Peggy’s In Trouble!


Welcome to A Slice of Soap! It’s that time of the week again. It’s time for a preview of your favourite soaps. Let’s get to it.
EastEnders – w/e 26 October
Peggy’s in a hole financially and if there’s anyone who needs a lottery win, it’s her. She hatches a desperate scheme to keep the bailiffs at bay. Well, the pair that knocked on the door last week didn’t look that clever to me; they were frightened off by Roxy. Not a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or a Rottweiler; a silly blonde woman. Meanwhile, Stacey and Bradley’s wedding plans are causing ructions between Tanya and Max’s ex-wife Rachel who’s irritating Tanya beyond belief. Tanya is feeling frumpy in contrast to slim Rachel and the two women can’t resist exchanging catty comments to each other. Elsewhere, the Masood’s are struggling without furniture and Jase gets some work but finds his past coming back to haunt him.
Comic relief Heather struts through the Square wearing a loud outfit – a black and white top and shiny hot pants! But as we can all imagine, she gets smirks from anyone who sees her. When she arrives at the Minute Mart, Patrick nearly chokes on his drink and tactfully explains the attention she’s getting may be due to her choice of outfit. Meanwhile, Mickey is pleased he’s got the decorating job but, unbeknown to him, so has Jase, who secured the work direct from the Masoods. Elsewhere, Dot thinks her world has ended when she finds Mo’s bag of toys in the launderette – and we’re not talking Barbie, Cindy and Action Man. Will Matthew chapter 23 verse 33 be enough to save her? Patrick is worried about Heather’s self esteem so engineers it for Garry to compliment her. Unfortunately the whole plan backfires as Heather thinks she’s in with a chance with Garry. Damien returns to the Square and Ronnie is far from pleased as Roxy has plans to return to Ibiza (I’m not getting my hopes up – they’re going nowhere). Stacey tells Max that the affair is over, but someone overhears their conversation – who?
Also on EastEnders this week:
Minty and Hazel are struggling to find the money for their wedding.
Masood tells Zainab that they will be holding a house warming party.
Mo breaks the news to Stacey that Dot and Charlie have lost the invites.
Coronation Street – w/e 26 October
They call it Coronation Street, but it could just as well be Jerry Springer: Sally fancies John, but John’s tempted by her daughter Rosie and the teenage daughter in question is happy to ensnare her mother’s teacher because she’s on the rebound from her boss Liam. Phew! Got that? Anyway, John’s feeling terrible about kissing Rosie but it’s clear that he’s still very attracted to the teenage temptress (silly man. I can’t wait until Kevin finds out!). Meanwhile, ‘Damian’ David is spending more and more time sitting in his car staring at people, looking increasingly unstable – which is nothing new. Sarah is relieved that he seems to have run out of ideas. But is ‘the fallen one’ just biding his time? Don’t write him off: watching everyone playing happy families without him leaves him brimming with fury. Enraged, he makes his way to the empty builders yard and loosens the bolts on the balcony before sneaking out unnoticed. Will he be laughing if someone gets seriously hurt? Probably.
Meanwhile, in Roy’s Rolls, the Croppers are offered work on a volunteer project in Africa, but are told they have to leave that night. What will they do? Maria’s fuming when she sees Liam kissing a glamorous woman outside the factory. Feeling insecure, she laments that once again she’s fallen for a cheater. However, when she sees him in the pub later he explains that it was just a business associate and suggests he take her out for dinner to make up for it. Run a mile Maria! Run!
Todd, Bill and a horrified David watch on in shock as Jason’s rushed to hospital after taking a fall. Bill realises that the previously solid scaffolding has been tampered with. He and Jason instantly suspect David. Gail’s horrified and realises she has to put an end to his reign of terror once and for all. Elsewhere, Lloyd (Craig Charles with something to do) is determined to take Jodie on a date. Gail and Sarah arrive at the salon to confront David about his alleged murderous streak. Gail is at her wits end with him. David vows that they’ll never have to worry about him ever again. Sean tricks Marcus into revealing that Violet’s baby is a boy – sigh. I really could care less about this storyline; the sooner Violet’s gone, the better. Liam’s clearly missing Carla, but covers his feelings by buying Maria a piece of jewellery. Elsewhere, Doreen can’t decide between Ivor and George…as if we cared, I wish someone would inform Social Services on them; they need to be put into the nearest retirement home!
Also on Coronation Street:
Fiz is pleasantly surprised when she receives flowers from John at work but Sally can’t help but feel jealous (for goodness sake, how many men do you want Sally?).
John gets a surprise when Rosie informs him that she has decided to return to Weatherfield High.
Jamie warns Violet that Sean might want to be more involved with her baby than he’s letting on (yawn, yawn, yawn!).
Emmerdale w/e 26 October
