HollywoodOaks – Beautiful People Only!

Hello Soapsters. Apologies that this preview of your favourite soaps is late. I’ve got flu and I’m feeling really rough. Anyway, I didn’t want to let you down so let’s start with the one with all the beautiful people, where the likes of Coronation Street’s Sinbad/Jerry need not apply… 
Hollyoaks w/e 9th Nov
Tony and Jacqui get an answer from the adoption agency.  Tony also struggles with not being allowed to see his son Harry on his birthday. Elsewhere, Amy is ecstatic when Ste tells her that he’s got them a council flat. Errrr….how did he manage that? They’re like gold dust these days. Forget all the bed-ins and half-sibling stuff, this may be the most unrealistic thing of all; someone’s managed to get a council flat!
Tina is throwing herself into her new job while Dom worries that they’re not spending any time together. Gilly offers to help Beth when she’s evicted from halls and is perplexed by Rhys’ lack of interest in his sister’s plight. Well we all know that it’s the sequel of Dennis and Sharon being played out…’Shannis’ as it was known at the time…the thought of ‘BethRhys’ is already making me sick.
Mercedes goads an irate Jacqui over her split, while Tony hits the bottle. A drunken Mercedes links up with Tony in the village where the unlikely pair bond. Beth leaves the Ashworth’s home. Amy is concerned that Ste nicks things to look after her and Leah – maybe he thinks he’s some kind of twisted Robin Hood? If it’s good enough for Robin, it’s good enough for Ste, innit? Elsewhere, a hung-over Mercedes and Tony wake up having made the worst mistake of their lives – we can all guess… Amy’s beginning to worry as the cash from the crisis loan is nearly gone now.  Ste (he should consider adding the initials A.L. to his name…SteA.L….geddit?) reassures Amy there will be more where it came from.
Rhys and Beth have an awkward moment – he knows he’s going to have to learn to fight his attraction. If EastEnders’ Dennis and Sharon couldn’t do it, what chance do they have? Amy is shocked when a social worker calls to investigate reports that Leah may be at risk. Carmel suggests Louise should start planning her wedding.
Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Tina is a bundle of nerves as she struggles to cope with Pete’s increasingly suggestive antics.

Amy reluctantly agrees to Michaela’s idea of a housewarming party. 
Elliot returns from his travels abroad and is shocked to find that someone is living in his room.
Emmerdale w/e 9th Nov.

Donna is unsure whether to attend her police interview. Will she be forced to choose between career and kin? Meanwhile, Viv is downhearted and prepares to consign her books to the bargain bin. Has the snappy scribe blown her chances to hit the big time? She couldn’t even hit a ball with a bat, never mind the so-called ‘big time’. Jamie is forced to cover his tracks when Louise spots Amelia’s business card among his belongings. Louise asks Jamie to help collect firewood for bonfire night. On the morning of the hearing, Daz blames Victoria for everything that’s happened. With Andy’s future hanging in the balance, is Jack’s family falling apart? Perdy is nervous about going into hospital for the surrogacy procedure, and worries that Katie will be the target of gossip once word gets out. Gray comes up with a solution but will it hinder more than help? 

Louise admits to Terry her date was disasterous and is clearly still hurt by her break-up with Jamie.  Jack is furious when Victoria goes missing on the day of her court appearance. Will the tormented teen hold it together in the dock? Marlon is dismayed to hear from Donna that Ross doesn’t love his girlfriend. Are paranoid partners Marlon and Kirsty on to something? Paul is surprised to learn Perdy and Gray are pushing ahead with the surrogacy. Edna and Hilary are upset to see Lily and Doug getting close.

Lily arranges to meet Doug for a drink. Will Hilary blow a fuse? Hilary gives Ashley a ticking off for being less than discreet in his frolics with Laurel. Her eyes are opened even further when Viv later fills the meddling mother-in-law in on Ashley’s past indiscretions with other villagers. Can Hilary bite her tongue with the increasingly frustrated vicar? Will the vicar drop his trousers like in a Carry On Film? Would laugh my head off if that happened. Perdy snaps at Katie before work as the pressures of the surrogacy and Matthew take hold. Is Perdy about to lose out on motherhood once again?

Also on Emmerdale this week:

Emily scuppers Paul and Jonny’s church service.
Matthew confronts Katie and demands to know what’s happening with Perdy.
Ashley is increasingly annoyed by Hilary’s intrusion.

Coronation Street w/e 9th Nov.

