Ross Kemp On Gangs Returns

Hello soapsters. An irreverent eye on the world of soaps coming up…
So did anyone see Ross Kemp On Gangs on Monday night? For the uneducated wondering why we’re discussing this show, for years Ross Kemp was one half of the notorious Mitchell bruvvers on EastEnders. He was the real psychotic – but very charasmatic with it. To say that EastEnders misses Ross Kemp is like saying that we need air to breathe – well duh! Anyway, in the first of episode of the new series, Ross was investigating the warring gangs of Kingston, Jamaica and boy oh boy did he look scared… especially when he came face to face with one of the Jamaican ‘Dons’ that he’d been searching for. Then again, this is the man whose wife, Sun newspaper editor Rebekah Wade, was released without charge following her arrest for allegedly ‘assaulting’ him. I bet while he was staring down the barrel of one the loaded guns pointing in his direction, he was wishing he was back on the set of EastEnders as Grant Mitchell – then he’d know how to react: "Oi! Yardie! Stick that gun where the sun don’t shine sunshine, or I’ll give you a punch…and I don’t mean a Guinness Punch!"
I must admit, Ross Kemp on Gangs is an interesting show to watch. But why can’t I stop thinking that sooner or later we’re gonna hear that Kemp has either been hit by a stray bullet or murdered by some disgruntled gang leader? Not wishing to speak ill of the dead but take Steve Irwin…you know…the bloke that liked playing around with crocodiles. Every time I watched that guy sticking his head inside the mouth of a hungry croc, I used to sit in my armchair with my mouth wide open thinking: ‘If he carries on like that, this guy ain’t gonna be around for much longer.’ OK, it was a Stingray that got him in the end. A ‘freak accident’, but I say if it wasn’t the Stingray it surely would’ve been a hungry crocodile. Get my drift? If you play with fire you’re gonna get burned…it’s as simple as that. However, I’m sure I’m worrying needlessly…I hope. 
Funnily enough, I was reading in the paper the other day that Ross Kemp’s £1.5 million home was broken into. The police reckon that it could possibly be related to the show Kemp did on the gangs of south London. Ross Kemp doesn’t have to risk his life and his £1.5 million home to tell me anything about the gangs of south London. All I’ve got to do is look out of my kitchen window – hoodies everywhere. They’re like the new plague of London…come to think of it, that was spread by vermin too. Yes not everyone in a hoodie is a villain, but there’s a pretty negative image to overcome.
In an excerpt featured in The Sun, Ross says: "Some people join gangs because of peer pressure or to get the friendship, loyalty and respect they cannot find anywhere else." (Full story here if you’d like to read it). Huh. Come on Kemp, that might be true in some of these Third World countries, but in South London you and I know that this isn’t always the case; some of the south London hoodies join gangs for the fast cars, ‘bling’ and Nike trainers that they can’t get anywhere else.
It’s kind of ironic that Ross Kemp is making programmes about gangs and gangsters cos that’s something the writers of EastEnders can’t resist. How many gangsters have they had on the show? Johnny Allen, Steve Owen, Andy Hunter etc and not one hoodie gang? If I was a hoodie I’d sue the writers of EastEnders for discrimination.
That’s it for now. Join me on Friday for more news and gossip from the world of soaps. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.
Ms Bubbles
MSN’s Eye On Soaps
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One Response to Ross Kemp On Gangs Returns

  1. Lee says:

    lol i kinda think ross kemp will be like his character in ricky chervais extras

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