So, Neighbours fans, are you tuning in to spot Anne Charleston’s scenes? I still look at her and see Madge Bishop rather than Lily Butterfield. I keep expecting Harold to pop up at any moment. Anyway, Katie is moved when Gray confesses that he’s uneasy about going to America to find a surrogate. After doing some internet research she stuns Chas by revealing she’s considering offering to be their surrogate herself. Meanwhile, as Viv and the other villagers start gossiping about the after effects of the fire (is it just me or was that all anti-climatic?), the Sugdens try to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. Elsewhere, David’s plans with Jasmine are scuppered by an invalid Pollard (he’s pretending that he can’t walk). Katie sits down with Perdy and Gray and again offers to be a surrogate mother. After Perdy reacts badly, Katie leaves and worries she’s made a mistake. Is Katie becoming blinded by her crush on Gray?
Elsewhere, Zak is confused when Sam embarks on a sudden moneymaking scheme. He eventually reveals that he’s saving for a house of his own, an idea which baffles Zak and Lisa. Sam faces a setback when he’s refused a council house and so asks Pollard for a helping hand. Will Pollard fight the Dingles to help Sam achieve his dream home? With Pollard still confined to a wheelchair, Val is asked by David to help his dad attend a business meeting. She spots Pollard getting out of his wheelchair. How will Val get her revenge? Sam turns to Carl and asks to rent Dale View, but Carl demands that Sam secure adequate financial backing before he agrees. Meanwhile, David is horrified to discover that his dad is back with Val. Marlon is frustrated by his ongoing bedroom famine with Donna, but unintentionally shares his tales of sexual frustration with the Woolpack regulars. Jasmine delights in seeing her fire article in the Hotten Courier and looks forward to the day when she can quit working for De Souza.
David agrees to accompany Jasmine to Debbie’s 18th Birthday Party after abandoning her the previous night. When Nicola finds out, she demands that David go with her to a business meeting before spending the afternoon plying him with alcohol. He turns up late and dishevelled to the party and is met with mockery from Jasmine and Debbie. Will David ever wise up to Nicola’s scheming?
Also on Emmerdale:
Ross’s girlfriend Kirsty comes to visit and Marlon prays that they can make things work.
Sam decides to have a house-warming party at Dale View and wastes no time in inviting family, friends and even acquaintances.
Zak takes matters into his own hands and intimidates Pollard, forcing him to retract his offer to help Sam.
Hollyoaks w/e 26 October
Time for HollywoodOaks – all the beautiful people reside there y’know. I swear I saw Sex & The City’s Kim Cattrall, aka sexy Samantha having an eccles cake and a cup of tea. Anway, on to the show – Neville is worried that Noel’s wake will be poorly attended, but is pleased when Rhys decides to go. However, Rhys is shocked when Neville reveals Noel had another child – Beth! Ste’s stay in the Barnes household causes tension. Sarah tries to reason with Amy, but she won’t listen. Meanwhile Frankie and Jack prepare for their new foster child, but his arrival makes them wonder what they’ve let themselves in for.
It’s Sarah’s birthday, but Ste presence is causing tension in the family. Mike gets an excuse to throw Ste out when he finds money missing from the shop. Amy launches to Ste’s defence, admitting she stole the money because the family abandoned her. Ashley later abandons the family home and follows Ste into the unknown. Elsewhere Rhys and Beth are horrified and confused as the fact sinks in that they are siblings. It’s not quite the same – but does anyone remember Brookside’s incesuous siblings Georgia and Nat Simpson? That made me bring up my dinner a few times I can tell you. How will matters be resolved here? Max reluctantly agrees to go to dinner with the Osbournes (not Shazza’s lot) but the meal turns into a disaster after Frankie makes a remark about Jack.
Amy worries about her future after spending a rough night in a boiler room with baby Leah and tells Ste that she is unhappy with her living conditions (now why doesn’t that surprise me?). Sarah and Michaela try to tempt her back home, but Amy decides to walk away. Steph reveals to Max she overheard Tom say he hated her. Newt decides to test the limits of the Osbourne’s patience and revs up the volume of his stereo. Anxious to make him feel a part of the family, Frankie refuses to make an issue of it. Newt is later annoyed when his birthday turns into a children’s party. That will teach him for playing his music too loud! Frankie is later distraught when Newt goes missing. Nancy sends Jake away in order to concentrate on her studies, but lodger Russ is also at home and the two find themselves distracting each other. Amy and Sarah call a truce. Jake gets a job offer.   
Also on Hollyoaks:
Rhys confronts Beth and orders her to leave town immediately.
Sarah and Mike are shocked by a surprise visitor – Ste’s step dad.
Zoe is shocked as Darren loses ten grand at the horses.
That’s all for now. Join me on Wednesday for some more soap gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.
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  1. jordanna says:

    i think hollyoaks is boss

  2. michael says:

    peggy is a rally good mum but she can do better

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