OB’s Leaving Hollyoaks

Hey guys! Welcome to A Slice Of Soap. Here’s a bit of soap gossip for you. Maybe you’ve already heard that Darren Jeffries, best known to us as OB, is leaving Hollyoaks. Here’s the story:

Although we’ve known for a while that long-serving star Darren Jeffries, who plays mischievous chap OB, is to leave Hollyoaks, the date has now been set for his exit, and the soap’s bosses are planning to send him off in style. Darren joined the show a decade ago in what was his first professional acting job, and has revealed his thoughts on the soap that made his name. He said: "After 10 years on the show I now feel the time is right to move on." The actor added: "It was a difficult decision to make and I will be sad to leave Hollyoaks and the wonderful cast and crew, but I am equally excited about the new challenges that lie ahead. I want to say a big thank you to the wonderful Hollyoaks fans that have continually supported me." OB’s last scenes will be transmitted on Tuesday, February 26.
Here he is in action:
So OB’s leaving Hollyoaks then. That’s really gonna break a lot of hearts cos Darren Jeffries has been in the soap for ten whole years…which makes him an old age pensioner by Hollyoaks standards. But hey, in the soap with all the beautiful people, I suppose when the actors and actresses start showing signs of age, the producers begin to panic and start thinking of ways of getting rid of them – if they don’t leave of their own accord, that is.  It’s a bit like a thoroughbred racing hoarse – when they get a bit long-in-the-tooth it’s off to the slaughterhouse innit? It’s all very Logan’s Run…
I notice that the Hollyoaks producers are already planning to give OB a ‘big and iconic exit storyline’. What they’re really trying to say is that OB’s ‘too old’ for Hollyoaks and they’re gonna make sure that get rid of him once and for all. Yes, Hollyoaks is for beautiful young people only! I wonder what Darren Jeffries will go on to do? Maybe this time next year, he’ll be in the Australian Outback bungee-jumping out of helicopters, annoying the living daylights out of Ant and Dec and us –  the long suffering British public. Or perhaps he’ll do what the rest of the soap stars do; appear in panto – there’s good money in that if you’re a big name. But whatever he goes on to do, we wish Darren Jeffries a happy and prosperous retirement.


So just as a reminder to any Hollyoaks fans out there, OB will be put out to pasture on Tuesday February 26th 2008.  Please circle that date on your calendar along with Tues 20th November 2007 – that’s when Brian Belo makes his appearance on Hollyoaks.  Whatever you do, don’t miss it!


Today also happens to be Letitia Dean’s birthday. The actress, best known for being EastEnders’ Sharon, is 40 today. Here’s a gallery of her life on TV in the spotlight. See the pictures here.


That’s it for now. Join me on Friday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.
Ms Bubbles
MSN’s Eye On Soaps
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4 Responses to OB’s Leaving Hollyoaks

  1. Paula says:

    Maybe he could join Fozz down in Ramsey Street…

  2. samantha says:

    no way hollyoaks wont be the same without ob

  3. Nicola says:

    OB is so fit, i saw him at V this year and he was really friendly and chatty. Please don\’t let him move to Emmerdale as Alex Carters, ( Jamie is Emmerdale, Lee Hunter in Hollyoaks) character is rubbish!

  4. Lauren says:

    Hollyoaks will not be the same without the comedy trio pf max, ob n tom.
    dont let him end up in \’enders as apparentley claire is doing!

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