Am I the only person that found the entire Sarah-wedding-fiasco a bit anti-climatic? Maybe I epxected too much. Anyway, she’s still livid at the amount of attention being lavished upon her scheming brother ‘Damian’ David. All the newly-weds have done since getting married is argue. Methinks they’re doomed…unless Tina O’Brien prefers panto for a career. Fact is, comparatively few soap actors escape from the binds of soap. Then again, maybe she’ll be one of the lucky ones. It’s Sophie’s birthday and, as the rest of the family go bowling, Rosie claims she’s unwell and stays home alone, inviting John over as soon as they leave. OK – what’s going on in Corrie? Are all the women looking at John and seeing Brad Pitt? I don’t understand why he’s attracting women left, right and centre. The soap romeo is supposed to be Liam, isn’t it? Speaking of him, Maria’s is disappointed when Liam reveals that he’s going to see his grieving mum in Ireland and doesn’t ask her to go with him.

Steve suggests that Michelle and Ryan move into the Rovers with Ozzy while Liam is away. Kevin is getting irritated by John’s increasing influence on Sally (about time too Kevin!) and Fiz is becoming suspicious about how much time her boyfriend is spending at the Webster’s. John is stunned as he takes in the news that Sally has strong feelings for him.  Elsewhere, Michelle and Ryan move into the pub and Steve can’t help think how nice it would be if it was just the three of them living there.

Sean’s upset when Violet chastises him for feeling her bump without asking. The sooner this yawn of a storyline is over, the better. The problem isn’t Sean – it’s the character of Violet – I just find it difficult to care what happens to her. Sally and John have an awkward moment. Sarah’s still heartbroken about her dress and Jodie is still furious that Sinbad/Jerry left her with the kids. Can Corrie please write a diet story for Sinbad/Jerry? I hate to say it, but I swear I heard him wheezing the other day. And all he did was reach over for his pint. Brad Pitt moves in with Fiz (yes I mean John). Leanne hires Sarah as a part time waitress and the newly-weds have yet another argument.

Also On Coronation Street this week:

Jodie’s fed up (not as fed up as I am with her boring storyline).
Relations between Violet and Sean are still tense.
Marcus is in trouble.

EastEnders W/e 9th Nov.

With the imminent return of Bianca and Rickaaaaay, does this mean that the Mitchell sisters days are numbered? I really hope so….Sean ‘Shout’ pays a visit to his mum after Charlie urges him to be there for her more. Jase is annoyed when he finds out that Jay has been out with Terry. Charlie confronts Mo about some missing presents; meanwhile Jack continues to flirt with Ronnie. Sean’Shout’ discovers some of Jean’s tranquilisers and takes a couple of pills himself. He probably needs them more than she does. Ronnie is shocked to discover that Roxy has bought a new car. Boy, if that’s enough to shock her…

Jane returns home to find out that Ian won’t be staying to look after her…he’s more concerned about business. That’s just typical of ‘Squeal Beale’.  Elsewhere, Sean ‘Shout’ heads back to the Square after staying with his mum and Ronnie is annoyed to discover who the new owner of the club is. Pat visits Steven at the clinic and makes a surprising decision. Sean ‘Shout’ asks Tanya to go away with him. Billy thinks Ian has lost the plot. Billy, I’ve got news for you – that happened years ago! Pat tries to persuade Ian to talk to Steven. Jase meets with Terry about a job, but backs out and heads back to the Square for Jay. 

It hasn’t been Billy’s week, has it? Not only does he have to put up with Jay, he later discovers that he’ll have to move out of his flat. Mrs Patel wants to rent it out to a professional couple.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Jane confides in Tanya.
Jay is confused when he opens up the holdall his dad packed for him.
Pat explains to Steven that he cannot stay in Walford.

That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.
Ms Bubbles
MSN’s Eye On Soaps

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3 Responses to HollywoodOaks – Beautiful People Only!

  1. reena says:

    Why do you say Sean (Shout)?

  2. Soap Blogger says:

    For the last couple of months, all I can remember Sean Slater doing is shouting – that\’s why I call him Sean \’Shout\’! He has two volume levels: one is a shout, the other is a lowered voice. That\’s when you\’re supposed to feel threatened by him. 🙂 

  3. Rachel says:

    when are they going to kill Steven off? i can\’t watch eastenders with him in it. his lip sucking, excessive gesticulating with his mouth while there\’s no expression elsewhere in his body and stupid face get on my nerves so much i end up wanting to strangle him. please send him back to new zealand or wherever rock he crawled from.

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