Jase’s In Trouble

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EastEnders w/e Nov. 16th
Ready to find out what you’re in for this week? Well, in Albert Square, just as Jase has something positive in his life, a date with pretty Dawn, something sinister is brewing in the air and ‘old friend’ Bird is behind it. Meanwhile, Billy is full of worry – the baby is due but he daren’t tell Honey they’re being evicted from the flat. It wouldn’t be EastEnders if Billy wasn’t worried about something, would it?
Jane is feeling down and depressed (well that’s nothing new) while Ian is preoccupied as he’s discovered that Steven has checked out of the clinic. It turns out that Pat is harbouring Steven, but he’s proving difficult to manage. Garry is still struggling with his feelings about Minty and his mum being an item. Let’s face it, it’s not nice to think of anyone sharing bodily fluids with your mother, especially a close mate. Yuck. It’s a doggy day in the square as Garry and Keith (with dogs Genghis, Wellard and Terrence) are joined by Roxy and her new dog Albert, the new dog on the block (unless you count Damian, Roxy’s ex). Will Albert usurp Wellard as top dog? Poor Wellard. He’s had more owners than I’ve had hot dinners. Jase plucks up the courage and asks out Dawn on a date and they agree to meet in The Vic. First date in the Vic? Talk about cheap. Roxy has a promotion idea for a night at The Vic – wait for it – to celebrate her dog Albert having the snip…The Albert Memorial. The Vic has had some silly theme nights but this one beats them all.
Also on EastEnders this week:

Jase heads back to his old life.
Phil returns to a ransacked Vic and is not happy with Jase.
Honey’s baby’s life hangs in the balance.

Coronation Street w/e Nov. 16th
So Brad Pitt’s moved in with Fiz – except of course he hasn’t. But this John bloke seems to have the Brad Pitt effect in’t Street cos he’s got Fiz and Rosie and Sally fighting for his attention. The biggest mystery on Earth (other than where is Lord Lucan? What happened to Shergar and why is Marmite so popular?) is – what’s so nice about John? I don’t get it. He’s a really average looking bloke – nothing special going on there at all. Remember Nathan – the garage mechanic played by Ray Fearon? Now that I could understand….
Rosie makes John feel uncomfortable when she arrives at his lesson dressed to thrill. Violet has forgiven Sean for going behind her back – but I’m still finding it hard to care. Sarah exhausts herself working two jobs and Jason’s comforted by Becky – oooh dear. Trouble there.  Sinbad/Jerry’s not coping with all the kids, the house and the kebab shop minus Jodie. Even reaching for a pint is a bit too strenuous for him these days.  Sean admits to a shocked Marcus that he wants to be a father to the baby. Oh no – Clurrrrrrrr’s back. Lloyd teases her about her reluctance to move on from Ashley and encourages her to join him at a single’s night. Jason decides to adopt Bethany and ‘Damian’ David’s up to his tricks again. Doreen believes she’s in a three-way race for her affections and is convinced Norris is about to propose. As if we care about Doreen’s love life… Liam arrives back and even Carla’s pleased to see him. Fiz’s suspicions about John and Sally rub off on Kevin.
Also on Corrie this week:
Fiz and John have a huge row
Sally’s still hoping there’s a chance with John 
Carla agrees to consider Tony’s business proposition
Emmerdale w/e Nov. 16th
It’s the calm before the storm in Emmerdale this week. Katie goes ahead with the procedure and afterwards Gray invites her to move in. However, when Perdy sees Gray kiss Katie tenderly on the forehead as she sleeps, she’s annoyed that he’s starting to focus his attentions on her. Emily apologises to Jonny as he attempts to shake Paul out of his anti-wedding mood. Rodney is convinced that Paul’s having doubts about the wedding. Ashley and Laurel bump into Melanie and Greg who ask Ashley to christen their son Arthur. Meanwhile, as Lily throws an impressive cocktail party at Edna’s, she worries that Doug has fallen for her sister. Lily angrily decides to leave the village, accusing Edna of jealousy. Can the two sisters reconcile in time?
Katie moves into Mill Cottage. Lily confesses to Edna that she has arthritis but refuses to let her help out. Eli’s jealousy over Debbie and Sean’s relationship grows. Debbie confesses to Sean that she and Eli were an item, but when Eli follows her to the toilets and steals a kiss, she responds by kneeing him in the groin. That’s what you get for messing with Debbie Dingle! With round one clearly awarded to Debbie and Sean, will Eli bounce back to win the woman he loves? Also, Rodney continues to be troubled by Paul and Jonny’s shaky relationship. Eli is stunned to see Sean kiss a mystery woman wih two kids. He takes Debbie to see it for herself and the pair come up with a plan for vengeance.
Meanwhile, business schemes are afoot in the village with Sam and Belle finalising their plans to make home brew and Lily negotiating the use of the poly tunnel at Home Farm with Rodney for her gardening. Debbie is complemented on her business acumen by Zak, but doesn’t mention her relationship with Eli when Zak asks about Sean. Did you get that? Good.
Also on Emmerdale this week:
Jonny demands that Paul tells him everything about him and Gray
Debbie makes an unsuccessful attempts to hide Sean from the Dingles 
Lily experiences a close shave when Rodney starts sniffing around the poly tunnel
Hollyoaks w/e Nov. 16th
We’re on countdown to an appearance by Big Brother winner Brian Below – can’t wait for that. Anyway, Mike blasts Kathy for worsening the rift with Amy by reporting her to social services. Louise is starting to have doubts as to whether she can trust Warren. Jake finds a poster advertising a Singing Sensations competition in The Dog; Steph seizes the opportunity to prove her talents are far greater than Summer’s. Warren tells Louise he has recovered his credit card from Ste, but it does little to allay her suspicions about what he’s up to. Carmel is excited when her horoscope foresees her meeting a hunky guy. When Warren walks into Evissa, Carmel and Frankie are left wondering if he’s the guy. Warren throws Ste’s cannabis away and makes him pick up his chewing gum with his hands on his first day as a sweeper; Ste vows payback.
It’s the start of the singing competition and Steph is disappointed that Summer has found a partner while OB is gutted the partner is Kris and not him. Max and Steph send the audience into hysterics at the Singing Sensations competition. Warren fails to hide his jealousy when Calvin rescues Louise and gives her mouth-to-mouth. Later a disgusted Katy shares with Justin her suspicion that Warren burned down Evissa for the insurance. Gilly, Neville and Rhys hatch a plan to throw Beth a surprise party. However, Hannah’s shocked to come home and find Beth the centre of attention. Carmel confides in Frankie her suspicions that Calvin’s not over Louise and dejected Jake accepts Malachy’s invitation to join him at Rant Club.
Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Jake is embarrassed when he gets his wires crossed while getting Nancy a present for her assessment.
Nancy is still reeling from Sarah’s assessment that she has become a dullard.
Gilly is struggling to deal with his suspicion that Simon is a paedophile.
That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.
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