Hospital Crisis For The Beales

Welcome to A Slice of Soap! It’s that time of the week again. It’s time for a preview of your favourite soaps. Let’s get to it.
EastEnders w/e Oct 19th
Is it just me? Or is anyone else disappointed with the way the ‘Stalker’ storyline has panned out? It’s really stretched credibility in my opinion. Anyway, Jane’s been shot and is rushed to hospital; Lucy begs Ian not to tell the police it was Steven who had the gun. Will Ian ‘squeal’ Beale squeal? Jane fights for her life in hospital and later receives some devastating news that will turn her world upside down. Let me guess, Ian’s decided that he liked the beard after all…Lucy is taken to one side by Ian and told that they’re going to have to go down to the police station and give a false story. Somehow I don’t think that will be too difficult for Lucy to do…
Elsewhere Ronnie and Roxy try to convince Peggy to lend them the cash they desperately need for the Scarlet’s club. Peggy agrees to help the girls if they prove their worth at the 60s night in the Vic that evening. However Peggy has an announcement that will later shock them both (she’s going out with Thierry Henry? She’s having botox? She’s sleeping with Gus? Remember him?).  
Minty is carted off in an ambulance after overdoing it trying to get fit for Hazel. Has he taken his quest for fitness and the body beautiful too far? Bradley’s mother Rachel arrives and creates a stir for the Branning family. Bradley is losing patience with certain people trying to dictate his wedding plans. He announces that his mum is going to take over the arrangements for the wedding.
In the Vic, the 60s night is about to start and Peggy receives a visit from the bailiffs. Ronnie puts up a good fight but Roxy turns up to save the day. Peggy is grateful but realises that her financial problems are far from over. Kevin challenges Darren to try to sell a clapped out banger for £200 if he wants a job. Darren agrees but later resorts to under-handed tactics. Zainab is smug when Denise sees her taking her cleaning products into number 41 – I’m sorry but this feud is about as interesting as looking at a blank piece of paper. I’m going to state the obvious: the Masood’s are a complete waste of time. In effect, they’re the Ferreira’s v2.0 (that’s mark two for the uninitiated). And we all know what happened to them, don’t we?
Also on EastEnders this week:
Hazel tells Minty that she wants to get a job
Kevin’s plans to get Denise speaking to Zainab backfire.
Zainab is concerned when the delivery van with all their possessions fails to turn up.
Coronation Street w/e Oct 19th
Get ready to welcome back an old face to the Street. And no, it’s not Cilla (pity). The returning face is associated with the impending wedding disaster of the year. That’s enough of a clue. Y’see Eileen reveals to a stunned Jason that his brother Todd (played by Bruno Langley, back in Corrie for a couple of weeks) is on his way up for the stag do and the wedding! Jason’s puzzled as to who sent his estranged brother an invitation and nervously decides to tell Sarah before she finds out from someone else. But how will Sarah react? In the factory, the girls gossip about Sally’s obvious attraction to John – what is it with that woman? Meanwhile Rosie embarrassingly tries to make an uninterested Liam jealous by implying that her talk with John about her studies is a date.
Elsewhere, John tries to convince Rosie that she should consider her education options and not settle for the job at the factory. Rosie appreciates being spoken to like an adult. However, she acts her age when she hears Liam’s making a date with Maria. Guess what the little minx does? When Maria phones and leaves a message for Liam, Rosie doesn’t pass it on. How will Liam react when he learns what Rosie’s done?
After furiously rowing and airing their anger over the past, Todd and Sarah finally call a truce. Sarah even asks Todd to be the best man! As they all go to the pub to make a toast to happy families, ‘Damian’ David watches on jealously. Does he have another trick up his sleeve? Is the Pope Catholic? ‘Damian’ David’s got more tricks up his sleeve than all the magicians in the Magic Circle. It’s only a matter of time before his next scheme. 
Elsewhere, Kevin arrives back from Milan minus a drunken Sinbad/Jerry who’s been detained in an Italian prison after dancing naked in a fountain! I’m sooooo glad we were spared the sight of Sinbad/Jerry prancing around in his birthday suit! Talk about a crime against humanity. Question is, how will Jodie react? She’s going to have to babysit again. Oh dear. Rosie’s upset that everyone sees her as a silly teenager. Newsflash Rosie – you are a silly teenager! When John arrives for his lesson with Sally, she pours her heart out to him and is pleased when he sympathises. Fiz gets jealous when John admits Sally may have a crush on him. Sinbad/Jerry calls from Italy and has a £1000 fine to pay (only £1000…they should have given him life for displaying a body like that naked in public). Jodie is resigned to coming to the rescue once again.
Also on Coronation Street this week:
Paul arrives at the restaurant with a black eye and assures Leanne that the heavies won’t be back.
Fiz tells a saddened Kirk that Chesney should move in with her.
Hayley reveals to Becky that she’s been in contact with a community volunteer group in Africa. Will the Croppers be leaving Weatherfield?
