David Platt v Steven Beale

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Did anyone see Corrie on Wednesday? It looks like ‘Damian’ David Platt has finally lost the plot. He’s done a few terrible things in his time, but when I saw him up on that scaffolding loosening the bolts I couldn’t help thinking the kid needs to be carted off to the nearest funny farm cos he’s definitely losing his marbles. Is there a ‘who’s got the most disturbed teen’ battle going on between Coronation Street and EastEnders? You’ve got the original and best – ‘Damian’ David – up against the young pretender, EastEnders’ scheming Steven Beale. The prize has to go to ‘Damian’ David. EastEnders’ Steven Beale is just a bit mixed-up; he obviously hasn’t come to terms with the death of his mother Cindy Beale. ‘Damian’ David, on the other hand, is capable of just about anything evil. He seems to have a problem not only with his family, but with the entire world. He makes Steven Beale look like some kind of saint. I swear I hear the music from The Omen everytime he does that little smirk of his – you know the one I mean.
On Corrie next week, we’ll see ‘Damian’ David (excellently played by Jack P Shepherd) take his final revenge on his long-suffering family. After being ordered to stay away from Sarah and Jason’s wedding, the ‘fallen one’ tries to take his own life by driving his car into a canal. Does this mean his days on the street are numbered (666 probably)? Somehow I don’t think so. We all know he’s a soap ratings winner. In fact, if David Platt were to die, I’m sure the Corrie scriptwriters would find some way of bringing him back to life, just like EastEnders did with Dirty Den. Anything’s possible in the land of soap.
But hey, while we’re on the subject of unbelievable storylines, have you noticed how quickly some of these soap characters seem to recover from major accidents? Take Corrie’s Jason for instance. On Wednesday night, we all witnessed him fall from that loose scaffolding – now that would’ve probably killed us mere mortals. Jason on the other hand was back on his feet – all right, with the help of crutches of course. But it was still within a matter of days. Talk about unrealistic. EastEnders is just as bad – remember when Bobby Davro’s Vince knocked over Shirley Wicks as she rushing to Deano and Chelsea’s trial? Now most of us would’ve been out of action for at least a few months, but Shirley Wicks – the bionic woman – got up, brushed herself off and was back on her feet before I could could say: "where’s Gus?" She ought to consider working in Hollywood as a stuntwoman.
And how about when ‘scheming’ Steven shot Jane Beale. Do remember the scene in the ambulance on the way to hospital? She wouldn’t stop talking. All I was thinking is shut up…you’ve just been shot and you’re meant to be dying. I tell you, not even a bullet could keep that woman quiet. She was doing more talking in her critically injured state than Trisha Goddard. Still, soaps do take us away from reality every now and then. But sometimes, they take it just a little bit too far…
Gus Watch
 © BBC
Just in case you’d forgotten what he looks like…
That’s it for now. Join me on Monday for a preview of all the week’s soaps. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.
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34 Responses to David Platt v Steven Beale

  1. Soap Blogger says:

    Ms Bubbles, i thought you liked Gus! lol

  2. Sybil says:

    David Platt is evil and you hate him, that shows what a good actor that he is – and he deservs an award for his acting.  Of course he is going to ruin Gail\’s Wedding – what else?  and of course he will not die – Corrie would be lost without him.   I love to read all the comments.  These characters actually seem to be real ones to us and my Husband cannot get over the fact that I worry about them and wonder how Sarah\’s Wedding will go ahead and if they will really marry – he thinks I am bonkers…perhaps I am…..

  3. Ena says:

    has anyone noticed the strange disappearance of Tracy – the only barmaid the Vic ever had who never got a full credit, but was always there to fill in when required? Strange eh?

  4. judith says:

    Never mind about where Gus has been lately, has anybody noticed the most vain necked woman in soap has gone from our screens.  Yes I am refering to Dierdre Barlow and her husband Ken (mother as well for that matter).  What has happened to the Barlow family, it is as if they have all vanished into thin air.  There has not even been a reference to them either that I can recall. 
    As for David Platt, you have gotta feel sorry for him just a bit, first his mother wants him aborted, his stepdad wants him dead, Charlie tries to kill him, then his family want nothing to do with him.  He just wants a bit of love and attention.

  5. Ian says:

    David is wicked but it is compulsive viewing to see how far he will go..Shows that he may have taking the place of Richard…See what happened to him..

