Phil Daniels: No EastEnders Legend

Hello Soapsters, welcome to another slice of soap. Let’s get to it… 
Phil Daniels has decided to call it a day on EastEnders. I can’t say that I blame him. I mean, he’s been in the soap since 2006 and in all honesty I don’t think the man’s ever had a decent storyline…come to think of it, neither has anyone else (apart from our hero Gus of course). I was shocked when I first heard that Phil Daniels had signed on the dotted line; some of you may only know him as the Cockney geezer in Blur’s video for Parklife. But for fans of Brit flicks, he’s the guy who starred in Quadrophenia, a seminal British film which also featured Phil Daniels’ contemporary, Ray ‘the daddy’ Winstone. To put it into even starker perspective, for me, it was a bit like hearing that Tom Cruise was gonna star in one of those cheesy American daytime soaps – The Young And The Restless or Guiding Light. Bit of a come down really.
Still, I thought he might be the person who could breathe a bit of life back into the soap just as Martin Kemp, another big name (he played Steve Owen) did. Sadly, as a character, Kevin Wicks never really convinced – totally lacking in depth and development. I firmly blame the writers of EastEnders for that – they didn’t do poor old Parklife! Phil any favours. They never really created a persona the audience could universally warm to and Phil Daniels ended up being an irritant instead of a stimulant. Two-dimensional, not three-dimensional, Kevin was taken in increasingly daft directions, something the ‘Enders writers are exceptional at. You only have to look at Sonia (I’m a lesbian, oh no I’m not a lesbian!) or Vicky (I’m an American, oh no I’m not an American!) to see the damage they can do. They gave Parklife! Phil so many poor storylines (sleeping with his ex Shirley while engaged to Denise was a load of rubbish) that it’s easier to try and list his decent ones. Errmmm….can’t think of any. 
The flat characterisation was bound to have an effect – indifference. In the final analysis, he simply won’t be missed. He brought nothing to EastEnders, apart from his annoying children Carly and Deano Wicks, played by Kellie Shirley and Matt Di Angelo. At least they’ll be going with him. Hooray! When there’s a roll call of legends in this soap – we’ll be talking of Dirty Den (before he rose Lazurus-like), Angie, Simon Wicks, Cindy Beale, David Wicks, Frank Butcher, Alfie Moon etc There will be no mention of Kevin Wicks and for once, a major name leaving EastEnders will not be a disaster. He simply won’t be missed. In the end, Parklife! Phil turned out to be a big star who looked about as comfortable in Albert Square as Posh Spice would in a KFC. Sad really, considering that Ray Winstone has gone on to make American movies with the likes of Martin Scorsese while Parklife! Phil has wasted a year or so of his life. And ours too.
That’s it for now. Join me again on Friday for more. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me here.
Ms Bubbles
MSN’s Eye On Soaps
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34 Responses to Phil Daniels: No EastEnders Legend

  1. Andrew says:

    no way i think kevin wicks is a brilliant character.
    he is very funny and lightens up the mood just like the twins from big brother 

  2. Lorna says:

     I couldn\’t agree with you more. I soooooooo agree. Phil Daniels was a complete waste of space and EastEnders should be more careful when they next sign stars.

  3. kimberley says:

    I think you are wrong!  together with Denise they are a very funny couple!  Ill be sad to see him go!  he seems like quite a loyal character excpet for his mishap with Shirley and there are not to mnay of those kind of characters left in Walford! I wish him all the best neway and I hope we see him again on our screens in the near future 

  4. stephanie says:

    i dont know who the hell is writing all this rubbish because thats what it is a load of rubbish, kevin wicks is good in the show and will be missed and eastenders is  a very good soap. 

  5. Coops - says:

    Sorry, but the writer is right. Phil Daniels will never be an EastEnders legend. This time next year, we\’ll all have forgottten about Kevin Wicks. I\’m glad Denise isn\’t leaving though cos I like her.

