Linda Lusardi Legs It

Hello Soapsters. Welcome to another slice of soap. Let’s get to it.
Well colour me surprised! Emmerdale is saying goodbye to 1980s icon Linda Lusardi. The 49-year-old actress and former Page 3 model joined the show in February as Carrie Nicholls with her on-screen daughter Scarlett. After a pathetic seven months, she’s decided to jack it in. Even Parklife! Phil Daniels managed two years on EastEnders. Linda spun out that old chestnut of "new projects" as the reason for her premature departure, but my opinion is that she’s probably looked at her latest script and thought ‘Even I’m above this nonsense’.
Three words spring to mind: rat. Sinking. Ship. Sorry Emmerdale fans, but the old soap really is in a desperate place at the moment. Let’s be clear here, Linda’s done well to make it into acting after her career as a Page 3 girl, but her ability doesn’t exactly stretch to Shakespeare or period dramas, does it? Look out for her in panto soon. Here’s the news report about her departure.
Well it looks like the countdown to Walford’s wedding from hell has begun. Bradley Branning will wed Stacey Slater and according to Rob Kazinsky – better known to us as Sean ‘shout!’ Slater – fans will not be disappointed: "It’s the best script I’ve read in my time there, and literally, there is a cliffhanger every five minutes." He added: "My heart was in my mouth." I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the big day bust-up. Things are already beginning to heat up with Stacey falling out with her mum over the wedding dress; it’s downhill all the way from there. Bradley will ask Max to be his best man – like we all didn’t see that coming. How much do you wanna bet that Stacey’s affair with Max isn’t going to stay a secret? Anyway, that’s what I love about soap weddings there’s never a dull moment.
To celebrate this momentous occasion, an hour-long special of EastEnders will be screened: read more about this wedding episode here.
Over on’t cobbles of the Street, there are two weddings on the cards in the run-up to Christmas. The Street bike Liz McDonald is getting hitched to Vernon Tomlin, the laziest man on Earth. In my opinion, the Corrie writers will probably treat that wedding as a good excuse for a laugh so expect some comic capers on the day – maybe the ring gets flushed down the loo or the wedding band’s guitar blows up. There’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll make it up the aisle. But what about Sarah Platt and Jason Grimshaw? We already know that Tina O’Brien, who plays Sarah, is leaving. Therefore, if they do tie the knot, it’ll be one of the shortest Corrie weddings ever. However, there is a possibility that one of them will be jilted. Will Sarah take the ultimate revenge on Jason and leave him at the aisle the way he left her? As always, the press are already starting to speculate. According to them, someone might even stop the wedding. But who? Read more about the Corrie wedding that might not happen here.  

Anyway that’s it for now. Join me on Monday for a full preview of all the action from the soaps. Are you an Emmerdale fan that’s sad to see Linda Lusardi go? Will Emmerdale miss her? Leave a comment about this or anything else to do with your favourite soap here.

Ms Bubbles
MSN’s Eye On Soaps

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14 Responses to Linda Lusardi Legs It

  1. Joshua says:

    Hello Dear,
    I\’ve read your report regarding Linda Lusardi(Carrie Nicholls)impending exit from Emmerdale and I noticed you made a bit of an error as Scarlett is Carrie\’s on-screen daughter and Lexi(Sally Oliver)showed up as Carrie\’s sister who is now not only Carrie\’s daughter but Scarlett\’s older sister,just theought I should let you know.

  2. Soap Blogger says:

    D\’oh! Funnily enough, it wasn\’t picked up by my sub. But then again, he doesn\’t watch Emmerdale. Thanks

  3. Amanda says:

    Thank heavens!  No offence, I\’m sure Linda is a very lovely lady with many strengths, but let\’s be honest her acting leaves a lot to be desired! I love Emmerdale but I can\’t bear to watch her scenes, she is so wooden.  Sorry, you did ask for comments.

  4. Patrick says:

    Emmerdale\’a plots and characters get more and more comical – Debbie Dingle no doubt will be Businesswoman of the Year and as for Mrs De Souza…………….
    Surely the end of this rubbish isn\’t far away!!