Hollyoaks w/e 19th Oct
So what’s happening in Hollyoaks, the soap with all those glamorous people? Well, Katy is pleased to be released from hospital and her day gets even better when Warren gives her and Justin their blessing. Pleased that everything seems to be back on track, Justin is shocked when Warren reveals his plans for him and Louise. A shock discovery stands to jeopardise everything…Mercedes is in an unforgiving mood as the rest of the family prepares to welcome Carmel home. With the sisters at war it seems only one person can bring peace to the McQueens… Nana!  
Warren worries about a face from the past coming back to haunt him. Meanwhile, Louise seems convinced the body they’ve found is Sean’s and asks a very edgy Warren to go with her to identify it.  Justin panics…will the truth finally come out about what’s happened to Sean? Carmel and Mercedes are still at war and Carmel asks Jacqui if she can stay at her place. Elsewhere, Katy tells Warren he has to tell Louise he killed Sean. What will Warren do? Frankie has to tell Jack that she’s gone behind his back and accepted a foster child. It just wouldn’t be Hollyoaks if someone wasn’t doing something behind someone’s back. 
Inside the McQueen house, Carmel and Mercedes’ feud continues. The warring sisters are about to take their love rivalry up a notch. They both harbour romantic feelings for Mercedes’ estranged husband Russ, and when feisty Mercedes gets suspicious she decides that blood isn’t thicker than water. Carmel has a history of messing with her sisters’ relationships, after falling in love with sister Jacqui’s Eastern European husband.
The Ashworth’s are shocked when they finally lay eyes on Hannah at the hospital and decide to return home without her. They later discover that a family member has died. A furious Mike attempts to handle the boy who nearly killed his daughter. Rhys is frustrated as Beth ignores more of his calls and Suzanne looks to him to grieve for his father (can’t wait to see the look on Rhys’ face when he discovers who Beth is! It will make perfect sense to him then).
Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Amy struggles with the reality of being a teenage mum.
Josh is hurt to hear that Amy’s living with Ste.
Louise is stunned when Warren asks her to marry him.
Emmerdale w/e 19th Oct
It’s the 35th Anniversary of Emmerdale this week. Back when it started, it was known as Emmerdale Farm and the most exciting thing that happened was a calf being born. Memories. Anyway, don’t miss Tuesday’s explosive storyline (in more ways than one). All hell breaks loose as Jack confronts Billy and Diane about their affair. Despite Val’s warning, Diane decides to face the music and rushes home to try and rescue her marriage. Gray is annoyed when Katie asks him how Perdy is coping. He confronts Perdy about confiding in Katie instead of him. Perdy admits she’s struggling totrust him after what happened with Rosemary. Will Perdy ever be able to trust Gray again?
After hearing from Billy that Jack was responsible for Sarah’s death, Victoria seeks out her mother’’ former lover Richie Carter, begging him for the truth about the barn fire. When she asks him point blank if Jack was responsible for her death, Victoria interprets his silence as confirmation of her fears. Later, Andy and Jack return to Annie’s Cottage and are shocked to see Victoria dousing the house with petrol. Holding up a lighter, Victoria demands Jack admit to killing Sarah (this is a big storyline folks – don’t miss Emmerdale on Tuesday).
The villagers return from the pub quiz to see the devastation of the fire. Meanwhile, Andy confides to Jo that if he had confessed to starting the barn fire years ago then none of this would have happened. Worried by what could happen to Victoria he tells her it’s time he told the truth. As the police turn up to question the survivors will Andy finally admit responsibility for Sarah’s death?
After hearing about the fire on the radio Lexi returns to the village. Scarlett is thrilled to see Lexi has returned. Carrie is relieved to see her as well and promises Lexi she wants to make amends. Is Carrie prepared to take the next step and tell Scarlett the truth? Andy is questioned about the fire and shocked when the police ask him if he started it. At the same time, Victoria is interrogated. Elsewhere, Edna is shocked when her estranged sister Lily turns up on her doorstep. Katie is feeling down after getting her decree absolute. Chas tries to perk her up insisting they go out on the pull to celebrate. Katie agrees and Chas gets the impression she already has her eye on someone. Will Katie come clean about her feelings for Gray?
With Andy and Victoria’s futures still hanging in the balance, the fire continues to plague the Sugden household. Will village life ever be the same again? Elsewhere, Perdy argues with Gray that moving to America would speed up their surrogacy application, but he remains non-committal.
Also on Emmerdale this week:
Nicola tricks Jasmine into meeting a potential new client.
The women’s team get suspicious when Chas is quick to answer every question at the pub quiz.
With their futures in the balance, will Andy and Victoria be able to put their lives back together?
That’s all for now. Join me on Wednesday for some more soap gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