  6. Katharine says:

    Oh God !!!!! David \’insane\’ Platt……..just one thing WWwwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy do soaps always drag out these story lines.
    I\’d hate to live on that side of Coronation Street,there are so many murders and deaths that the houses must be built on Ley lines crossing an Anglo Saxon burial mound .

  7. Unknown says:

    I love little David , i don\’t see him as a bad guy as my son was just like him and he was killed in 2005 on a motorbike. We use to fight and fall out and he use to fall out with his family just like David does. I use to complain to docs, police etc about him and nothing was ever done about his behaviour so i see it as David being David and just like my son Harry, it was Harry being Harry; or is it what you call a mothers unconditional love for her offspring ?

  8. Unknown says:

    even though we in Australia are a few months behind both Enders and Corrie, and only on pay-tv, I have cancelled my subscription due to the absolute rubbish storylines both soaps are putting out. Who exactly writes these way out rediculous storylines anyway? what are they on? My house is peaceful now that I dont sit and scream at the \’teen\’ charecters \’trying\’ to act, and will I miss these 2 soaps? NO WAY!

  9. Brian says:

    Tracy the barmaid hasn\’t disappeared – she was in it last week when those random men were hassling dawn in the pub. 

  10. Steve says:

    Tell ya what. Both Eastenders and Corrie are top but what i really want is good old Alfie Moon to make a good ol\’ long return to Eastenders as that bloke used to crack me up in his early days in the soap. The truoble was they turned him from a cocky, pretty much fearless bloke into a bit of a wimp. I know it\’s not going to happen but its still a good thought at the end of the day. It would help Peggy out who is trying so hard to find a way to pay back her debts and keep the pub.

  11. suzie says:

    i was talking last night with a couple of people and we all agreed that kat and alfie shoud come back into it! As everyone who runs the queen vic goes out and doesn\’t come back! alfie was a legend!
    Also, stven should come back into it! He knew how to act! The whole thing between max and stacey though is getting BORING now – dragging it on for tway too long now.

  12. GINA says:


  13. MARY says:

    I agree that David Platt is a really good actor, he must be to have generated so much hatred towards him.  I don\’t feel sorry for him at all, he is one sick boy.  I just hope they get this over with soon as it is positively annoying.  I can hardly bear to continue watching the programme.  Eastenders is the same, all doom and gloom.  Cheer up soon!

  14. Soap Blogger says:

    Michael, your comment has been edited. Please post comments without swearing guys as kids access this page too.
    michaeldavid platt is a sick ******** from stacey and michael xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx30 October 23:03(http://cid-f5a5c4950f23b238.spaces.live.com/)

  15. Margaret says:

    David platt yes a very good actor but his devious ways in the soap should be sorted as I think it is a bad influance on our youngsters of today when will he be called to the coals for the dastardly things that he has done

  16. Robert says:

    David is a very sad boy !!  Many months ago he should have been taken into one of the back gardens in Coronation Street where Bill, Steve and Liam should have given him a real good going over.   Perhaps this would have been instrumental in getting him to mend his ways.    Too  many kids nowadays follow examples set in Soaps and David seems to get away scot free with all his pranks.   I say bring back corporal punishment.

  17. Pierre says:

    It is just acting!!!  It is down to the script writers.

  18. tairat says:

    Daivd Platt is an amazing character and is brought to live by an amazing actor. it is wonderful to see justice done to this characters but the story line is over-driven. it has moved from wonders to "what the hell?" it is time for the characters\’ demuse to end or on one would identify with it anymore. keep up the good work. love corrie 

  19. liam says:

    David platt should be recognised for his wonderful acting and not his actions on a tv soap, he is a legend, but i don\’t know y he is so bad to his sister cos she is so fit, nyway is there nyone els that thinks eastenders is rubbish and hollyoaks is the best, and corrie all the way

  20. Shirley says:

    I think David Platt is brilliant, a first class actor and very beleivable. There is no contest between Corrie and Enders cast and storylines, Corrie is and always has been the No 1 soap. 

  21. tairat says:

    without soaps life would be life without no fantasy to replace insanity. l live for my soaps and the characters are such a joy but what is this Daivd Platt all about? my God, the story lines has to end NOWWWWWWWWWWW!

