Inside Soap Award 2007 Nominations

Well guys it’s that time of the year again. I’m talking about the annual Inside Soap Awards. The ceremony will be held on Monday 24th September and here’s a list of some of the categories and nominees:
Best Actor
ANTONY COTTON  (Sean Tully, Coronation Street)
JACK P SHEPHERD  (David Platt, Coronation Street)
CHARLIE CLEMENTS (Bradley Branning, EastEnders)
JAKE WOOD  (Max Branning, EastEnders)
MARK CHARNOCK (Marlon Dingle, Emmerdale)
JEFF HORDLEY (Cain Dingle, Emmerdale)
CHRIS FOUNTAIN (Justin Burton, Hollyoaks)
JAMES SUTTON (John Paul McQueen, Hollyoaks)

Best Actress
JENNIE MCALPINE (Fiz Brown, Coronation Street)
KYM RYDER (Michelle Connor, Coronation Street)
KARA TOINTON (Dawn Swann, EastEnders)
LACEY TURNER (Stacey Slater, EastEnders)
LINDA THORSON (Rosemary King, Emmerdale)
CHARLEY WEBB (Debbie Dingle, Emmerdale)
GEMMA BISSIX (Clare Cunningham, Hollyoaks)
CLAIRE COOPER (Jacqui Malota, Hollyoaks)
Best Bad Boy
JACK P SHEPHERD (David Platt, Coronation Street)
BILL WARD (Charlie Stubbs, Coronation Street)
ROB KAZINSKY (Sean Slater, EastEnders)
JAKE WOOD (Max Branning, EastEnders)
CHRIS CHITTELL (Eric Pollard, Emmerdale)
MATT HEALY (Matthew King, Emmerdale)
CHRIS FOUNTAIN (Justin Burton, Hollyoaks)
JAMIE LOMAS (Warren Fox, Hollyoaks)
Best Storyline
(Coronation Street)
(Coronation Street)

Other categories:
Sexiest Male
Best Bitch
Sexiest Female
Best Young Actor
Best Newcomer
Funniest Performance
Best Couple
Best-Dressed Soap Star
Best Drama
Best Soap
Looking at the above nominations, I reckon that Jack P Shepherd (Corrie’s ‘Damian’ David Platt) should do pretty well this year. I can’t think of anyone who can get near him for the Best Bad Boy award, apart from Bill Ward who played Charlie Stubbs. For my money, he deserves Best Actor too. Remember when David was a sweet lad playing football with his dad Martin? Those days are long gone – but if we’re talking about character development, look no further than what the Corrie writers have done with David Platt. All credit to Jack P Shepherd for a phenomenal performance.
Kara Tointon (Dawn Swann, EastEnders) may also pick up an award for Best Actress. She really shone in the ‘MAY ATTEMPTS TO BUY DAWN’S BABY’ storyline.
The Best Storyline category belongs to either Coronation Street for ‘CHARLIE’S MURDER AND TRACY ON TRIAL’ or EastEnders for ‘STELLA’S TORMENT OF BEN’. I wonder if they could do a sequel to that because I find Ben Mitchell so annoying…
One nomination that puzzles me is Charlie Clements (EastEnders’ Bradley) in the category of Sexiest Male. How on earth did he manage to bag a nomination for that? Even Corrie’s Jack Duckworth is better looking than him.  

But let me tell you who’s really trying hard for the Sexiest Female award – EastEnders’ Roxy Mitchell. Did you see her on the show last night? She was dressed like a Jessica Simpson/Beyoncé wannabe. TV critic Mary WhiteHouse must have been rolling in her grave. Who’s your favourite to win at the Inside Soap Awards? Let us know.

Gus Watch 

The Prime Minister Gordon Brown is visiting distressed residents in Walford who are drowning in a sea of litter. In other words, Gus has done nothing useful on EastEnders for at least three whole weeks.
Anyway that’s it for now. Join me on Monday for a full preview of all the action from the soaps. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.
Ms Bubbles
MSN’s Eye On Soaps

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19 Responses to Inside Soap Award 2007 Nominations

  1. Eric says:

     I am not going to argue with the nominations, I think they are pretty good to be honest. I dont watch Eastenders, only Corrie and Emmerdale, so will be cheering for the casts. I do think though that Charlie Hardwick (Val in Emmerdale) should be up for comedy soap actress, (Funniest Performance) I think shes a great laugh!