  6. Emma-Kate says:

    I find it so frustrating when writers speak for the nation. It would be nice for a change if writers spoke for themselves about their own opinions rather than generalising for everyone else! I personally liked the character of Kevin Wicks and have always found him and his words of wisdom very useful in a day and age where one-liners of this type are all but extinct. In a soap that is bound by inaccuracies and as the writer put it completely ridiculous scenarios, I found it rather refreshing that Kevin stuck to his character. OK so maybe the Shirley thing was a bit out of character but heh I know I\’ve had moments where I\’ve done things out of character. So anyway whether you agree with me or not the point is that we all have a different point of view and others speaking on my behalf really rattles my cage!

  7. Jade says:

    lol…i absolutely agree with ms bubbles….watching kevin wicks is so tiring,i remeber when he first came on to our screenjs with that stupid carly and her husband thing!!!…dat went nowhere…there wasnt a begining or an ending to it!..from then i fort hu is this man trying to impersonate alfie moon..but failing badlyyyy!!!..cant wait for him to go,he definately wont be missed.cause you know how eastenders have a habit of replacing people with other \’no point\’characters!!!! ..its good that denise is staying,shes alright,just being weighed down with kevin and his rubbish family all squatting in pat buthcers house..and the only time you see them together is when they either having breakfast or dinner!!!!!…whats that about???!!!….anyways dats my view..*mwah* xox

  8. geraldine says:

    can take or leave soap land but just one observation re corrie……………….i thought vera and jacks grandson was called tommy……….and not paul can someone tell me what the script is on that one. Thanks 

  9. Rebecca says:

    i think its good tsee him go them families (fox&wicks) don\’t beong together anyways no chemistry besides slapper chelsea using poor deanos feelings to keep his testemony for sean slater to go down for what they did…….i think the fox\’s should go i find them more rediculous and boring than the wicks\’

  10. Unknown says:

    For me; Phil D will always be Jimmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee from Quadrophenia!

  11. rose says:

    ask any fan of eastenders who kelvin is in 6months time and they would say kelvin who.  he played no major line in eastenders and was not a big character ihe shall not be missed by myself and i think i could act saop lines a million times better than. 

  12. Robert says:

    Wont miss any of them. Daniels cant act either. 

  13. Soap Blogger says:

     Hello. Thanks for your comments. I\’m not surprised that opinion is split down the line regarding Phil Daniels. I still say that he is not, and never will be, an EastEnders legend. But it\’s great to read everything you\’ve all had to say.

  14. rod says:

     Eastenders will be poorer whithout Phil, he\’s a real Eastender… watch out for him on the Bill!!

  15. pat says:

    I think Kevin Wickes is a brilliant character, he is so believable as a true eastender.
    People will miss him as he is a likeable sort of guy. They could have done more with his character,
    gave him better storylines, but his comedy moments are second to none. Wish you well 

  16. Robert says:

    I\’m absolutely astonished that so many of you actually watch this utter drivel. 

  17. Teresa says:

    Only my opinion of course – but I find him absolutely irritating, totally unbelievable, and if he was a \’star\’ before, he certainly isn\’t one now.   How he managed to stay in the programme this long is beyond me. Teresa

  18. John says:

     I can\’t believe that anyone is still watching Estenders…… for drama, comedy AND believable "3d" characters there\’s only one soap … corrie!!

  19. Thomas says:

     get rid of eastenders altogether its RUBBISH, bringing in well known actors hasnt done anything for the soap its only made those actors look awful with bad storylines. Coronation street everytime.

  20. Joe says:

    i think that phil is a fantastic actor, and the one point that you seem to miss is that despite being flawed eastenders is still far superior to the non-BBC soaps,Coronation Street and Emerdale may aswell come in a double pack with the daily mail they\’ve been so shallowly tied to a certain demographic. Hollyoaks is like watching one continual advert for a funky house compilation with the music off and the kooks on your stereo.

