, it’s grim news. Honey is determined to find out what Billy’s second job is and Kevin is shocked when he realises exactly what he’s been selling.

Out in the market, a happy Stacey and Bradley’s moment is ruined when Steven appears. Ian interrupts, holding up a CCTV tape which has Steven smashing the stall up.  He loudly tells the market what Steven did and offers the tape to Bradley as evidence but Steven quickly snatches it and destroys it. Am I the only person who finds the whole Steven thing daft? Kevin realises he has to get the car from PC Morris and dispose of it; Billy is still struggling to make ends meet and I am still struggling to care. Phil helps Roxy with her gear for the club and uses the opportunity to stir things between the girls. Has it really come to this Phil? Needling girls instead of beating up thugs with yer bruvver Grant? I can’t even put into words how much I miss Ross Kemp – I’d rather trade both Patsy Palmer and Sid Owen just to have him back. One Mitchell bruvver in the Square is like having Ant hosting I’m A Celebrity without Dec. It’s just not right.  

Spotting his interest in the Jag, Darren tries to put him off. Pat and Shirley trade jibes over the bar but a victorious Pat is very quick to point out she is having lunch with a dashing gentleman. Shirley guesses it’s Vinnie and is left fuming. Heather tries to make Shirley feel better about herself but makes her feel worse. Meanwhile a sad lonely Dot returns to the square without Jim. Jase tries to make it up to Dawn but she warns him she doesn’t give second chances. Max, Tanya, Bradley and Stacey arrive at R & R; it looks like the whole Square has turned up for the grand opening. Max is not happy to see his brother Jack is there…Ian is hammered and makes a fool of himself, embarrassing Jane. Jack walks into the VIP area and is immediately confronted by an aggressive Phil who asks him what he’s doing in there. Let’s put it this way – Gordon Brown and David Cameron get on better than these two do…

Also on EastEnders this week:
Darren’s nervous when PC Morris starts looking at the car lot.
Darren confronts Kevin about stopping the dodgy car deals.
Ronnie is keen to manage the club without Phil

Hollyoaks w/e Nov 30

And so we turn to HollywoodOaks where the people are beautiful and the sex is brilliantly choreographed. No embarrassing fumbles here – no breaking of wind or pleas to turn the lights out. I mean really, who gets this lucky every time? Anyway, when a pregnancy test is found in the McQueens, everyone is eyed with suspicion. Tina’s left a wreck at work thanks to Pete’s suggestive language. He reduces her to tears after sabotaging her work, insinuating she needs to play nice. Feeling guilty over his reaction to Gilly and Beth’s growing relationship, Rhys offers to help Gilly get his girl…yes, you read that right. Jessica is wracked with guilt over sleeping with Darren.

Tina tells Jacqui that she’s being bullied at work, but Dom accuses her of overreacting. Tony’s concerned at the idea of him and Jacqui bringing up Mercedes’ baby. Zoe dumps Darren when he chooses gambling over her. Jake becomes jealous of Nancy and Russ’ closeness. Jacqui and Tony rush to stop Mercedes from going to a clinic. Jessica ropes in Kris to help her with video assignment. Kris puts two and two together when he comes across some damning evidence. Nancy is left disturbed at school when Newt and Lauren confront her about rumours they heard about Becca. Jacqui is disgusted with Myra for taking Mercedes side. Jacqui is thrilled with Tina’s offer to have a surrogate baby for her. Sarah takes Zoe in at the Barnes’ but Mike is furious when she gives her Amy’s room. A jealous Jake picks up Nancy’s mobile phone and sets about reading her text messages.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Tina feels that Dom is ignoring her
Nancy offers to help Newt with his studies when she discovers he is dyslexic.
Kris is close to revealing his suspicions about Jess and Darren

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  1. Arcadia says:

    Soap producers are wrong to introduce even more episodes. Instead of attracting more viewers they will lose loyal fans because, as
    demonstrated by poor quality story lines of late,  writers are having to clutch at straws to find interesting plots and quality is forfeited in the interests of quantity.

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