  2. Lorna says:

     I\’m a big Corrie fan and I thinik Jack P Shepherd is brilliant as David. I hope he wins!

  3. Philip says:

     Roxy Mitchells best chance would be at Crufts.

  4. maureen says:

     Jack P Shephard should get best actor and best baddie, Gemma Bissex should get best actress, best storyline should go to Eastenders and Stella\’s torment of Ben.

  5. Nirankar 'Naz' says:

    Why on earth is Jake Wood (Max Branning – Eastenders) nominated for best actor and best bad boy?? He deserves neither; he simply speaks his lines with no believability…and he\’s hardly a \’bad boy\’, to be honest he\’s hardly an actor…
    Either Eastenders storyline to triumph in \’Best Storyline\’ – they were both great! 

  6. Hazel says:

    i think jack p shepard should win award  he\’s the best 

  7. Kirsty says:

    i think  Jack P Shapherd should win best actor and best bad boy he\’s great

  8. BAYAN says:

    i love the story where clare tries to kill max but i DEFINETLY think that the whole may-rob-dawn stroy will win after all these months, clare should win best villain and  may should also win best bitch for sure!!!!best dressed LOUISE FROM HOLLYOAK (so love her style amazing!!!)best soap hollyoaks might be corrie again,

  9. BAYAN says:

    i love the story where clare tries to kill max but i DEFINETLY think that the whole may-rob-dawn stroy will win after all these months, clare should win best villain and  may should also win best bitch for sure!!!!best dressed LOUISE FROM HOLLYOAK (so love her style amazing!!!)best soap hollyoaks might be corrie again,

  10. Anna says:

    gooooo eastenders hollyoaks and emmerdale 

  11. Sarah says:

    I\’m behind Hollyoaks all the way…. they never get the awards and praise that they deserve.  James Sutton should get something for his character of John Paul.  They deserve to win so much.  Go Hollyoaks 

  12. Unknown says:

    i think that the best villan should go to may from eastenders what she put dawn throungh was so bad. max from holloaks eat your heart out 

  13. Jo says:

    Goooo Eastenders !!  

  14. Daniel says:

    go hollyoaks
    hollyoaks is the best soap 

  15. Nicola says:

    jack p shepard should win an award as he plays david platt with a right evil streak…the dawn and baby story line to be honest was borring,  gemma bissex, she should win an award… claire cunningham was a great character..she will be missed . i dont think the tom king story line should win an it was truly the most crappiest in a long time and to seemed last forever, im sure the nation of soap lovers in the end were like who gives a s*@t who killed tom king…i know i was..
    the best soap…mmmmm its got to be hollyoakes……..the oakes seems to be stable with there storylines and the other soaps seem to waver a bit…

  16. sarah says:

     I think Hollyoaks should win in most as they always have the BEST story lines ever so give them a chance go go HOLLYOAKS. 

  17. jennifer says:

    Kym Ryder deserves the Best Actress award, although I don\’t know why she has\’nt been nominated in the Best Newcomer catagory like she has in all the other award ceremonies this year, but I hope she wins.  Also Sophie Thompson (Stella Crawford) should win the Best Bitch award if she is nominated for it. 
    Good luck everyone.

  18. Laura says:

    I hate these soap awards things cus so many brilliant actors and soaps get counted out cus the only people that vote on these things are old bags! sorry to be blunt but I am a huge Holloaks fan. I watch all the soaps, but Hollyoaks, by far, has the most brilliant set of actors (though I agree it is rather shallow they are all f2f and nothing else-apart from the under 16s and over 50s of course) and also the most unique and brilliantly handled storylines. Eastenders, Emmerdale and Coronation Street are all well and good but they all copy each other! The storylines are continuously repeated between the soaps. The writers behind Hollyoaks are pure genius and deseve more praise than what they get. I wish they had a better time slot so they could pick up more viewers!  

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