Ms Bubbles
MSN’s Eye On Soaps
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12 Responses to Hospital Crisis For The Beales

  1. Unknown says:

    damian/david is just so great to watch.  i think he\’s going to drive himself mad with jealousy and do something really really bad!!!!!

  2. Unknown says:


  3. wendy says:

    It takes me 2 minutes at the beginning of every Eastenders episode to work out the plot lines. It is so booooring at the moment. I hate the way the police are either shown as heavy footed neanderthals or else thick as planks. The writing is pathetic. Aah, for the good old days when Grant and Phil were up to no good…..
    Corrie on the other hand has \’winner\’ written all over it. I just love Damian / David. What a fantastic actor he is.

  4. Karen says:

    Eastenders died for me back in December when they killed pauline off my stepson lost his best friend nr xmas and i\’m sure the last thing people need at a time like xmas is to be reminded that a loss at this time of yr is one of the worst, it\’s morbid and frankly in bad taste xmas is supposed to be full of cheer and happyness but all the soaps are a like who can be the most depressing at xmas? they all can so i don\’t watch soaps anymore because of its bad taste content!!!!!!

  5. Unknown says:

    emmerdale must he most dangerous place to live!!!!!!!!!

  6. Janette says:

    Sorry, but the storyline in Eastenders with Ian et al is just to ludicrous for words!  Not in a million years would the police not pursue Jane\’s shooting.  Why oh why do they churn these appalling episodes out as if we are all numbskulls

  7. Unknown says:

    Was that comment by "Fluffs" for real?? Soaps are there so that they can permeate your mind with a condensed eclectic mix of what society has to offer. If everyone was to draw a parallel between what they had watched and how that may have featured in their own lives then the soaps would not have the cult following that they command. Its this very thing that makes them compulsive viewing!!

  8. Sam says:

    No Gus watch?? *gasps*

  9. sharon says:

    Is anyone going to die in this emmerdale fire.

  10. Byz says:

    i think its about time grant came back to eastenders ,hollyoaks become one big modelling agency OFF SCREEN , emmerdale had at least one happy ending , and corrie had a half decent story line ive about had it with soaps at the mo they are so boring all i watch these days are hospital dramas at least SOME of them have a happy ending

  11. Janet says:

    East enders is soooooooooooo depressing, how it has won best soap for so many years is beyond me. I reckon its rigged. I stopped watching a while ago when it was the black woman constantly falling out with Kevin(?). I t was on off on off on off and very very very boring. There are constantly tears and misery. Even Mo`s farmer giles are not funny anymore, if they were originally.  Good ole Corrie, you cant beat it. Always a laugh and plots spread evenly to keep you interested. All different age groups are catered for, its family viewing. Even the gay twosome are not in your face, making my kids ask awkward questions. Unlike Emmerdale. Much as I am a fan of this too, the snogging of the gays in that made my husband turn it off, and even I thought it was too much for that time of the evening. You dont see the heteosexuals do the snogging with as much gusto as Gray and Paul did the other week so why have them do it?  What does everyone else think? 

  12. BETH says:

    i want grant 2 come bk on eastenders cause he made it really good not that im saying it\’s not good cause it is

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