  5. Unknown says:

     these days i only watch it because of the dingle family.why not give them their own series called the dingles.a bit like the huggets of old days.if people can remember that far back,they are very entertaining…

  6. Catrina says:

    For my sins I am an Emmerdale fan my only vice btw, lol. The plots and characters are becoming rather silly. How old is Debbie Dingle 17/18? No Licence, drives; thief, con artist, embezzler, and now a blackmailer! And more to the point would you take your car there for a service with only her and Daz as \’mechanics\’??! Jasmine; 16/17? The cleavage she was dispalying the other night puts Linda Lusardi to shame in her heyday as a P3 girl! C\’mon Ashley and Lauren you are her guardians. The Rosmary/Perdy doings; got very silly, pantomime, she\’s behind you stuff. How many facial expressions has Adele Whatsherface gor as Kelly Hope? 3/4? And that covers her acting ability, even Linda L looks like Dame Judi compared to her! And it\’s desparation to bring that Nicola (Blackstock) Dasouza character back. Couldn\’t stand her first time around. And how come Eric Pollard is still alive, and this factory continues output with no staff most of the time?
    Better stop before this becomes a full on rant!

  7. Barbara says:

    I love the soaps but for several weeks I have lost the plot with them all. Linda, this is the best move you can make. The script writers belittle your talents. You, I am sure will move to better things. Carl, what did you do to the script writers to have them make a farce of your romance with the DI in charge of your Dad\’s murder, plus you three brothers are all wet blankets. Like most of the actors  the script writers are becoming\’ fat  cats\’ for writting \’rubbish\’ scripts. About time they started making Emmerdale a soap worth watching, again.. Actors, it is not your fault, you are doing what you are told to do and being made fools of. Time for ALL to \’wake up\’.

  8. Jim and Anna says:

    Although I am an avid Emmerdale fan, I do think that the Emmerdale storyline has been unbelievably wobbly for ever since last Christmas with the death of Tom King.  We were kept waiting months for the identity of the killer, only to find that the scriptwriters had chosen the most implausible culprit.  Now they are muddling through the script and making an even bigger pig\’s ear of it all.  The return of Rodney\’s daughter Nicola, doing a "Sadie King" has just made it all the more sad.  At the moment, all the characters in Emmerdale seem to be in a kind of Limbo.  Come on scriptwriters – get your "Act" together. 

  9. Eric says:

    Er, well I have been an emmerdale fan for years, and one of the things I love about Emmerdale is that its so blatantly daft at times! After all, telly soaps are supposed to entertain, not leave the viewer with a long face at the end of every episode. Now as far as Linda Lusardi is concerned, am not too sad she is leaving because really, she cannot really act. Her voice is very monotonous, and she also has a tendency to deliver her lines without much emotion. So, in a way, shes better off going. I wil miss Kelly though when she eventually goes. By the way, nice to see Nicola back again.

  10. Barry says:

    Yes all a bit too far fetched these days it used to be Emerdale \’Farm\’ in the good old days before this load of old tripe, it used to be all quite plausible then!!

  11. Unknown says:

    i like linda lusardi (carrie nicholls) i think the story lines she has had are good.
    emmerdale is one of my fav soaps. sorry she is going

  12. jennifer says:

    I think Emmerdale is great (much better than EastEnders) and i\’m very much looking forward to the soaps 35th anniversary storyline involving the Sugden\’s.  I think Linda Lusardi has done an excellent job in the role of Carrie and I wish her good luck for the future.

  13. maureen says:

    No i,m not sorry to see the back of Linda Lusardi, i don\’t think she had a juicy enough part, she should have had a part like Clare King or Patsy Kensit……something you can remember her by for example….i didn\’t rate her acting skills and she didn\’t stand out in the soap and was quite boring really, she\’ll only ever be remembered as taking her clothes off for the tabloids i\’m afraid.

  14. pat says:

    nice when she first came but glad to see her or more her daughter scarlet ,oh please say she is taking her as well and lexi who no-one could see the point of,should have bought back charity instead of nicola,bye the way what is the use of laurels mother ,dad is a possible charactor and instead of the roumer of jack killing diane or billy he should shoot victoria     pat

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