  22. charlene says:

    i think you 2 are way fit xxxx

  23. Elsie says:

    I would like to take DAVID PLATT and give him a good hiding. he is the most evil little self centred  prat i have seen for a long time. mayby he should change his name to DAVID PRAT. Its his poor sister i feel sorry for. hopefully he will be locked up in some asylum somewhere and the key thrown away.

  24. Pat says:

    David Platt is one of the main reasons I watch Corrie – I\’ve loved his latest storyline but wonder whether he can go back to normal now he\’s done his worst and ruined his sister\’s wedding day?  I suppose the writers can either gradually tone his actions down so that he fits back into the Street or make him kill one of his family – probably Gail!
    However, there are a few characters I really can\’t stand – all the Mortons, especially that big lollop Darryl, pathetic ex-lover boy, Dev – Janice (her voice really grates on my nerves) – and Rita\’s daft friend.  Clear that lot out and get some new faces in please!  

  25. Emily says:

    David Platt. Now that is a name that everyone will remember. You can\’t forget that he tried to kill himself, tried to kill Jason and well nearly killed Bethany. He is the main reason I watch Corrie and I think he is insane. Eastenders and Corrie both have a similar storyline and you can\’t help but think OMG DAVID!!! Gail is just a mother who doesn\’t even care about Sarah. David is so wicked and Gail bends over backwards for him and even misses the biggest day of her daughters life. If I was Sarah I would feel so sick I might go insane but then Sarah has different ways to control herself by going into rages.

  26. etty says:

     In response to http://cid-e53ab10dbac10ddd.spaces.live.com/) You reckon Enders and Corrie have rubbish story lines and teens who cann\’t act! That is rich from a country that put out Neighbours and Home and Away!  I have never seen such unbelievable story lines, exceedingly bad editting and the poorest of ham acting than in these shows.  The teens characters in Home& Away are especially guilty of non-acting. I have to walk out of the room when my daughter has this programme on.  Wish we had them on pay-tv then I would cancel my subscription,  that is if I was ever mad enough to have subscribed in the first place.

  27. bonny says:


  28. cathy says:

    i just luv corrie & easteners they some times get on mu nerves but who cares… its only life as we know it….

  29. Freda says:

    PLEASE Corrie hurry up and let Sara get the better of David, and soppy Gail wake up Please, or there\’s no justice.

  30. Maggie says:

    David is getting like Richard Hillman, he should kill someone (mother Gail)
    and then put away he getting to far fetched now,and getting on people

  31. Mark says:

    Sadly I am a self confessed soap addict, and whatever the corrie soap writers are planning for David Prat I hope that it is very soon. Hopefully they are going to kill off David and hopefully more of the Prats as they are fast becoming the joke of the street. Having watched the recent television awards, the kiddie who plays David is as annoying as his on screen character. He was pulling faces left right and center when the camera was on him and he looked as pathetic as he does in the show. I honestly hope that this kid does not win an award as his head will become bigger than his IQ level. The kid is going to leave corrie and I personally do not think that anyone will employee him as an actor ever again. This is one kid who I can really see being beat up in the streets of Manchester when hes old enough to go out drinking as he seems that annoying. Death to the prats enough is enough.

  32. Toy Machine says:

    " (no name)David
    is a very sad boy !!  Many months ago he should have been taken into
    one of the back gardens in Coronation Street where Bill, Steve and Liam
    should have given him a real good going over.   Perhaps this would have
    been instrumental in getting him to mend his ways.    Too  many kids
    nowadays follow examples set in Soaps and David seems to get away scot
    free with all his pranks.   I say bring back corporal punishment.01 November 16:57 (http://cid-45a124920798f53f.spaces.live.com/ ElsieI
    would like to take DAVID PLATT and give him a good hiding. he is the
    most evil little self centred  prat i have seen for a long time. mayby
    he should change his name to DAVID PRAT. Its his poor sister i feel
    sorry for. hopefully he will be locked up in some asylum somewhere and
    the key thrown away.03 November 11:24 (http://cid-dc6bbc2eaaf1e37c.spaces.live.com/)Ok i like my soaps but seriously LOL…….Its not real you do realise this yes?

  33. WENDY says:

    kids watch soaps,kids copy other kids.and we wonder why there is so much violence in the world. GAIL get a grip, your son needs help,the only sensible one in that household is Sarah and she`s leaving,in a box???? makes you wonder.

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