Emmerdale’s Explosive Storyline

Hello soapsters and welcome to A Slice Of Soap!
October 16th marks the 35th anniversary of Emmmerdale. Yes, 35 long years…can you believe it? It’s incredible to think that the soap has survived for so long. I still have memories of the haunting signature tune being played in my house when I was a kid….it definitely gets the prize for the most depressing soap theme tune of all time! Every time I hear it, I still run for the box of Kleenex tissues… it’s so sad and depressing – at least to me. Why don’t the producers change it? They changed the name of the show after all. Remember when it was called ‘Emmerdale Farm’? Here’s my jokey idea for a signature tune; they could get 50 Cent and Eminem to come up with a 35th anniversary rap with Beyoncé, Debbie Dingle and Lexi dancing away in the background…now that would certainly bring the show out of the dark ages.
For the 35th anniversary, explosive scenes are planned. Yes, even more explosive than the Great Diamond Robbery(!) and the daft Joe’s petting farm storyline. It all centres around the continuing Jack, Diane, Billy love triangle. Here’s the press release of the plot: (be warned: first you need to have the brains of a world class chess champion to follow it, second it’s a soap spoiler!).
Jack Sugden has discovered his wife Diane has been having an affair with his nemesis. He viciously attacks bad boy Billy Hopwood, who was released from prison last year and throws out his wife, declaring their marriage over.
Heartbroken Billy takes his revenge by implying to teenager Victoria that her father Jack was responsible for her mother Sarah’s death. Victoria seeks out Sarah’s former lover Richie Carter, begging him for the truth about the barn fire which killed her mother, but he stays silent.
Jack and his adopted son Andy return to Annie’s Cottage, Jack’s home, and are shocked to see Victoria dousing the house with petrol. Knowing he cannot hide the truth any longer, Andy confesses he started the fire that killedSarah. Stunned by the revelation, Victoria races upstairs and trips, gashing her head on the banister before locking herself in her bedroom.
Jack breaks down the door and finds Victoria has passed out and is bleeding badly. Andy tends to Victoria, as Jack goes to the bathroom to get a damp cloth. As he turns on the hot water tap, the boiler pilot light ignites petrol fumes, creating a fireball which blows out the cottage windows. The fireball shoots up the staircase, cutting Jack off from Andy and Victoria. As the fire takes hold the Sugdens fight to save their lives. (Full Story)
Were you able to follow that storyline? If you were, well done! You should consider a career as a computer scientist. Convoluted or what?
To put things simply, there’s gonna be an explosion involving the Sugdens, and the Emmerdale scriptwriters expect us to be gullible enough to believe the above. I tell you, they must have employed Dr Stephen Hawkin to write the script. It still doesn’t make much sense to me. What’s all this rubbish about the boiler pilot igniting the petrol fumes creating a fireball which blows out the cottage windows? Whatever happened to starting a fire with a good old-fashioned match or even a lighter for that matter? Some times I think that Emmerdale are just trying too hard to be hip and modern.
I was watching the soap the other day, there were more special effects used in just one scene than in all of Steven Spielberg’s movies put together. In the scene when Jack was contemplating his future with Diane, I was going cross-eyed trying to keep up with all the action.
But isn’t that just typical of today’s Emmerdale? Using special effects to compensate for bad storylines. You wouldn’t see that happening on EastEnders or Coronation Street would you? Just imagine the scenes with EastEnders’ Shirley and Heather being played in fast motion…it would be like watching a Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy movie wouldn’t it?
Using special effects in soap operas just doesn’t work for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally against the use of visual effects – I wouldn’t mind Coronation Street using them to speed up the dull ‘Clurrrrrrr’ and Ashley scenes, for example. But please, please, please Emmerdale, focus on coming up with decent storylines; that way the show may be around for another 35 years. 
That’s it for now. Join me on Monday for more news and gossip from the world of soaps. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.
Ms Bubbles
MSN’s Eye On Soaps
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18 Responses to Emmerdale’s Explosive Storyline

  1. alan says:

    emmerdales explosive what??

