Honeymoon Over For EastEnders Pair

EastEnders w/e 23 Nov.
Back to business again after all the (non)drama of Honey’s difficult birth. I don’t know who was in more agony – her or me. Bradley and Stacey are back from their honeymoon and looking for a place of their own. Unfortunately, they bring back the wrong suitcase and Bradley gets some bad news about his job. Elsewhere, Jase wonders whether he should move on from Albert Square as it looks like he’s been sent to Coventry after the raid on The Vic. Ian is adamant Steven does not belong in Albert Square and Phil calls in a debt.
Poor old Garry’s fed up of Minty and Hazel and their slushy love (who wouldn’t be?) so he decides to go away on a fun singles type holiday. ‘Squeal Beale’ is annoyed to find ‘scheming’ Steven is still in the Square and sets about making life difficult for him. Phil tells Kevin there’s an opportunity for him to sell some half-decent used company cars; he’ll do them up and Kevin can sell them with a 50/50 split – but Kevin’s not interested. Later, he finds his Car Lot trashed. Bradley goes for a job interview but soon realises the job is not for him. Things go from bad to worse when Ian discovers that Steven’s taken over from Deano on the stall. Meanwhile Darren uncovers the truth about Phil’s dodgy motors and takes matters into his own hands. Heather is still determined to get Shirley out with Vince and so cooks up a plan. Meanwhile, the Wicks family are shocked to get a call from the prison; it’s Deano – he’s doing really well on Strictly Come Dancing…sorry I mean he’s been attacked!
Also on EastEnders this week:
Phil has a warning for Jase.
Billy has a mystery woman.
Ian and Peter arrive home with a young girl.
Coronation Street w/e 23rd Nov.
OK so the storyline that I’m not too hot on hots up as Sean’s decided to fight for his baby.  Marcus urges him to consult a solicitor. Will he and Violet reach a compromise, or will Sean be forced to take the case to court? Elsewhere ‘Cluuuuuurrrrr’ tells booooooring Ashley to collect his things from Audrey’s. Later that night, ‘Cluuuuuur’s’ touched when Ashley presents her with a gold necklace (claiming he wanted something that would last for ever – oh no don’t tell me they’re planning to take over from Jack and Vera Duckworth!). Teenage temptress Rosie’s enjoying her power over John (what is so special about him? Can someone please tell me?) and continues to make him jealous about Lee. Talking of jealousy, Rita does her best to warn Norris against Doreen, but he refuses to listen. Violet and Jamie decide to look for their own place. ‘Damian’ Daivd’s doing everything he can to cause ructions between the newly weds. Will he succeed (I think he’s doing great so far)?
‘Sinbad’ Jerry’s too busy to take up Eileen’s offer of a date and Jack and Vera are not pleased when they arrive back to a messy house. Yay! Some Jack and Vera action. Sean is disappointed to discover the huge costs involved in fighting for access to his baby. ‘Sinbad’ Jerry fails to take an interest in Mel’s desire to join the police force as he’s struggling to run the shop. I bet ‘Sinbad Jerry struggles to do a lot of things e.g tie his own shoe laces, touch his toes, climb a flight of stairs – just to name a few… David’s enjoying the tense atmosphere between Sarah and Jason and deliberately escalates the situation by casually telling Sarah that Jason seems to get on very well with Becky. Doreen tries to make time for all three men while Rita pushes her away from Norris and towards Ivor and George. Norris is furious when Doreen reveals that Rita has been interfering with their relationship; Jack and Vera consider leaving Weatherfield for Blackpool.
Also on Coronation Street this week:
‘Sinbad’ Jerry’s shocked when he discovers Kayleigh has been secretly going clubbing.
Jamie and Marcus work together to get Violet and Sean to talk.
Fiz is convinced something’s going on between John and Sally.
Emmerdale w/e 23rd Nov.
