Cilla’s In The Money!

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Coronation Street w/e Oct 12th
It’s a sad week on’t cobbles of the Street as we bid a fond farewell to one of the best characters. Wendi Peters is off and that means no more Cilla. I’m grieving already. But what I’d like to know is, where’s the explanation for the disappearance of her errant husband Les? Anyway, it’s no secret that she’s not being killed off so maybe, if we’re really lucky, we’ll see our bold, brassy, self-centred Cilla again. On with the show…
Convinced that she’s about to come into a fortune, Cilla wastes no time telling everyone that she’s about to become a very wealthy woman. Jodie’s angry at Sinbad/Jerry for making her miss her date. Will he stop treating her as a full-time nanny? ‘Damian’ David slyly addresses a wedding invitation to Todd. Is this part of his plan to ruin the nuptials? Who-cares? time now as we move over to the tedious Sean/Violet/baby storyline. This is where you have to shake your head at sod’s luck – Cilla’s gone but Violet’s still around. Anyway, her scare has scared Sean and he vows to give up partying, claiming that from now on he’s a ‘born-again dad’. Cilla arrives at the solicitors in full grieving widow attire ready to receive her inheritance. However, it isn’t what she thinks and she arrives home devastated. She decides to sell the necklace Frank gave her and gets a real shock. Carla books a business trip away. Is she trying to run away from her feelings for Liam?
Cilla can’t decide how to spend her windfall; she eventually hits upon the idea of returning to Vegas for good. Vera’s not feeling well and Paul suggests a holiday in Blackpool for a few days. Molly and Tyrone realise they are going to have to live with the ‘real Paul’ until they get back…Jodie and Lloyd (Craig Charles with something to do for a change) excitedly make plans. Cilla’s packing for Vegas and Chesney is trying his best to look happy. Fiz berates her mum for abandoning her son. The atmosphere in the Rovers turns sour as everyone realises that she’s unashamedly planning on deserting poor old Chesney. Over at the Grimshaw’s, Eileen is bemused when she receives a call from Todd saying he’s received an invitation for the stag do and the wedding. Paul’s dodgy past comes back to haunt him as two heavies show up at the Duckworth’s looking for him. Paul begs Tyrone to help him, but after all that he’s put Tyrone through – how will he respond? Throw him to the lions, that’s what I say!
Also on Coronation Street this week:
Leanne’s money problems come between Janice and Roger.
Leanne’s shocked when Roger charges her for his help.
Kevin and Sinbad/Jerry plan a boy’s night out.
EastEnders w/e Oct 12th
The Deano/Chelsea storyline builds into tension as the Wicks household prepare for their day in court. I’m trying really hard to like this storyline, but it seems to be lacking something. I really don’t care what happens to either of them. Anyway, the pair struggle to come to terms with their fate while Denise – who’s usually as tough as old boots – begins to crumble under the pressure. Sean ‘Shout’ Slater, however, is loving every minute of it.
Get ready for the appearance of a very unlikely soap star. Shirley’s hit by a speeding car as she races to the hearing. It turns out that the driver is a newcomer to the Square – Vince (played by comedian Bobby Davro). Bear in mind that the writers are hoping he’ll be the new Alfie Moon. It just occurs to me that some younger fans won’t even know who Bobby Davro is, or why he’s famous. When I can tell you his particular talent, I will. He’s often in pantomines and he used to appear on variety shows for the BBC way back in the day. So after all that will Shirley make it to the trial? With Shirley unable to work, Vince convinces Peggy to let him cover her shift. Vince proves to be a hit with the customers bringing some much needed life to the Vic. Let’s just hope that he does the same for EastEnders because the show desperately needs an Alfie Moon type character.
The ‘We-now-know-Who’s kidnapped Squeal Beale?’ storyline continues as Jane takes exception to Steven’s attitude and throws him out. Pat comes to Steven’s rescue by offering him a place to stay, but is later stunned to see Steven’s vicious side and starts to wonder if Jane is right after all.
Chelsea and Deano begin their new lives behind bars. Vince does his best to keep Shirley interested and works her shift for her at The Vic. Steven starts to show how obsessive he is. The Wicks family have a dinner party from hell when Kevin asks the Masoods over. Sounds like EastEnders does comedy (badly) time again. A sympathetic Lucy can’t believe how Steven’s been treated and later runs off with him in the middle of the night. As Steven’s mask begins to slip, Lucy starts to panic but is soon reunited with her dad. Fearing for his and Lucy’s safety, Ian attempts to call the police, but all hell breaks loose when scheming Steven pulls out a gun! To find out who gets the bullet don’t miss Friday’s episode of EastEnders.
Also on Eastenders:
Jane confides in Pat that Steven tried to kiss her.
Steven arouses suspicions.
Zainab lets something slip to the Wicks family
Hollyoaks w/e 12th October
Time for the soap with the beautiful people – in HollywoodOaks, Rhys is feeling a little shy as he meets Beth for their first proper date. The pair meet up and it’s clear they’re falling for each other…big time. Rhys isn’t used to being so nervous around girls, but it seems as though he’s really found a soul mate in Beth. The pair are a perfect match – even down to their DNA…but he doesn’t know that! I can’t wait to see the look on his face when the penny finally drops and he realises who Beth actually is!