  2. Georgia says:

    what the hell are you babbling on about? rapping to improve a soap theme tune?  the most depressing theme tune? i think that award goes to eastenders. Al i can say is that i hope this isn\’t your day job. I can\’t believe you compare boiler fires to being as complex as computer science. I mean you may only be an msn editor but still, i don\’t expect to read something that would come out of the mouth of the local chippy wife. dull dull dull, and just plain stupid.

  3. Soap Blogger says:

    We welcome all comments. It\’s all just a bit of fun really so don\’t take everything so seriously. Lighten up!!

  4. Unknown says:

    Love the soap blog. I agree, Emmerdale is so booooooooring and so is that idiot SarahXXX. She needs to get a life because it sounds like hers is dull dull dull and she\’s got to be stupid if she takes the blogger\’s opinion seriously. Keep up the good work!
    p.s. SarahXXX I\’ll have a  sausage- in-batter with chips to take away!!

  5. mandy says:

    Sarah, get  a sense of humour!  

  6. Coops - says:

    This blog brightens up my week and I always have a laugh here. There\’s too much crap in this world and we should all take a break from it once in a while. I pity people like SarahXXX who clearly doesn\’t have a sense of humour and wouldn\’t know what it is if it smashed her in the face. This is a great blog and if you don\’t like it – go and find something else to read that would suit your lack of a sense of humour – like a war commission report or something like that. Keep up the good work Soap Editor. We love you!!!!!!! 

  7. Soap Blogger says:

    Just read about Beyonce and 50 Cent rapping for Emmerdale and laughed myhead off! rofl! Soaps Editor, what are you smoking? And can I have some. hahahahahah. Sarahxxx – get a life luv. And gimme some fries with my Big Mac please.

  8. Guardian says:

    I agree with sarahxxx – what is so  convoluted about the storyline you just described?  There is nothing complex about the way they\’ve described the fire/explosive scene.  A little less time reading Heat magazine etc and little more time spent reading something useful would help to expand the mind.  There\’s a vast difference between being \’witty\’ and being \’funny\’ – a degree of intelligence is required to be witty! 

  9. rachel says:

    is this true about emmerdale explosion? if so i cant wait and i hope jack gets killed hes the most boring person ever.

  10. janet says:

    how many explosions can one small cillage have a plane, new houses and now this come on script writers show some creativity please

  11. gerard says:

    i totally agree with sarahxxx , and the soaps editor is just a complete idiot and needs to stop critisising soaps theme tunes,characters and storylines , if its all such a big problem to watch a programme without finding fault in everything , if you dont like soaps,dont watch them, im sure no one forces you , so if your really sad enough to willingly sit and watch about 20 episodes of different soaps weekly just to critisize them then id be amazed you actually have any friends or even any family who can stand being around you !!!!