Now that Ian Smith (better known as Harold Bishop) is leaving Neighbours, surely it’s only a matter of time before the Emmerdale producers approach him with the idea of a reunion with his old screen wife? I still keep expecting him to pop up every time Anne Charleston appears as Lily; she’ll always be Madge to me. Anyway, Debbie and Eli head over to the Dingle homestead to reveal the news of their relationship. Victoria confides in Jo about the bullying she’s endured at school since the fire. Victoria arranges to meet Danielle at the cricket pavilion, but takes Jo as her secret weapon. Will Jo’s intervention scare Danielle off for good? Somehow I don’t think so. Jo ain’t exactly a Shirley or a Pat Butcher, is she? Lexi is shocked when a face from the past turns up in the village. Carrie and Jimmy return from France, happy and relaxed. Carrie’s surprised to see Lexi who then reveals the real reason for her visit – money. Well that’s obvious innit? Sam is alarmed when Samson mistakenly drinks from a glass of vodka left in the kitchen. Lexi wakes up in a cell and Matthew insists he wants the book thrown at her. 
Louise realises she’s going to have to fight harder for Jamie. Lisa voices her concerns to Zak about Sam. Jamie returns to Connelton View and is disturbed to see the rabbit hutch empty and a pot boiling on the stove. Looks like it’s rabbit stew for dinner… While searching for the missing rabbit, Marlon and Paddy are shocked when they come across a bag in a ditch containing Rosemary’s driving licence. It’s amazing what you can find when looking for missing rabbits isn’t it? Carrie embarasses Jimmy and Perdy is furious as Grayson worries about his mother’s whereabouts. Terry discovers that Buffy is no more after passing away during the night. How will the devastating news be broken to Viv?
Also on Emmerdale this week:
Carrie meets an impatient Lexi who demands the money.
Lee flirts with Scarlett.
Lisa confronts Sam.
Hollyoaks w/e 23rd Nov.
Hey folks, we’ve got just  one more day to wait before Big Brother’s Brian Belo makes his appearance on ‘Hollywoodoaks’ the soap for the beautiful. That’s got a good ring to it: ‘Hollywoodoaks’ – the soap for the beautiful’. Anyway here’s what to expect this week:
The Ashworths are nervous as they’re about to have their first family counselling session at home. Hannah finds it difficult being the centre of attention. Darren’s spending is spiralling out of control. Jacqui is intrigued to find out who Carmel is dating. Calvin’s concerned when Carmel is cagey about their relationship, but when Jacqui finds out the truth, she appears to take it in her stride. Darren attempts to replace the £200 he stole from Zoe, but he’s too late when Zoe realises her cash has gone missing. Darren needs to get some lessons from Ste… our modern day Robin Hood…
Jake looks forward to his evening in with Nancy but when she’s held up with Hannah, he hits the roof. Hannah plucks up the courage to meet her friends for a drink. Carmel’s in a panic about starting her new job.  Beth arranges for her and Hannah to go on a double date with Gilly and Danny. Nancy wakes up with a hangover and suddenly remembers she’s got an assessment at HCC while Darren attempts to sweeten Zoe with a new camera. Darren and Jessica celebrate their win at the casino.  Jessica is derisive as Darren vows he is quitting gambling for good. Will Darren be able to resist when Jessica offers him one more night out? Zoe wonders what she’s let herself in for as she tries to direct Steph in her Hollyoaks promotional film. Rhys is ashamed after misreading the situation between Gilly and Beth.
Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Nancy finds something incriminating in Jake’s coat pocket.
Mercedes drops a bombshell on a horrified Tony.
Jake and Malachy wake up feeling a bit worse for wear.
Big Brother’s Brian Belo puts in an appearance…don’t miss it!

That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.
Ms Bubbles
MSN’s Eye On Soaps
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6 Responses to Honeymoon Over For EastEnders Pair

  1. Aleczandra says:

    i hate eastenders and hollyoaks and emmerdale.david is eeeeeeeevil

  2. Aleczandra says:


  3. Tammy says:

    Ninja Girl
    Another thing…ROSIE FROM CORRIE IS A SLAG.HER FACE ANNOYS ME.EVERYTHING ABOUT HER IS IRRITATING.19 November 16:48^^ If that\’s true, goes to show shes\’s a good little actress then 😛

  4. Unknown says:

    who the heck cares (boring boring boring)

  5. Soap Blogger says:

    Edited to take out the spam – please don\’t spam here.
    (no name) 23 November 13:12I think Bradley and Stacey marrige is doomed as the father will persue the relashionship and wil make great eastender ratings .how predictible , but fun to watch (http://cid-fe9efa06c863bcdf.spaces.live.com/)

  6. jan says:

    there is to much sex and violence in all the soaps these days .Where has the story lines gone

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