Elsewhere, O.B. tells Max if he wants to be with Steph he has to tell her. Tom’s delighted when he finds out someone has sponsored an elephant for him at the safari park and convinces Max to take him. Meanwhile O.B. finds out Steph sponsored the elephant for Tom and tells her if she really likes Max, she has to tell him how she feels. Steph and Max are poles apart; neither really knows what they see in the other. It’s a real case of opposites attracting.
Jacqui’s losing sleep thinking about the impending visit from the Adoption officer. Tony tries to encourage her to relax but it’s obvious he’s on edge too. Jacqui does her best to impress the officer, but Tony secretly worries Jacqui’s chequered past may come back to haunt her. 
The big storyline on HollywoodOaks this week involves yet another dodgy gas boiler. The students hold a party to welcome John Paul to their flat. Jessica’s in charge of getting the boiler fixed, but her cost-cutting ways soon spell trouble as a gas leak puts the lives of the students in danger. Katy, who’s just fallen out with her ex boyfriend Justin, heads to the party at the halls oblivious to the danger that awaits her. The students have no idea that they’re being poisoned by carbon monoxide and it’s not long before they’re all lying unconscious. It’s then left to Justin to rescue those inside the flat – but will he manage to rescue Katy?
Huh…I reckon that Katy will be the only survivor cos that girl’s got nine lives. It’s Hannah they need to get rid of. I’m fed up of that anorexia storyline. I know it’s a worthy issue, but they really killed it when they got Josh to chase Hannah around the room with that cream cake. Maybe Big Brother winner Brian will liven Hollyoaks up a bit as it’s rumoured that he’s set to make an appearance on the show. Just don’t ask him to fake an accent – his attempts on Big Brother made my ears bleed.
Also on Hollyoaks:
OB has a heart-to-heart with Tom about his jealousy of Steph and Max. Will Tom finally be happy for his big brother?
Rhys worries as Gilly winds him up because he hasn’t heard from Beth since their night together. Has Beth lost interest?
Carmel tries to ignore her feelings for Russ by keeping herself busy.
Emmerdale w/e 12th October
It’s always fun when a soap wedding comes around. But Emmerdale’s big day has been hijacked by Stacey and Bradley’s nuptials in EastEnders and the will they/won’t they? situation developing in Corrie for Sarah and Jason. All I’ve seen blasted in the tabloids is gossip about the Corrie/’Enders weddings. For anyone unaware, there’s a wedding in Emmerdale this week. Will it go smoothly? Are you kidding?! On to the action, and Debbie is furious when Eli steals her laptop and mobile. Now that the photo of his and Kelly’s illicit kiss is safely in his possession will this put an end to Kelly’s fears?
As Kelly prepares for her wedding, Scarlett hears a ringing phone in Kelly’s bag and, unaware that it’s Debbie’s, answers it. Hearing Debbie launch into a tirade, unaware of who’s on the other end, Scarlett is inadvertently alerted to the existence of the photo of Kelly and Eli. When Carl sees the photo he alerts a devastated Jimmy. Beside herself, Kelly tries to reason with Jimmy that it was a mistake and meant nothing. With Jimmy still smarting and Kelly in tears, will the unhappy couple make it down the aisle?
Later, the girls gather for Kelly’s hen night at the Woolpack where Viv unveils Emmerdale’s answer to the Chippendales leaving Kelly less than impressed. Meanwhile, Carrie and Jimmy are awkward with each other after their kiss. Paying him a visit, Carrie apologises and Jimmy reassures her that all is well and that their friendship is intact. Does Carrie want more?
Debbie continues to ostracise herself from the rest of the village and even manages to disgust friend Jasmine when she reveals the reason why Eli stole her phone and laptop. Lisa talks Debbie into having lunch at the Dingles. Awkward at first, Debbie starts to relax around her daughter. Jo is left to look after Sarah once again whilst Andy is busy on the farm. However, when she’s called to see a ‘man about a goat’, Jo calls on the babysitting services of Lisa once again. Jack is stunned to learn that Diane lied about who she had secret feelings for. Shocked to hear from Bob that John is gay, Jack demands to know what’s going on. Diane is later forced to confess to Jack that she lied. So is it all over for Jack and Diane?
Back in the village, Billy settles in, moving back to Edna’s and taking a job back at the garage. However his presence unnerves Diane and when she tearfully heads home from the pub, Billy follows, eager to sort things out. As they head for the back of the village hall, Victoria secretly follows and is shocked to hear them discuss their relationship. When confronted, Billy tries to fob Victoria off with the line that they’re just friends, but Victoria isn’t to be fooled. Is Victoria about to bring Jack’s world crashing down around him?
Also on Emmerdale:
Paddy is surprised when his policeman cousin Ross arrives in the village looking for a place to stay.
Elsewhere, Laurel continues in her quest to push Emily and the Bishop together. Can the Bishop replace Ashley in Emily’s affections? 
Also Jimmy and Carrie grow closer after spending time together at Home Farm.
That’s all from me for now join me on Wednesday for some more soap gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.
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