Life After Soap For Soapsters

Hey guys – welcome to A Slice Of Soap. I’m sure you’re already aware by now that Tina O’Brien, Corrie’s Sarah Platt, is leaving. But just in case you didn’t, here’s what she’s said about her departure:
Tina O’Brien has revealed that, despite looking forward to her post-Coronation Street career, there will be tears when she leaves the soap.
The 24-year-old star, who has played Sarah-Louise Platt for the past eight years, films her final scenes on the Street in the middle of November.
But Tina, who is heading straight off to play Cinderella in panto, admits that she will miss life on Corrie. "I don’t even want to talk about it – I get dead sad!" she confessed….As for what life has in store for Tina after the pantomime season finishes, she’s open-minded, but admits she would absolutely love to star in a costume piece, saying: "I’d love to do a period drama, wouldn’t every woman?"
Are you sad that Tina O’Brien’s leaving? I must admit, Sarah Platt’s never really been one of my favourite characters on The Street, but I’m really going to miss the sibbling rivalry between her and ‘Damian’ David. Who’s he gonna wind-up now? I notice that Tina’s heading straight off to play Cinderella in panto. I tell you what, with the money they’re paying these soap stars for panto, she’ll probably never need to work again. However, it does throw up an interesting question – can a soap star escape from the role they’re most famous for? An extreme example has to be Michelle Ryan. Best known for playing Zoe Slater on EastEnders – she’s now going down a storm in America as The Bionic Woman. I think it’s very likely that no amount of money will tempt her back to EastEnders, unlike Sid ‘Rickaaaaaaaaaaay!’ Owen and Patsy ‘Biancaaarrrrgh!’ Palmer.
Michelle Ryan, who’s had to master an American accent for her role, will probably look to break into movies next. Will she follow in Guy Pearce’s (Neighbours) footsteps and become a film star? Some other ex soapsters doing rather well include: Alan Dale (Neighbours to US TV shows like Ugly Betty), Julian McMahon (Home and Away to Nip/Tuck and Fantastic 4), Jesse Spencer (Neighbours to House) Sue Johnston and Ricky Tomlinson (from Brookside to The Royle Family and more), Anna Friel (Brookside to movies to US TV shows) and Natalie Imbruglia (from Neighbours to pop). There’s also another famous ex Neighbours star…Kylie something…whatever happened to her?
That’s it for now. Join me on Friday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.
Ms Bubbles
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3 Responses to Life After Soap For Soapsters

  1. Christine says:

    They should get rid of David preferably. He is a bad influence to kids watching and he is so sly I can\’t bear to look at his face. Why is Tina O\’Brian leaving? it\’s about time they let at least one marriage survive on these shows.

  2. Hannah says:

    how narrow minded with david, the guy is crying out for attention you are missing the point of the story line, so u are as bad as his family

  3. Hannah says:

    tina is leaving for more money and not to become typecast

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