Who’s Spooking Ian Beale?

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Hello Soapsters. Welcome to A Slice Of Soap. Let’s get to it.

There’s been some weird stuff going on in the soaps this week. We’ve had Cindy Beale sending messages from beyond the grave; ‘Damian’ David Platt cropping Bethany’s doll’s hair in the most sinister way you can imagine and Sean ‘Shout’ Slater cropping Chelsea’s hair – because he didn’t want to be left out of all the fun. I suppose next week we’ll hear that Dirty Den’s alive and well again and will make yet another return to Albert Square. After all, anything is possible when it comes to soaps these days. 

So who do you think’s sending Ian all those bizarre messages? It couldn’t possibly be his ex wife Cindy could it? We all saw her going six feet under at the funeral. So she’s well and truly dead. Worm food. Apparently…I don’t think it’s Lucy Beale either because that would  just be far too predictable (hands up if you think it’s her) and in any case, all she’d gain by pretending to receive messages from her dead mother is her live dad’s knowledge of how much she hates him. Hang on, that might make some kind of twisted sense. Oh well, I still can’t believe that even the EastEnders writers would be that transparent. After all, who saw Dirty Den’s Lazurus-like appearance coming?
Whoever it is, the scriptwriters of EastEnders are on to a good thing with this ‘spooking Ian Beale’ storyline because the possibilities are endless, aren’t they? In fact, we should really be asking the question – who wouldn’t want to put the frighteners on Ian Beale? After all he is one of the most annoying characters in soap history – excluding Corrie’s ‘Clurrrrrrr’ and Ashley of course.
Don’t be surprised next week if Ian wakes up to find a dead horse’s head in his bed…but then again he’d probably think it was Jane.

Soap News

Here’s a bit of soap gossip for you. Former EastEnders star Letitia Dean, who played Sharon Watts, and soon-to-be ex EastEnder Matt Di’Angelo (Deano) will be appearing in the fith series of Strictly Come Dancing. Would you Adam and Eve it? To read more about this and to see who else will be dancing with them, click here for the Who’s Strictly Come Dancing? picture gallery. 
That’s it for now. Join me on Monday for a full preview of the week’s action from the world of soaps. Got a comment about your favourite
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62 Responses to Who’s Spooking Ian Beale?

  1. SHARON says:

    i think the person playing up ian is either mel one of his ex wives or his cousin mark 

  2. katie says:

    i think the person who is stalking ian is his daughter lucy i mean she has been funny for a few weeks now setting up craig hating her dad so much he would not exspect his daughter doing it  

  3. Kelly says:

    I think its Ians other son that moved away to be with his real dad! 

  4. laura says:

    what i want to know is what happened to the child born whos birth cindy "died" at ??????  

  5. karen says:

    I have been thinking it could be young Peter, Ians son and Lucys twin brother as he never seems to be getting any attention, all the attention seems to go to Lucy and this way he would sure get some attention.
    The baby Cindy had before she died went to Gina, Cindy\’s sister who then bought her up. 

  6. Samantha says:

    That\’s a real good idea it been Peter, as you say he doesn\’t get any attention!I can\’t see it been any of the Mitchells as they\’ve got their hands full with Phil – and he\’s not in any fit state to do it :-)It\’s weird when these story lines come out as you try and rack your brains thinking about what happened in the past to figure out who it is.It can\’t be Mark as he died didn\’t he, although we all thought Den was dead and he managed to re-appear.  Kelly\’s got a point though it could also be Ian\’s other son as they may want to bring another character to the square???  Guess we\’ll find out soon enough.

  7. stewart says:

    if it is Cindy..why would she contact Lucy and not involve Peter? For my money i\’d say it was Steven..17/18 years old now and quite capable of this sort of thing.Please make him a gay character though..that would be so much more interesting. 

  8. Unknown says:

    stricktly speaking i think  that the person who is spooking ian (poor ian i think hes lovely a bit naughty at times but i think hes lovely,its his ex wife cindy!!

  9. Graham says:

     im not a \’soapfan but i already know that it is cindy that has been sending ian the texts and she isn\’t dead and she comes back and shoots whatever the woman ian beale is with now……and thats the truth u sad soap fans

  10. Graham says:

    its definately cindy and she also shoots ians current woman…. 

  11. donald says:


  12. Unknown says:

    It\’s so going to be Peter!!! He is the only one that could have done stuff like the keys in the house, the writing on the mirror etc, and for the messages to appear on the computer at the right times as if someone was watching… it was blatently Peter doing it upstairs! He\’s just playing along to Ian and Jane so that they don\’t suspect him, but I reckon really he hates his dad aswell & is trying to get back at him by scaring him.
    It\’s always the quiet ones!! 

  13. fiona says:


  14. Unknown says:

    Duh, that\’s the whole point; it\’s clearly not actually Cindy- and by the way it\’s "dysfunctional". Loser.

  15. Unknown says:

    It is right before your eyes, its Steven, cindy\’s oldest, who Ian thought was his son but it was Pat lads son, and Ian brought him up till Steven went to live abroad with his natural dad. If every one remembers steven and Ian didn\’t get on well most of the time. 

  16. donald says:


  17. jules says:

    i am soooooooo glad u write all this cos i am now living in australia and don\’t get to see my fav british soaps 😦 sob sob and this gives me a chance to cacth up on them all in sum way sounds like ian beale hasn\’t changed much hehe anyway just wanted to say thankyou from aus and keep up the good work we love it  

  18. Soap Blogger says:

    Hi jules, thanks for your comment. I am happy to note that you all appreciate it !! Please keep reading. 

