The Secret’s Out!

EastEnders w/e 2nd November
There’s more Ronnie and Roxy rubbish so if you’re a fan of the two blondes, you’re in for a treat. I’m still not buying them, but they’re good window dressing if you like that kind of thing. Stacey wants to postpone the wedding because of Jim and elsewhere Jase is still mixing with his old friends. A smartly dressed Jack Branning drives into Albert Square and splashes Ronnie as he drives around the corner leaving her fuming (well at least he didn’t run her over). Meanwhile, Damian is humiliated as he learns some news from Peggy; I thought Damian was meant to be clever…surely he didn’t believe that pack of lies? Anyway, he heads over to the café and threatens Ian but Jack Branning steps in…pity. Elsewhere Stacey panics about her missing mobile phone and so does Max. Sean ‘Shout’ Slater spots Jean holding two mobile phones. He checks the text messages and is rather surprised when he sees texts from ‘Jerry’. 
Also on ‘Enders this week  Denise calls in sick and is furious when Zainab comes round to check up on her.  Kevin tells Denise that he thinks he knows the cause of Zainab’s anger. It’s the night of the stag and hen do. Sean overhears Max and Stacey talking and finally works out what’s been going on – the secret is out! Elsewhere, Jase worries when he can’t find Jay and receives threatening texts from Terry.
So Sean ‘Shout!’ wants to know who Jerry is and why he’s texting her. It wouldn’t surprise me if he thinks it’s the king of daytime sleeze, Mr Springer; I bet he’d love to get Stacey, Brad and Max on one of his shows. Sean overhears a conversation between Stacey and Max and realises who ‘Jerry’ is. The big day finally arrives for Bradley and Stacey, but when Sean confronts her about the affair with Max, she tells him it’s over and she loves Bradley. Will the wedding go ahead? Thursday 1st November is the one hour special episode; don’t miss it!.
Also on EastEnders this week:
The Mitchell sisters are after Jack.
Sean reveals his feelings to Tanya.
Shabnam goes to extreme lengths to hide her secret.
Coronation Street w/e 2nd November
Gail’s organised a pre-wedding celebratory meal for both families, and despite Eileen’s initial reluctance, she’s surprised to find herself having a great time! No prizes for guessing who’s been left off the invitation list. Sean’s gutted that Marcus hasn’t contacted him since he tricked him into revealing the sex of the baby. Maria surprises Liam with a puppy! What happened to giving someone a tie or a pair of socks? Fiz is getting increasingly annoyed that she and John never seem to be able to spend any time together alone. Meanwhile, Rosie starts to flirt with John again which makes him feel rather uncomfortable. Oh Rosie, Rosie! If Craig could see you now.
It’s the day before the wedding and as everyone leaves for the rehearsal, ‘Damian’ David’s feeling increasingly isolated. Sarah and Maria discover ‘Damian’ David’s suicide note. Sarah doesn’t believe it, but will her troubled brother go through with it?
Meanwhile, as everyone discusses the sex of Violet’s baby in the pub (why? This has to be one of Corrie’s most tedious storylines this year), Jamie’s finding it increasingly awkward having to lie to Violet and berates Sean for putting him in such a difficult position. Will they be able to keep the secret for the next six months? Six months! I don’t think I can take six more minutes of this. I wish Violet would disappear to have her baby and never come back. She’s nice enough, but a totally nondescript character who contributes absolutely nothing to the soap. Elsewhere, Liam has to pretend to Maria that he’s delighted about the puppy. Despite the trouble he causes, Liam seems to be warming to his puppy whom he has named Ozzy. He reassures a worried Maria that he wants to kill him…sorry! I mean, keep him. Liz is under the illusion that Vernon is planning a surprise party for her 50th birthday.
It’s the morning of the big day. Sarah is determined to enjoy her fairy tale wedding. Worried about her son, Gail calls the police when she discovers he didn’t come home. In the church, the police arrive to inform Gail that there’s been an accident. The Platts try to come to terms with the dramatic events. Kevin is getting increasingly frustrated by Sally’s fascination with John. How will he feel if he discovers he’s worrying about the wrong Webster girl? It’s about time Kevin woke up…can’t wait for the Christmas day bust-up!
Also on Coronation Street this week:
Paul kisses Leanne 
Steve throws a last minute surprise party for Liz.
Paul offers Leanne £10,000 towards the restaurant.
Emmerdale w/e 2nd November
