Emmerdale’s Not So Great Diamond Robbery

Hello Soapsters, welcome to another slice of soap. Let’s get to it… 
Did anyone watch Emmerdale last night? Come on…I know there must be at least one fan out there somewhere…Anyway, if you were watching, you’d have arrived at the same conclusion I did: they definitely get the award for this week’s most unbelievable storyline. Yes, even more ridiculous than Joe and her silly petting farm (and those annoying goats), I’m referring to the great diamond robbery! Did you see it? What a joke!
Chas, Debbie and Lexi attempted a jewellery heist that would have made Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs and his boys look like a bunch of amateurs. Apparently, the girls hit on the heist idea after hearing about an upcoming jewellery sale at Home Farm. They planned to nick a few diamonds and sell them on for a tidy sum. Now ere’s the plan: Debbie Dingle (her name sounds like a page 3 girl) distracted the jewellery dealer; Chas sprayed the guests with her Champagne to create a diversion for the buyers while Lexi plunged the house into complete darkness. Amid the confusion, Debbie nicked the diamond necklace, before secretly slipping it into Rodney’s jacket pocket. That was stupid, but here’s where it gets idiotic…
Realising his jacket had been soaked with Champagne, Rodney demanded that Chas have it dry cleaned and…you guessed it…Chas gets the perfect excuse to pocket the diamond. Talk about an unbelievable storyline! Next to this, Roxy fake-kissing Ian Beale in EastEnders is worthy of a Bafta Award. Emmerdale fans – this soap is in a rut. There are way too many silly storylines (anything involving Viv and Eli, Debbie Dingle becoming a qualified mechanic and a business woman to rival Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter etc). At the moment, I get more pleasure out of that annoying ‘Picture’ loans advert ("Dad’s found your scoot-errrrrr!") than this programme.
More eye-rolling nonsense involves those stupid Mitchell sisters on EastEnders. The latest? Roxy fake-kissed Ian Beal because the blonde bimbo siblings wanted to fool Damian into believing that Ian was her new fella. In the words of comedienne Gina Yashere: "I don’t fink so!" Damian ain’t that silly and neither are we! So a couple of weeks into their much-hyped appearance – what do we make of the sisters? For me, they just aren’t convincing. Ronnie and Roxy are intended to be Grant and Phil’s successors, but what have they done? Absolutely nothing! And before anyone says anything, it is possible for a soap character to make an immediate impact: Pat Evans (née Harris; previously Beale, Wicks and Butcher) did. As much as it pains me to say it, even our hero Gus has been more interesting to watch than those two. The only thing interesting about them is their names. I bet the script writers really wanted to call them Ronnie and Regina to give them an air of East End ‘respectability’.
If the producers of EastEnders want grit, they should bring in some real hard nuts like Ray Winstone or even Vinnie Jones. Jones would make the perfect villain. I can just see him now doing the famous Gazza move on Phil Mitchell while holding back his two vicious rottweilers (named ‘Pat Butcher’ and ‘Shirley Wicks’). Now that’s what I call convincing. Meanwhile, we’ll just have to put up with the likes of Sean ‘Shout’ Slater and those Mitchell sisters. Sigh.
Gus Watch: Try our mini crossword. 1 across is 3 letters. The clue? He had a few drinks in the Old Vic, but did nothing else useful on EastEnders this week… 
Answer: Gus.    
That’s it for now.   See you all on Monday with a preview of the week’s action in all the main soaps. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me here.
Ms Bubbles
MSN’s Eye On Soaps
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13 Responses to Emmerdale’s Not So Great Diamond Robbery

  1. Unknown says:

     Suffice to say the once great soap of Emmerdale has now totally lost the plot.
    There are more gays and criminals per head of population in this tiny plot of Yorkshire than the rest of Yorkshire put together.
    Come on scriptwriters, get real and bring back the old joys of Emmerdale before the whole thing sinks out of sight in Hotten Bog!

  2. Dian says:

    emmerdale ( AND I NEVER MISSED A SERIES)  is now totally unbelievable, nobody gets caught for any misdoings, murder included,the lastest THE GREAT DIAMOND THEFT, was to unbelievable to even laugh at, my only thought was "oh gawdddd not another stupid plot,, Come on you in charge,,sack the script writers and get a new lot who at least live in the real world 

  3. Lorna says:

    Emmerdale is long past it\’s sell by date and should be binned. It\’s complete rubbish. Even Hollyoaks is better. 

  4. mandy says:

    I agree Emmerdales script writers want binning off and some fresh blood brought in. It used to be an excellent soap on a par sometimes with the big two (Corrie and Enders) I now think   it needs a revamp and quickly.

  5. Unknown says:

    sad i hate lexie or wot ever her name is,and that boring scarletts mother get back on page three sooo old,writers and sript men and women get your acts together your losing the plot 

  6. T says:

    just got out of hospital after 2 months and thought ha emmerdale will cheer me up. after 3 minutes and however many seconds i had to switch the bunch of tripe off. what on earth has happened? its like watching an amateur dramatic pantomime. get rid of that awful sister of Ms Nicholls 

  7. sharron says:


  8. sharron says:

     Could the makers of emmerdale not find anyone better to playEli Dingle .He looks like something from the panet of apes, he\’s dirty and there\’s no way a girl like Debbie would sleep with him.  Get real and find someone better .  you\’re giving Yorksire folks a bad name with the rubbish acting and stupid story lines

  9. Unknown says:

    I think it has it good side\’s and it\’s bad side\’s like any other soap.
    I do not now how you can say that Emmerdale has lost the plot as it has been around for many years and before my and your time.

  10. alan gerrard says:

     What do you mean Emmerdale has lost the plot? The show never had it in the first place!!!! Like the other soaps it just trots out one ludicrous story after another, badly researched, written and as for the hammy acting need I say any more!!!

  11. A says:

     This show has been running on empty for awhile now, no one little rural village has that much sex going on now does it ? That said I wouldn\’t mind living there myself if it did, how that little garage lass hid those great tits for so long, is beyond me.

  12. Unknown says:

    Hello there everyone, with regards to Emerdale well actually what can i do say, its totally pathetic at the moment especially the story line of carl and the copper, i mean come on as if!!!!!!!!! What the hell is Carl seeing in her???????? The story line for the so called robbery is totally utterly unbelievable come on you writers think of something better.
    As for Eastenders, why on earth have the writers brought in the bimbo blonds in chrage of the vic ridiculous to say the least, and the other with pat and the hunk she picked up on the way to see her sister as if again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just so pathetic i know the word pathetic is used a lot in my blog but theres no other word for it eh? So writers of the soaps get thinking of more juicy gossip the best soap at the moment and always is Corrie, and even that is lacking charisma and intelect, there again the story line with Gail and the dreary David is soooooo boring and over cooked, please let this go steadily better, then you\’ve got the Peacocks barmy Claire and the utterly boring Ashley, i really dont know why Claire said the the boys are staying with her when the eldest is NOT HERS Joshua is actually mats but thats another storyline gone mad, if i couldnt write a better stroy line that this i would give it up as a bad job. I must admit even though i am gripping on i do like the soaps mentioned, but please writers do  it a little better and more gripping.

  13. abbey says:

    i cant belilve wot andy did to jo in emmerdale he is out of oder to her jo is pregant i heard it in a magzine that she is the mum and andy is the dad but how can he do that even in fornt of little sarah she is going to be gutted that she is going to be on her own with jo at dianes house in the pub but she will phone the police bout it sam on there is right jo should leave him and he can be on his own but it cant happened it again bye xx

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