  12. Martin says:

      Who are these people claiming to be \’no name\’?  There is only one real, true No Name and that\’s me.  Just to add to the comments- to quote Michael Winner, "calm down, dear!"  I used to love soaps but I\’m beginning to think they are all getting sad. 
      In the reverse order of dullness…
      (7)  Eastenders –  It\’s not better than Corrie but one of them had to be the \’top-dog\’ and at least the Patrick Truman assault, the Ian Beale kidnapping (hooray for Stephen Beale keeping Ian off our screen, lol) and the Bradley, Stacey, Max love-triangle have combined to keep our interest – for a while at least.  BBC please dig deep into your pockets and pay to bring back Grant Mitchell and Sharon Rickman (formerly Watts/Mitchell) as it would be too much to expect Alfie & Kat Moon to return, wouldn\’t it?
      (6)  Coronation Street – sadly, the better characters are past their best or have left in recent years (e.g. Vera Duckworth, Jack Duckworth (will he stay once Vera has gone)?, Mike Baldwin and Danny Baldwin have all left or leaving.  Ken & Deirdre Barlow, Emily Bishop, Rita Sullivan and Betty Turpin are old favourites but their roles have become less-and-less key to the show\’s success.  It\’s a shame but they won\’t be around forever and they\’ll be sady missed).  Yes, new blood has been needed for the soap to survive but I don\’t see many new characters turning into \’old favourites\’.  Don\’t scrap Corrie but it\’s not the show it once was.
      (5)  The Bill – almost lost the battle to survive years ago.  But after bringing in the popular \’cast-offs\’ from other top soaps and extending the storylines beyond half an hour, the program has grown from strength-to-strength.  Pretty good storylines do make a difference to a program\’s viewability and that\’s why in my opinion it has climbed above Casualty and Holby City.
      (4)  Casualty – this was difficult to seperate from Holby City in that the best known (and best played) characters have now gone – bar \’old favourite\’ Charlie Fairhead, Josh (think he\’s still in it?  Not playing as big a role as he used to alongside Comfort, etc.) and Harry.  Still a favourite of soap fans and I wouldn\’t want it scrapped but I must say that my fading interest (along with Holby City) co-incided with the new way that the program is being filmed.  It\’s less \’personal\’ (that is to say, you feel you are in a film and not actually there anymore) and I would prefer it filmed the way it was.
    (3)  Holby City – this was once a personal favourite (when Anton Meyer was such a lead character in a very strong cast).  Sadly, all we are seeing now is weak story lines about love affairs and African politics in medicine.  Main characters like Ric Griffin and Abra Durant (Ade Edmondson) keep drifting in-and-out and when they are back, they bring in minor roles that involve African immigrants who have fled their country in order to get necessary medical aid.  As eye-opening these plots are to the alleged goings-on in parts of Africa, the regular reference to them is getting annoying and doing nothing to keep my attention to the box.  One last thing.  Why did Patsy Kensit sign-up to be a cast member of Holby City?  Her character is little more than a bit part glamourised by the pressence of the high-profile, and attractive Ms Kensit.  She would\’ve been better suited to the love affair of Jac Naylor to Lord Byrne (if only cos she is more experienced actress, with a believeable sex appeal that would appeal to a wide age-range of men).  I think they should promote her character more and give her some really spicy story lines.
      (2)  Hollyoaks – only just failed to reach number one.  At best, this was a young man\’s perv fest, now it\’s just a joke.  Phil Redmond should\’ve stuck to Grange Hill (lol).  You\’d have thought Brookside failing was an omen but clearly not.  In the meanwhile we are tortured with a group of talentless eye-candy.
      (1)  Holby Blue – barely qualifies as a soap – this drab tripe had me comatosed within the first episode and I only came to when someone told me it was over.  Wife watched episodes 2 and 3 but it was still like pulling teeth for me.  BBC don\’t ever turn it into a full-blown soap cos it\’ll flop – big time!
      Bye for now, 
      The real No Name 

  13. Martin says:

      Hi it\’s me again.
      Just to say that this No Name is a friendly one, lol.  So I\’ll side-step any slanging match and stick to the subject – soaps.
      I am adding to my earlier entry by apologising strongly to those fans of Neighbours, Home and Away and of course our own Emmerdale whom I forgot to include in my countdown of dullest soaps.  These three would have nicely completed my top ten.
      So rather than write more drivel as to where and why these soaps appear in the list, I think I will just complete the list.  As follows:
    Most Dull:¬
     1.  Holby Blue
      2.  Hollyoaks
     3.  Neighbours
      4.  Home and Away
     5.  Holby City
      6.  Casualty
     7.  The Bill
      8.  Coronation Street
     9.  Eastenders
    10.  Emmerdale
    Least dull:-^
      I doubt if many (if any) will agree with me but that\’s life.  Hope you like my idea of the Top Ten Dullest Soaps.
      Take care until next time,

      The real No Name 

  14. Soap Blogger says:

    No Name (I wonder if you are Sarahxxx in disguise? Hmmmm), in response to comments entered on 10 October at 00:12, I do not resort to personal attacks to win an argument and as far as I\’m concerned, I have just WON this one! Keep reading…

  15. Penny says:

    Jeez have you people nothing e better to do than discuss the lowest form of tv drama ?

  16. Soap Blogger says:

    noname (coward), errrrrrrrrrrrrr – HELLO IT\’s A SOAP BLOG! It\’s for people who are interested in soaps. And you\’ve just demeaned your argument by leaving a message here. If you don\’t like it – get lost. Don\’t put other people down. You sanctimonious so and so.

  17. margaret says:

    i like all soaps but my fav is rivercity what a sad act i am

  18. A.dam says:

    i would lke emmerdale to blow up! by that i mean the whole set!  lol

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