Jasmine follows Nicola trying to catch her out (she believes she’s having an affair with David). Arriving at a hospital, Jasmine overhears a conversation and is surprised to find that Nicola’s so-called dead husband is in fact alive and well. Of course he is…Elsewhere, Marlon tries to conceal his growing jealousy and struggles to deal with Donna’s closeness to Ross. Doug congratulates Laurel for setting Emily and the Bishop up (he’s a bit tipsy). Laurel, however, is mortified. Jasmine discovers that if Nicola’s husband Donald De Souza dies, Nicola won’t get a penny. Marlon worries that Donna’s job is coming between them.
Warning David that they’ll both lose out if her stepson inherits the business, Nicola manages to get him on side (she’s so crafty!). When Jasmine hears of her boyfriend’s betrayal how will she react? Paddy tries to convince Grayson that they should log Rosemary as a missing person. However, Grayson just tells him to stay out of his family’s business. How will Paddy cope with his growing problems at the vets? When Jamie fails to charm Louise with his apology, he is left questioning whether their age gap is just too big and she is out of his league.  When Marlon finds that Donna’s been injured at work, he blames Ross for not protecting her. Is Marlon using this as an excuse to mask his jealousy?  Elsewhere Viv is humiliated when her book launch is a flop. Debbie finds herself won over by a handsome stranger.
Has the gap left by Rosemary’s departure been filled yet? I’d say not. Emmerdale needs another villain – it’s coming up to pantomime season after all.
Also on Emmerdale this week:
The police question Grayson.
Jamie worries he could be losing Louise.
Nicola strikes a dirty deal with David.
Hollyoaks w/e 2nd November:
What’s been going on in the soap where they’ve executed all the ugly people? Let’s find out. Steph, anxious to prove she has maternal abilities, agrees to baby-sit Tom and Charlie and collect Newt from school. However, trying to juggle all the tasks she’s taken on for the day proves too much for her and it all ends in tears. Max is shocked when he discovers Frankie told Steph she’s not cut out to be a parent (Steph may just have a point). Nancy and Sarah think Summer could be a laugh to hang around with. Tina and Jacqui plan a surprise party for Tony’s 30th birthday, but end up competing to buy him the best pesent.
Tony’s worried how Jacqui is going to react as he discovers his exes are about to descend on Hollyoaks for his birthday. Tessie drops a bombshell; Tony’s got an eight-year-old son! Annoyed that Darren keeps blasting them as weird, Newt and Lauren decide to prove him right. However their prank falls flat when Russ takes exception to their sick joke. What I want to know is what kind of sick parent names their child ‘Newt’?
Elsewhere, Summer wants James to stay after he tells her he is leaving for Afghanistan. Heartbroken she gives him an ultimatum: It’s either her or the army. Tina is nervous about her job interview believing her lack of experience and family name will drag her down. Rhys takes Gilly to the SU bar, but neither can escape seeing Beth, the object of both their affections. It definitely looks like Dennis and Sharon all over again! Tony apologises to Jacqui for not telling her about his son. Neville complains about Rhys using the house as a cheap hotel. Summer almost drops O.B. in it when she comes close to telling Max about the swimming accident.
Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Kriss and Summer get their wires crossed.
Rhys and Beth attempt to deal with their emotions.
Sarah chats to O.B. and realises where his affections lie.
News today that Vera Duckworth is to be killed off – more about this here. It’s the end of an era in Corrie. I am already mourning her. Ta-ra chuck!
But as one door closes, another one opens. Patsy Palmer’s Bianca is returning to EastEnders – more about this surprising news hereShe’ll be back with her hubby Rickaaaaaaaaaaaay. Yep, Sid Owen’s reprising the only thing he’s known for. Wonder how long they’ll stay? Still, if it means goodbye to the Mitchell sisters, I’m all for it.
That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.
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3 Responses to The Secret’s Out!

  1. lucie says:

    all the soaps are fantastic at the moment.

  2. christine says:

    I would have to say that all the soaps are very exciting at the minute.  My best has to be Eastenders..  The fact that Bianca and Ricky are coming back is good..

  3. terry says:

    the soap\’s are fantastic what a load bull they so supid and not atall belevable.. yes i know it\’s a tv programe but the b.b.c. say it\’s a reflection of the east end  no i dont think so..

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