Soap’s Annoying Child Actors

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So were you on the edge of your seat on Monday night? Well, according to Corrie’s Helen Worth who plays Gail Platt, you should have been. Here’s a snippet of an interview that she gave about the Bethany ecstasy pill storyline.

Corrie’s Helen Worth has told how her screen family’s upcoming drama will have viewers on the edge of their seats. The soap star, who plays Gail Platt, thinks the plot will be even more compelling than the Richard Hillman murder storyline, reports the Daily Star. Gail’s marriage to serial killer Richard Hillman in 2002 caught the imagination of millions, but Helen reportedly thinks this plot will top it.  (Read more here).

Has Helen Worth finally gone off her rocker? How could she compare the Richard Hillman murder storyline to what we saw on Monday night? Come on…I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t on the edge of my seat…I was all the way off it ‘cos I kept moving continuously between the kitchen and the front room for a brew – that’s what I do when I’m bored.
Nope sorry – I wasn’t moved at all by the so-called drama on Monday’s double episode of Corrie. As I watched Bethany lying in the hospital bed unconscious – with her eyes wide open (she kept blinking did you notice?) – I was thinking: here’s a child actor more irritating than little Ben Mitchell on EastEnders.
Surely I’m not alone in viewing the Ben Mitchell character as one of the most annoying kids on TV? He’d definitely get bullied at school if Phil Mitchell wasn’t his Dad. But back to Bethany…can anybody tell me whether or not this girl can actually speak? Anyone would have thought that she’d swallowed a whole bottle of ecstasy pills the way she was acting. ‘Damian’ David might as well have been playing opposite one of her dolls. Come to think of it, maybe Bethany should be replaced by a doll – at least they can speak. 
Yeah, yeah, yeah I know you’re probably thinking: ‘how could anyone be so heartless – they’re only child actors’. I bet they’re probably on footballers wages and have already paid off their parent’s mortgages. Is it me or are child actors not what they used to be? Think about it for a moment…When Shirley Temple was five-years-old, she was singing, dancing, acting and helping with the War effort, boosting the morale of troops everywhere. Now, grating as some of her films were (not all, just some), at least she was doing something useful. I mean, who knows, we might have been living under Nazi rule if it hadn’t been for widdle Shirley Temple.
But just imagine if we had to rely on the child actors who play Ben and Bethany during those bleak years: the US and British troops would have been so demoralised, the Nazis would have won the war one hundred times over. Maybe I’m being a bit cruel. Perhaps the kids that play Bethany and Ben are the next Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie…who knows? Only time will tell. In the meanwhile, I’ll be voting for them if there’s a catagory for TV Soaps’ Most Annoying Child Actor ‘ in this year’s Inside Soap Awards. 
That’s it for now. Join me on Friday for more news and gossip from the world of soaps. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.
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20 Responses to Soap’s Annoying Child Actors

  1. Nyomi says:

    bluuud i totali agree i hate ben mitchell stella should\’ve killed him! harsh but so what i also hate squiggle.

  2. Gemma says:

    i totally agree ben mitchell is so annoyin, please write him out of the soap on the other hand tom from hollyoaks is really cute and really good actor he\’ll go far! 

  3. Jackie says:

    I disagree. I don\’t think Ben is annoying atall. I think the boy is quite a good little actor. He does expressions & emotions quite well. I do agree about Bethany though, she hardly does speak at all. What about young Belle in Emmerdale? I think she\’s a teriffic little actress & will go along way.

  4. ebony says:

    For me Ben is the most annoying child on soap, how on earth he was cast to play a mitchell is beyond me. For goodness sake write him out of the show, if I was a script writer  bring stella back from the dead (jus like Cindy)as a revenge to kidnapp him for good.  lol

  5. liz says:

    i love ben mitchell!!! i think hes adorable!! and a good actor i dont see whats wrong with him. i love the kid who plays bobby beale as well hes cute but has an evil glint in his eye hehehe

  6. georgina says:

    Thats a really crual thing to say about those children, you have to remember these child actors are just children, and remember these children are not writing the scripts its the writers, so if beth has nothing to say then its not the poor girls fault.

  7. zoe says:

    I agree most of em are terrible, apart from Belle Dingle in Emmerdale, she\’s a belta little actress, they should all take a leaf out of her book!

  8. Florence says:

    never work with children or animals? 

  9. hollie says:

     I agree they are both really annoying but i think the little lad who plays Tom Cunningham out of Hollyoaks is a brilliant little actor and he will go very far in his career x

  10. jennifer says:

     I think Eden Taylor-Draper who plays Belle Dingle in Emmerdale is a fantastic little actress and thoroughly deserves the awards she wins.

  11. S. says:

    I agree belle dingle out\’ve emmerdale is absolutely fantastic and funny too – bless herAlso another little one who\’s great is Tom from Hollyoaks, use to like Chesney too from Corrie but haven\’t seen him around for a bit, shame he was great too

  12. Claire says:

    Where do I start, think there should be a actor swap on eastenders, think Jay should become adopted by Phil, after Ben is hit by a speeding scooter, that Phil has decided to learn to drive!!

  13. Claire says:

    Ben Mitchell needs to have his pants pulled down, and come to realise that until he learns to toughen up he will always be bullied, and laughed at how crap he is as an actor..

  14. Claire says:

    i think Ben needs to die very soon, his stupid hamster voice goes right through me. The way they all pansy round him like he some sort of brain lord. I did feel a bit sorry for him when the ugly bitch was giving a hard time, but you only miss a good thing when it\’s gone and i want her back. Die Ben you little turd.

  15. bond says:

    I think all the people who have emailed in that ben shoulds be killed off should all be shot they are talking about children what FREAKS these people are 

  16. Amz says:

    Ben does get on my wick quite a bit, and bless the twins who play Bethany Platt, they can\’t act, but it\’s not their fault. I love Belle in Emmerdale, and Tom from Hollyoaks, and I\’m also a huge fan of Lorna Fitzgerald who plays Abi in EastEnders. I know what you mean of child actors in the past though – I watched a very old episode of Full House last week when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were only 3 or 4 and they were absolutely amazing little actresses, I couldn\’t get over how brilliant they were. Sometimes it\’s not the kids\’ faults though, it\’s the scripts.

  17. Ann says:

    i think the little girl who plays Belle Dingle on Emerdale is a great little actress.

  18. Ann says:

    i think Ben in Eastenders is gud. he is a complete contrast to Phil Mitchell

  19. Ann says:

    i agree Squiggle is always whinging. i also dont like the name.

  20. Jackie says:

    I wish Louisa Lytton would quit the bill! she is most annoying in it! no offence Louisa but you look lke a 12 yr old dressed up in a police uniform!!

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