Big Brother’s Brian Belo On Hollyoaks

Hello guys – welcome to A Slice Of Soap. Here’s some news that will only surprise you if you’re not a fan of Big Brother or Hollyoaks. Big Brother 8 winner Brian Belo is due to make an appearance on Hollyoaks this month. Read the story:
Big Brother 8 winner Brian Belo is to appear in Hollyoaks. The 20-year-old landed a role as an extra after constantly talking about his love for the soap during his time in the house. He said: "When I landed the role on Hollyoaks, I was so excited I couldn’t sleep. The day ranked as one of the top three days of my life. Number one was winning BB and number two was going out with Amanda, of course." He said the high points of his day were meeting favourite cast member Jennifer Metcalfe (Mercedes McQueen) and pulling a pint in The Dog pub. He also appeared in a scene at Il Gnosh alongside the restaurant’s owner Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard). He revealed: "Jennifer was really lovely, just as I’d dreamed. When she said I could sit on her bed in the McQueens’ house, I was like, game on!" He added: "I nearly fainted when I went into The Dog." Hollyoaks producer Bryan Kirkwood said: "It was obvious throughout the whole of the last series of Big Brother that he was a big Hollyoaks fan and therefore we thought it only fitting to give the nation’s favourite reality TV star a role in our show." Brian will appear in the Channel 4 soap at 6.30pm on November 20.
Here’s Brian in action..
Isn’t it strange to think that six months ago nobody knew who Brian Belo was (six months from now, we probably won’t remember who he is) but now he’s gone and landed himself a spot on one of the nation’s most popular soaps. I’m really curious to find out what Brian’s gonna be doing on the show. Whatever it is, let’s just hope that it doesn’t involve any of the following: answering general knowledge questions, singing, dancing, acting, doing accents, reciting Shakespeare…get my drift? Oh and we’d better pray that there isn’t a swimming pool anywhere near the Hollyoaks set either. I’ll say no more… 
Gus Watch 
A couple of soap fans have left comments here asking who Gus Smith is. And they’re serious too. Gus Smith is a character on EastEnders. He’s the type of character scriptwriters forget about, and that inspired our Gus Watch. He rarely has a big story – Gus’ last big storyline involved Sonia. Gus is the kind of character who pops up once in a while, to remind you that you’d forgotten all about him. Anyway, he’s on the BBC official EastEnders site. You can watch a video clip and see our hero in action. Hope that answers your question!
That’s it for now. Join me on Monday for a preview of all the week’s soaps. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.
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4 Responses to Big Brother’s Brian Belo On Hollyoaks

  1. Anafe says:

    Hi Brian,
    You\’re very lucky man.Keep it going.Good luck****

  2. ya u ok x says:

    Go brian! e gawjus!  u doiin well mate!

  3. siobhan says:

    hi love gus would love to see him having some luck maybe winning money and having some fun he is a great character

  4. Jenniferr...xox says:

    luv you brian ur the best big fan of u and hollyoaks

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