Rickaaaaaaaaay’s Back!

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It’s been a great week for the residents of Albert Square. At the National TV Awards, EastEnders won Best Serial Drama for a third year running. I knew they’d win. EastEnders always wins when an award is decided by the audience; if it’s the critics who have the final say, Coronation Street tends to win. Did EastEnders deserve it? Not in my opinion. I don’t think it’s been consistently the best soap this year. I would’ve voted for Coronation Street. Too bad Corrie…maybe next year you can bribe all the National Television Awards voters – I’d like an Aston Martin DB5 please.
Lacey Turner who plays Stacey Slater won Best Actress — one night ahead of her on-screen wedding. Did you see all the drama on Thursday? It was brilliant. Lacy Turner definitely deserved her award.
Coronation Street’s Kym Ryder was named Best Newcomer for her role as Michelle Connor. I bet she was really pleased about that. She’s been trying to put the ghost of Hear’say behind her for ages. Two things are true though: Pure And Simple was a good pop record. 2. Danny boy really does look like Shrek. Check out Kym Ryder as she was back then…


Not only did EastEnders clean up at the National TV Awards, it’s now been confirmed that that Sid Owen will be returning to the show as ‘Rickaaaaaaaaaaaaay’ in Spring 2008. Read the following story: Actor Sid Owen is to return to BBC One soap EastEnders to reprise his role as Ricky Butcher, the BBC has said. The announcement comes a day after it was confirmed his former co-star, Patsy Palmer, would also return to the show in her role as Bianca Jackson. The pair endured a stormy relationship which eventually ended, and viewers will see Ricky return to Albert Square with his new fiancee.  "I’m over the moon they’ve asked me to come back," Owen said. Read more about this story.   

Hey that’s good news, the return of Rickaaaaaaaaay! Can I say that again? Rickaaaaaaaaaay! Yes, I’m really pleased that Sid Owen’s decided to come back to The Square cos Biancaaaaaaargh without Rickaaaaaaay! is like Ant without Dec or Lennon without McCartney. Remember when Sid Owen returned on his own previously? Something was definitely missing. Let’s just hope that the return of Sid & Patsy signals a return to the glory days of the much-loved soap. And then some of those audience awards will really be deserved.
Gus Watch
Yes, EastEnders did very well at the National TV Awards this week. But here’s a couple of categories that Sir Trevor MacDonald forgot to mention: 
The least number of appearances made on EastEnders this year:
Nominees are: Arthur Fowler (EastEnders), Cindy Beale (EastEnders), Gus Smith (……?).

And the winner is….Gus Smith!
The least number of lines spoken by a soap extra:

Nominees are: Max Branning’s daughter’s Hamster (EastEnders), Bethany’s Doll (Coronation Street), Gus Smith (……?).
And the winner is…Gus Smith!
That’s it for now. Join me on Monday for a preview of all the week’s soaps. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.
Ms Bubbles
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17 Responses to Rickaaaaaaaaay’s Back!

  1. Coops - says:

    omigod! That Gus watch is so cruel!!!!!!!! But it\’s sooooooooo funny! lol I don\’t agree with you about Corrie. EastEnders is the best.

  2. mick says:

    Sorry read this article and still dont know who gus is?
    Plrese enlighten me..
    Thanks Mick

  3. MITHA says:

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaah rickaaaaaaaaaay n biancaaaaaaaa is cumin bak!!!! cnt w8!!!! Eastenders defo da best soap!!! iz der ne point of gus bein der??? evn Wellard has more of a say………lol

  4. ANGELA says:

    It will be good to see bianca, and ricky returning to eastenders,just a pity they couldnt get the mum carol back as her acting skills and the character she played were top class [lindsey coulson].

  5. Kris says:

    If i could have my way, they\’d bring back actors Michael Cashman and Gary Hailes as the two first gay Eastenders characters, Collin & Barry, as they WERE EastEnders for me and they, along with Jimmy Sommerville\’s music, were the people that finally made me \’come out\’ as being gay. I know Michael Cashman is now a Euro M.E.P but it would be great to see these two characers back on the show.

  6. jill says:

                     the whole cast want have a good shaking up they are like muppets.

  7. dave says:

    Am I the only one that really thinks people should have much better things to do with their time rather than fawning over a dead soap?
    Is there nothing better in these people\’s lives than this? To be honest if I really wanted to see Sid Owen or Patsy Palmer again (in any form of media) I would have to seriously look into my own sanity and would question my right to breathe.
    I\’m sorry, as far as I am concerned soaps are for people who are devoid of any sense of reality or even a rational grasp on the confines of a coherant society. 

  8. Unknown says:

    Adam Woodyatt should have received a special award, for portayal of Ian aat the kidnap and the day of the shooting. He went from being an "old misery" to a fine actor. In my opinion, Gus deserves a good story line, to prove there is more in his life than Wellard!!

  9. Shaun says:

    Hey I saw the one who played barry the other month.  He now drives a london taxi.  He was so nice and still talking about eastenders.  And apparently he is not gay.  But like Kris it made it a lot easier for me to be who i am.

  10. Soap Blogger says:

    Soap detractors, you\’re entitled to your opinion but this is a SOAPS blog. Duh! If you don\’t like soaps, why are you here? I don\’t like techno music. Am I going to go on a techno music forum and tell them so? No. Why not? Because it\’s pointless. It\’s also an exercise in vanity and it whiffs of superiority complex. OK – off my soap box now. 🙂 

  11. forum says:


  12. Unknown says:

     its great to hear ricky is cuming back..as for stephen beale some one put him out of hes misery..

  13. jennifer says:

    Well done to Kym Ryder for winning Most Popular Newcomer.  I was so disappointed that Corrie did\’nt win Most Popular Serial Drama, how did EastEnders win, it is RUBBISH, the only good one in it is Jo Joyner (Tanya) and that is only because I rated her before she joined.  

  14. amber says:


  15. Leonie says:

    Im glad hes coming back it was so much better when all the old people in it i would like to see alfie kat and zoe back tho x

  16. janet says:

    i have to agree EASTENDERS is the best & i watch alot of soaps..it will be great to see Ricky back but cant help adreeing with 1 or 2 people that Kat & Alfie should be asked to return to the soap !!!!!

  17. sarah says:

    not to be picky or anything but its a guineapig not a hamster!!! (ok its a bit picky)

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