  21. ZOE says:

    Eastenders rules and corrie will nvr b as gd!!
    im a massive eastenders fan but i think that phil daniels just really didnt fit in in eastenders as he always looked so awkward and 2bh bein in a blur vid dosent really make him a massive star! i found that wenevr there was an argument he always tried 2 stop it which annoyed me cos i wanted arguments! he was always destined 2 b a nice character and i dont think nice characters fit in as well in2 eastenders especially kevin, but i did like carly and deano, until deano went anti-sean, cos then i got fed up wid him! i dont think phil will b missed much in eastenders, but it was gd havin him!!
    and all the people sayin corrie is better than eastenders i think ur really sadly mistaken!! 😛 

  22. rebecca says:

     I cant believe people are actually writing stuff about a fictional character!!! They do not really live in the eastend you, there is no such place. EE is rubbish now those 2 mitchel sisters are in they def cant act. Rubbish soap. (Oh wait, Im writing about a soap, bloody hell…)

  23. leigh says:

     I thought phil daniels was a great character he\’s the only one with an actual eastend accent and i think he\’s a lovable character I if no one else shall miss Mr Wicks 

  24. sandra says:

     Eastenders has its moments, some weeks are good and some weeks are bad. It needs more life, it seams to have people that look dead. Kevin Wicks and his family need to get out of walford, except Denise. She is a really good actress keep her in.
    Eastenders needs to have more stronger story lines, if not people are just going to turn off. plz plz plz lets see Gary, Dawn and baby Summer get together. They will make a lovely family.

  25. elizabeth says:

    i wish they would take sean slater with them.  he has no redeeming qualities and i just want to "slap his face".  the violence on eastenders is becoming ridiculous in this day and age when street crime is so prevelant.  it\’s about time the producers considered their young viewers as this show is before the watershed. 

  26. s c s says:

    watched every episode  apart from about4/5    it  used to b interesting  but of late is  getting  boring  especially  Max & Stacey   story   

  27. Amanda says:

    In answer to no name\’s comment about Jack and Vera\’s grandson being called Tommy posted on 23 August 2007.
    Jack and Vera have \’3\’ grandsons. Paul, Tommy and one more who\’s name I\’ve forgotten.
    Tommy was the grandson that Terry sold to the child\’s other grandparents who lived in Blackpool.
    Paul is the grandson who Vera donated a kidney to after Terry bailed out at the last minute. If you remember Vera was in hospital during the live 40th anniversay episode in the year 2000 whilst having this operation.
    Paul is the oldest grandson, he is aged aroung 21, whilst Tommy is the middle grandson and the one who\’s name I can\’t remember is the youngest. I hope that has cleared that up 

  28. wendy says:

    i think hes great and so do others in my family,its nice to see a decent charator in the soap for a change.good luck for the future phill.people who make nasty comments about other sucessfull people need to relise that they need to get a life!!! 

  29. marcia says:

    I think Phil Daniels never made an impact from the get go. Kellie Shirley as ( Carly ) is even worst. Bring back the stars that made Eastenders. But is it the fault of the actors are is it just bad story writng.i love Eastenders but it has lost that grit, edge and incredible actors and storylines that use to make it work. Bring back Sharon, Grant,raise Nigel Harmon from the dead if need be. The demise of the Slater Family was unjustifiable. Give me Pat Evans stealing some womans husband, even Dot aint got the characters around her that made her watchable. Eastenders need new writers I think its savable

  30. Unknown says:

    i agree with rebecca. how sad is this?? lol, talk about something good, like Beth Ditto!! 

  31. Soap Blogger says:

    Hello! Thanks for your comments.  I read them all, please keep them coming.

  32. jackie says:

    Phil Daniels is not a character who will be missed as he speaks the same as he does on the Blur single so much so everytime he delivers a line myself and husband automatically say Parklif after every sentence, it used to be funny and though he was good in quadrophenia not good in eastenders though some is down to the character Denise who is also a tiresome character. Even though eastenders is not at its best at the moment alot of your bloggers are wrong about one thing regards Corrie being a better soap. Corrie has never been in the same league as Eastenders and I\’m a northerner, also Corrie characters and storylines have gone down too. For instance Claire,Ashley,Roy and Hayley…they are the worst characters on tv they need to be axed and as for the storylines the only time Corrie get it right is when they copy eastender storylines from weeks earlier. Saying that soaps don\’t get any worse than Emmerdale which is banned from my tv, the best actors on that are the sheep and why is it turning into home and away with all the aussie actors. On a positive note please,please,please bring back my old fav soap Brookside, I miss Jimmy Corkhill and Barry Grant they where must see tv. 

  33. Unknown says:

    who is he? 

  34. amanda says:

    Awww!I liked Kevin Wicks…it\’s those boring Mitchell sisters that I find boring,especially that bimbo Roxy.

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