  19. Soap Blogger says:

    Hi Guys.  Thank you all for reading!! Please Keep your emails coming in I read them all. 

  20. helen says:


  21. catherine says:

     it said in one of the magazines i just read that whoever it is is a seriously dangerous person who is capable of anything,could it be janine i hope so.

  22. Jodi says:

    It would have been a much better storyline if it turned out to be Steven but Isn\’t it going to be Cindys sister Gina???? Or am I the only one who knows this??? 

  23. Jackie says:

    I think it could be steven or perhaps its simon or david wicks who knows, but surely it\’s not cindy! 

  24. laura says:

    nah it cant be peter where would he get the money for a coffin?well if it was steven i think pat would of know if he came back to the uk and we would of heard his name metion a few weeks in advance.i dont think its cindy beacouse that would be to predictable and wouldnt be that fun to watch.well i know its either this friday or the next we find out

  25. sameera says:

    h;;;;;;k gujh

  26. Marcus says:

     i think lucy is sending the messages 2 herself and the writing on the mirror coz she has been bunking skool lately even when craig is banged reply 2 me if u think i\’m right it is wwwmarcus@hotmail.co.uk thanx marcus

  27. james says:

    i actually think it is jane cos everytime ian brings the subject up she always starts to talk about something else and she was the one that supposedly opened the letter with tha photo of cindy in it.

  28. joy says:

    This whole ian/letters from the dead thing is gettin a bit out of hand, does anyone actually think that the script writers dont hav a clue who to chose to have been sendin the letters and coffin and etc, that they are just goin to let the letters keep comin then ian tops himself as he is depressed and thats the end of that. Either that or Dirty Den is goin to come back from the dead (again) and announce he was the one behind it!!!!!  

  29. joy says:

     cant people in estenders just die when they die?

  30. Unknown says:

    has anyone considered that ian\’s stalker could be grant(sexy)mitchell ???????????????? 

  31. paul says:

     i now its like thay have found a way to bring back the dead

  32. wendy says:

     I heard that Cindy is a police witness and they faked her death, but I think it might be Steven

  33. Unknown says:

    I think it is Mel (his ex wife)  

  34. Rach says:

    The obvious is Lucy but I\’m sure the writers would have more imagination. Surely they couldn\’t be stupid enough to bring someone else back from the dead? 

  35. Unknown says:

     so who is that then i cant remember

  36. Laura says:

     What name did he say?

  37. Cathy says:

    after all that andstill dont know who it is !! WHO?????? WHAT DID HE SAY????? 

  38. Unknown says:

    He said "It cant be"

  39. chika says:

    Did any one wotch friday\’s episode (21/09/07) who was the boy that found ian, in the council flat- he said something like callum but i\’m not sure-
    plz respond xx 

  40. Unknown says:

     Ian says at the end "It Cant be"

  41. Unknown says:

    Thank god you heard it!!!!! It has to be Stephen?!?!?!? surely?!?!?!? 

  42. Laura says:

    I think it must be Steven

  43. Laura says:

    I think it must be Steven

  44. Diane says:

    I deffo heard him say " it carnt  be "  still don\’t know who the lad was stalking him… sounded like he said Tom at first but if you listen back you hear it differently… ah well looks like we have to keep watching 🙂

  45. beverley says:

     is it lucy\’s ninja wanna b boyfriend or steven. some1 let me know plz.

  46. loopy says:

    it is steven 

  47. Tom says:

    What Happens to ian in the end?? Have heard that he is leaving the soap??
    we have worked out that it is steven, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Beale (returns in september 2007)
    Plz help!!

  48. lesley says:

    Its surly steven, defo not cindy anyway or shes undergone some drastic cosmetic surgery!! 

  49. Victoria says:

     I thought he said "the gun-man".

  50. Unknown says:

    i\’m glad i\’m not the onlyone who could\’t work it out. i\’ve listened to it loads of times and still cant make it out. 

  51. Tom says:

    He Says "It Cant Be"
    What happens to ian ??? 

  52. francesca says:

    Is it ians older son, who wasnt really his?  simon wicks son! does anyone know who i mean?

  53. francesca says:

    oh yeah some one said steven
    i think there right 

  54. Jackie says:

    It\’s craig. He\’s the only one who would know Lucy\’s email address. The lad certainly looked like him. They did say there would be a twist. It kind of makes sense. I might be wrong though. 

  55. Unknown says:

    yeah i reackon it\’s steven too 

  56. lorraine says:

    i have to say  i love eastenders   but this story line with ian beale  has to be the most bizzarre thing ive ever seen     its a farce  and its funny also       it makes watching the soap  from real life issues  then   this crap  seem    ur own probs arent real  hehehe    i hope  ian gets his due   coz for years hes done people over  for his own welfare  and   after phil  saving his son  he still didnt change his selfish ways   

  57. karen says:

    Definately the half brother to the twins …Steven ….Can\’t wait for Mon episode though they\’lll no doubt keep us in suspenders for as long as. Anyone watchin Hollyoaks another good un this week. 

  58. katt says:

    Its Deffinatly STEVEN on wikipedia look at the photo its jsut like the boy who was in the flat thing! I hope steven hasnt been living ther eliek that it was disgusting! Anyway check out Fridays Episode and the face matches the new charater of Steven on Wikipedia!  

  59. June says:

    either steven or 1 of cindys family 

  60. Sarah says:


  61. Jackie says:

    ok ok!! so it\’s Steven who\’s spooking the weasel Beale, but what has happened to him? has steven killed him off so we don\’t have to listen to him sqeeling again or perhaps he\’s been knocked out and come back with amnesia and remember nothing about whats gone on!!

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